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When was the Hundred Years War?
What was the Black Death caused by?
poor nutrition, cities, uncleanliness
The Renassance was when?
1375 - 1527
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back to the sources
general council is final authority
pope is final authority
brilliant linguist
church needed reform
WHen was the Diet of Worms?
1521. Luther later burned the papal bull in public.
What are Luther's 3 Reforming Principles?
Sola scriptura (only scripture), sola gratia/fide (only faith), and priesthood of all believers (priests are not better than others).
What are the three traditions?
Tradition 0 (tradition is nothing. Bible is only authority), Tradition 1 (Scripture is infallible. Tradition is valuable.), Tradition 2 (Both are infallible).
posse non peccare
able to not sin
non posse non peccare
not able to not sin
posse peccare
able to sin
no posse pecare
not able to sin
What does the T in TULIP stand for?
Total Depravity
What does the U in TULIP stand for?
Unconditional Election
What does the L in TULIP stand for?
Limited Atonement
What does the I in TULIP stand for?
Irresistible Grace
What does the P in TULIP stand for?
Perseverance of the Saints
When do Protestants believe you are justified?
The moment you believe in Christ
When do Catholics believe you are justified?
THe entire time from coming to faith to dying
Who wrote the first encycolpedia?
What was the halfway covenant?
Couldn't vote if nto a member of the church, church let non-Christians be members.

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