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Advertising chapter 4 from contemporary advertising


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Local Advertisers:
dealers or franchise
ex: subway/taco bell
Branded Merchendice:
government organization and non profit.
ex: Goodwill, Army,navy
Types of Local advertising:
-product advertising
-Sale advertising
-clearencfe adv.
-Classified adv.
Product advertising:
Price line adv.
product at regular price
Sale Advertising:
80% of adv.
clearance Advertising
meand store is going out of business. Sometimes over used when business aren't going out of business
Don't talk prices but credit.
Top of mind awareness
buy first or second thing that comes to mind to you when you need something. This is all products goals
Classified Adv.
Local adv. trying to recruit employees
Co-op Adv.
Share of adv. between local retailer and distributer
ex: music stores
Vertical co-op adv.
ex: full page ad for makeup sold my Macy's. Makeuo buys page and puts macy's name at the bottom. Doesn't cost macy's
Horizontal co-op:
Firms that are the same, pool dollers and advertise together.
National advertisers
Don't compete with a lot of companies. focus on building brands.

ex:Mc Donalds
Regional adv.
Local adv.
Point of purchase, comete with a lot
Do national ad. see customers?
What are the types of ad agencies?
Regional and National
General consumer agency:
handel clients that deal with consumer accounts
ex: TV,radio,magazines
Business to Business agancies:
Represent clients that sell product to other businesses
ex:selling computer chips to other businesses
What are the two ways to do media buying services (grinders)
1) subcontract to as agencies
2) Bulk contracts
account executive:
liaison between client and ad agency
Account planner:
defends consumers point of view.
Bandwaggon effect:
one does it the others follow. " they bought 5, so I will buy 10!"
How much does commission system get?
What is the amount of money that the ad agency bills the client called?
are gross and commission interchangable?
REP firm:
liaison between as agencies and the media.
There are stations all over the nation
T.V., newspaper. Anyway the media can get things across.

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