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D&O Final


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Identify three risk factors social workers should examine when working with children and adults suffering either from disabilities or impairments due to chronic illness.
Demographic factors, illness and treatment experience, psychological symptoms, personal coping style, social support networks, illness appraisal and attributions, and concurrent stresses.
In 1972, Weinberg first presented the concept of ___ as society's fear, dislike, or hatred of gays, lesbians, and bisexuals--an attitude that often resulted in acts of discrimination.
In any discussion of homophobia or heterosexism, the interrelatedness of power, gender role socialization, family, and ___ must be recognized.
Describe functional disability versus socially imposed disability.
Functional disability refers to the nature and extent of the disability and its functional ramifications for the individual.  Socially imposed disability refers to the person's own perception of his abilities or disabilities, which is a result of
What is the social worker's role in working with clients with disabilities?
The social worker must help the client use his abilities to minimize the subjective implications that the self is disabled.
___ plays an important role as a coping resource for the African population and provides a sense of being grounded in a new land.
Name two reasons why southeast Asian refugees did not seek mental health services.

They had different perspectives of mental illness.

The mental health service system was not equipped to serve them, as most social workers were unfamiliar with the culture and did not speak their language. 

The term ___, rather than sexual preference, is preferred when describing gay, lesbian, or bisexual phenomena.
Sexual orientation
___ is the field of study concerning the moral and ethical choices faced in medical research and in the treatment of patients.
What are the five things that form each individual as detailed in the chapter?
Values, beliefs, customs, religion, and views of life
What does the social diagnosis underline?
The importance of studying the client's past and present social environment to understand the impact that system had on the individual's functioning
What do proponents of the "societal reaction" study?
The ways in which society's reaction to initial deviance exacerbate a targeted behavior
___ is an individual that presents both or neither culturally constructed gender signifiers.
Based on crisis theory, a parent mourning the loss of a normal child may respond in what three basic patterns?
As a challenge, a loss, or a threat
___ is defined as "discrimination or prejudice against people based on their appearances."
When Goffman discusses the concept of a "moral career" he maintains that the value of a career concept is its two sidedness.  What is meant by this statement?
One side is linked to internal matter held dearly such a self and self identity, while the other side is concerned with official position, jural relations and style of life. p 248
Define androgyne
An individual that presents both or neither culturally constructed gender signifiers
How many Americans have one or more physical or mental disabilities?
43 million
One's own perception of his abilities or disabilities is referred to as ___.
Socially imposed disability
Xenophobia translated from Greek means ___.
stranger, from xenos, and fear, from phobos
The pay differential between plain-looking and average-looking workers is called ___.
Plainness penalty

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