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what are some of genghis kahns significant accomplishments?
united tribes, conqured lands, and gained service
why did china call itself the middle kingdom?
considered china the middle of the world and most important country in the world
how is tang dynasty best described?
geographically large, had tribes, and was prosperous
how can the reign of went ti, the first sui dynasty emporer be described?
he unified china and was a just ruler
what happened in china during the period between the han and sui dynastys?
confusing period with many states existing at various times
what are some reasons for the fall of the song dynasty?
large beaucracy, constant wars cost too much, army ran by civilian ineffective
how can the song dynasty be best described?
weak military, golden age for economy and arts
what happened to civil service system during tong dynasty
tong dynasty retained/refined css that sui restored
Yuan dynasty ended because of
peasant rebellion
which is correct statement describing similarity between tang and song dynasty?
both experienced economic prosperity
what was the condition of buddhism between han and sui dynastys?
not a native religion but adopted to chinese ways and thrived
what is an example of how mongols discriminated against chinese?
the punishments for crimes were unequal
were women ever emporers of china?
yes lady hao
the quin dynasty was divided into 2 periods because?
quin fled south when defeated by hins
the song dynasty can best be described?
golden age for economy and arts
what are genghis kahns significant accomplishments?
united mongol tribes, conquered many asian lands and gained services of people
How can the reign of wen to be described?
unified china and was a just ruler

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