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Time of Exploration


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Major European Countries that competed for land
Portugal Spain France England
Define Renaissance
Rebirth; people are eager to explore the unknown
When was the Rennaissance?
From the 1400's to about the mid 1600's
How did the printing press change people's lives?
Information will spread faster and easier People will be more educated and as a result, may question more!
How was the 1400's a time of change?
-Countries with monarchs and formal governments started to form -Renaissance encouraged scientific discovery and technology developments
Marco Polo was interested in lands that lay to the ___
Marco was from
Marco traveled with his dad who was a ___ and a ____
merchant and trader
Marco and Pa traveled to the continent of
Marco and Pa traveled on ____ (animal) through deserts and mountains
Marco and Paw traveled for ___ years and crossed 7,000 miles of desert and _____
3 and 1/2 years Mountains
Marco then spent 17 years traveling through what country in ASIA learing of their advanced culture?
After Marco's 17 years in China, he returned to Italy and ____
put stories of his adventures in a book.
In his books Marco described riches, silks and spices. What effect did this have?
Soon merchants and traders were eager to go there.
After Marco Polo's book, merchants and traders were eager to find the ____ trade routes!
Marco Polo originally travelled to China by land or sea?
Name three problems with land routes
slow hazardous costly
Marco Polo went to China around 1271 or 1371 or 1471?
Marco Polo's land route went from Venice, Italy and then through a the _____ Sea and then inthe ___ direction toward Asia
Mediterranean Sea EASTERLY
Marco's Land route destination was this city in CHINA
PEKING (duck-quack quack)
Marco Polo can be described as a ___ and ___
Merchant and trader
What attraced Europeans to China?
spices, silk, gold, jewels
What geographic features did Marco encounter on his trip to China?
Seas, mountains, deserts and seas
Name 8 discoveries that Marco Polo found in China
porcelain spices paved roads boats gunpowder books silk jewels
The time period when Marco Polo was exploring was before the Renaissance. We call this time period the ___ period.
The three west African countries that were discovered
Ghana Mali Songhay(think Go MY SONg)
Which West African country had the first civilization?
When was the Ghana civilization?
0300-1200 (900 years)
What wealth did the West African Countries have in common
All had 1) trading empire 2) gold 3) Salt (except Songhay had ivory) 4) slaves
In what part of Africa were the countries located?
IN the WEST!
Mali existed when 0300-1200 or 1200-1400 or 1500-1600?
Songhay existed when 0300-1200 or 1200-1400 or 1500-1600?
Ghana existed when 0300-1200 or 1200-1400 or 1500-1600?
West African country that protected trade routes is
West African country that had a large market center ..
West African country that had a walled city with palaces
West African country that was a powerful trade center
West African country that existed from 0300-1200-it was first.
Ghana, Mali and Songhay each became powerful in their times by controlling ____ in west Africa
African ___ and African ___ played a big role in arousing European interest in world rescources
African PEOPLE African GOODS
The Portuguese mainly wanted what from the Africans
GOLD- and all the African countries (the 3 mentioned) had it!
Portugal is on what continent?
Portugal brought what to trade with African countries of Ghana, Mali and Songhay?
metals, cloth and other manufactured goods
Timbuktu is in what African country?
What is so great about Timbuktu in Mali?
A really important trade center
Which empire maintained peace and order and expanded the original first empire?
The second one, MALI!
Which African empire traded elephant ivory?
The last- Songhay!
Which African empire had a well organized empire?
Which African empire collected taxes from its people
Songhay- the last and most advanced!
Which African empire controlled trade routes across the Sahara Desert
Songhay- the last and most advanced!
Which African empire traded gold with Muslim merchants?
Songhay- the last and most advanced!
Which African empire controlled market cities?
Songhay- the last and most advanced!
Who is winning the race for exploration in the new world?
The Spanish
Where are they coming from ?
The continent of Europe- from the countries of Spain, France and England
Where are they racing to?
The continent of North America
Why isn't Portugal in the race?
Portugal is more interested in West Africa.
