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He believed that Christians should be judged by faith & not by good deeds.
Martin Luther
Name for the great period of change in the Catholic Church during the Renaissance.
Protestant Reformation
Protestant reformers were influenced by the writings of these Renaissance thinkers.
Luther was a Catholic teacher in this country.
Martin Luther's objections are known as the?
95 Theses
Luther did not object to these two Catholic rituals, or sacraments.
Baptism & Eucharist
This German monk was selling indulgences in the countryside angering Luther.
Johann Tetzel
The Pope wanted to use money from indulgences to build parts of this.
St. Peter's
Marting Luther was questioned at this assembly in 1521, and told to take back his words or be excommunicated.
Diet of Worms
Luther was followed 20 years later by this Swiss reformer who believed that God's chosen were "predestined."
John Calvin
In this type of government, the church makes the laws.
In 1524, this revolt erupted in Germany partly due to Luther's break with the Church.
Peasants Revolt
This Swiss reformer from Zurich, Switzerland supported many of Luther's ideas. One of his groups became known as Anabaptists.
Calvinists faced opposition not only from Catholics, but from Lutherans as well. In France, wars raged between French Calvinists, who were called?
In Scotland, a Calvinist preacher by this name led a religious rebellion.
John Knox

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