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What was the name of the document martin luther posted on the doors of the castle church?
ninety five theses
how did the foundation of the church of england differ from the development of other protestant religions?
henry VII waited to annul his marraige
which of the following beliefs is not consistant with lutheranism?
predestination determines the ultimate fate of a person
which of the following is not a conclusion of the council of trent?
priests should be allowed to marry
which of the following effecs of the reformation is most obvious in the us gov?
the constitution guarantees that the gov will not favor one religion over another
why was martin luther ex communicated and declared a heretic?
he encouraged catholics to question a number of practices of the church including the sale of indulgences
what effect did the formation of the society of jesus have on the roman catholic church?
the jesuits trained preists ensuring that the qualified people held church positioning
what effect did the printing press have on europe?
it enabled books to be printed quickley and inexpensively making them available to commoners
which of the following practices was not a source of contention between the catholic church and martin luther?
the sacrament of communion
what effect did the great schism have on catholiscism
it shook the foundation of the religion which held that one true pope was the ultimate authority on religious matters
in which of the folowing concepts did josn hus believe?
what did john calvin believe was the path to salvation?
what was the main reason the puritans left europe for the new world?
they wanted to live free from religious persicution
what did john wycliffe believe was the path to god?
the bible
which of the following is true about the elizabethain settlement?
it encouraged peaceful coexistence between catholic and protestants

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