Where did the British settle in N America?
On the east coast-think where the 13 colonies are. AND in western (left) Canada. (French had right side of Canada)
Where did the Spanish settle in N America?
In Mexico and in southern California (Los Angeles means the angels)
Where did the French settle in N America?
inland - all up and down the Mississippi River valley and in Canada ( so Canadians speak French- oui, oui!)
What Country did Chris Columbus explore for?
Spain but Chris was from Italy!
What was Columbus's purpose for exploration?
He wanted a faster route to Asia by sailing the Atlantic
What were Columbus's accomplishments/discoveries?
He found San Salvador and claimed this island it for Spain. Also got gold and pearls!
Where did Columbus explore?
The NEW WORLD, including Central and South America
What was Columbus's (the Spanish) relationship with the Native Americans?
Columbus discovered indians (Taino) and used them as slaves to work in gold mines.
Who were the Taino Indians?
The indians from Central America that Christopher Columbus discovered.
In what way was religion different in Europe compared to the Indians in America?
Eur: one god (Catholicism) N A indians: Many gods
In what way was the living different in Europe compared to the Indians in America?
Europe has cities and towns; N A Indians move around as they have a nomadic culture
In what way were the jobs of people different in Europe compared to the Indians in America?
In Europe people were traders, merchants, farmers or soldiers- They were becoming all about expanding their domain. In N A, Indians were farmers, hunters and gatherers- they were all about keeping their tribe thriving through food.
Why were European soldiers armored and on horses
So they could go in to battle. They basically battled for new territory- gim me, gim me gim me!!
3 reasons Spain's Q Isabella & Kg Ferdinand may have been willing to pay for (sponsor) Columbus's trip...
-A new trade route to the east for Spain -Opportunity to compete with Portugal for wealth and power -to spread Christianity
What IDEAS did Europeans share with the Native Americans?
1)news of cities and palaces 2) Stories of what an awesome religion christianity was 3) European languages
What IDEAS did Native Americansshare with the Europeans ?
shelter and clothing ideas to protect in this new environment for the Europeans -native legends and stories -new plants- tobacco, corn, taters -hunting, fishing, survival skills
Materials that Europe traded to N Americ indians
steel weapons plows ceramics paper manufactured goods (spinning wheels, and plows etc)
Materials that N Americ indians traded to Europe
gold gems fish wood pearls nuts fruit roots veggies (num, num)
Foods that N Americ indians traded to Europe
corn tomatoes potatoes
Foods that Europe traded to N Americ indians
wheat (for bread) beef oranges, spices from East(Asia, like say China)
Because Native Americans lacked immunity (protection) from European microbes (bacteria that makes U sick )they became...
ill and died in large numbers Whole villages were destroyed The Europeans lost a source of food and water
What really started the slave trade in North America?
So many N Americans died that there were no more "workers" so Europeans decide to import them from Africa
What did the exchange of FOOD, Material and IDEAS lead to
the invasion, conquest and colonization of North America
What 4 continents were involved in our study on the Age of Exploration?
ASIA Europe North America Africa
T/F Marco Polo lived during the Renaissance
FALSITO! He was around in the 1200's . The Ren started in the 1400's and went thru to the 1600's
What did Marco Polo discover in China (or Cathay as they called it back then)?
Amazed by Chinese inventions like gunpowder compass-instrument used to find direction ("hey this might come in handy as we conquer the world!!" paper money
The land route that was used for 100's of years to get goods to and from China, other Asian countries and Europe
The Silk Road or Silk Route
Was the Silk road really a road?
No it was more of a GROUP of overland (through mountains & deserts) trade routes between China and Italy
What 2 countries did the Silk Road connect?
China and Italy
Why was the Silk Road called such?
because Silk,(along with spices) were sought (desired) by the Europeans
Did most merchants and traders go allll the way from Italy to China (Cathay)?
No they went where they wanted to along the route, like to Alexandria in Egypt, or Baghdad in present day Iraq or in Constantinople in present day Turkey.
Why did the Europeans want spices so much (Not only cuz they tasted good)
They helped keep food fresh!
Ok so so Marco Polo ends up turning Europe's attention towards Asia. So why do they suddenly look to Africa and west to N America in the 1460s???
The turks the turks the turks! They captured the important trade city of Constantinople . Now they stood in the way of the Spice route. They closed this route to Asia. So Asian goods could no longer be got by Europeans!
Who was Prince Henry and where was he from?
Henry was King John of Portugal's son. King John asked his son to find a WATER route to Asia
How did Prince Henry of Portugal go about trying to find a WATER route to Asia
Sets up a Navigation School to train sailors to handle boats on the sea
What did Prince Henry include on his navigation school
sailors to sail cartographers to make better maps shipbuilders to make better ships People to improve compasses and astrolabes
What is an Astrolabe?
a tool used by Prince Henry's navigation school that tells position of moon and sun-good to help know where you are
What is the ship called that Prince Henry's school used?
The Caravel
What are some advantages of the caravel?
It's square or triangular sails made it easier to control; It could sail longer distances. It could carry more cargo
What was the preferred sailing vessel for ocean exploration?
The caravel- easy to handle, can go farther than others, and carries more cargo
Why is Prince Henry called the "explorer who stayed home."
Though he organized more than 50 voyages south to Africa, he didn't go on even one!
Why did Prince Henry direct voyages down Africa's west coast?
He thought the quickest sea route to Asia was down and around to the right to Asia
In addition to goods, what else did the Portuguese get from the African empires?
SLAVES By only 1460, Portugal was taking 800 slaves a year from Africa. They worked as servants in Europe.
Who is Vasco De Gama?
Portuguese explorer that came around 20 years after prince Henry. De Gama finally gets to Asia from Europe
Did Prince Henry ever get the sailing route to Asia?
No but he did explore a lot of W Africa and discovered the 3 African empires
What is the Cape of Good Hope?
This is the southern tip of Africa- V de Gama sailed around this to get to India which is in ASIA!!
What effect did De Gama's voyage to India have on Portugal?
1) Portugal trades more and gets wealthy 2) Portuguese influence and culture spreads to Africa and Asia through trade 3) Port qkly becomes one of the most important trading powers in the Indian Ocean
What effect did De Gama's voyage to India have on trade routes?
De Gama's voyage opened the Cape Route to India and led to the regular sailing of ships between Europe and Asia
Was de Gama's voyage easy?
No! When he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope and on to Indai he,lost most of his men. Only 55 of the 170 survived.
Why did Columbus go west?
He wanted a route to Asia and he thought going west (left) was faster. Otherwise he'd have to go dooown and around Africa.
What did Columbus assure Q Isabella & Kg Ferdinand about his "Asia" trip?
That he'd bring catholicism to the people there (Catholicism was an obsession with Ferdy and Queen Issy)
What is the first land the Columbus landed on once he crossed the stormy Atlantic?
The sunny lil' island he called San Salvador-means Holy Saviour- there's that Catholicism again!
Why oid Columbus call the natives on Salvador "Indians."
He thought he had reached Asia and was now in what was called the "Indies."
What is the sea around the islands that Columbus was exploring (including San Salvador?)
The Caribbean mon! Jamaica is in here!
What is such a big deal about the year 1492?
hello? In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue and ..discovered America!
Who is Giovanni Caboto?
John Cabot. Originally italian. He was given this name by the English once he sailed across the Atlantic to New England
What did the English do once they heard of Columbus's voyages (4 in all)
King of England pays Giovanni Caboto (an Italian) to go across the Atlantic
Did Columbus ever realize that he had discovered a whole new continent?
Naw, not until Amerigo Vespucci sailed to S America did he make sense of it all
How was the voyage route of England's explorer John Cabot (really Caboto from Italy but working for England cuz they are the ones payin him- hey money talks baby!) different from Columbus's?
Cabot went more north- toward New England and Canada
Did Cabot know he was in America?
Cabot thinks he's in Cathay (china) and says there are sooooo many fish- just drop your basket and they jump in

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