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ADV Exam 1


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What is advertising?
Advertising is a sales message.
Give 3 examples of goods.
toothpaste, laundry detergent, sweater
Give 3 examples of services.
Tax prepartion, car wash, oil change
Give 3 examples of ideas.
don't re-elect bush, vote for pedro, prochoice/ pro-life
What is the main sales concept of advertising? (equation)
One side of the equation is hoping to influence (persuasion element) the other side that its product is the right one and to use/purchase it or adopt it.
Why is advertsiing considered non-personal?
Because advertisements are usually sent out to thousands or millions of people generally without a feedback element other than the purchase of the product.
True or False?
All legitimate advertising has an official, legal sponsor.
Why do media outlets not accept advertising from unidentified outlets?
Because each advertisement has some identifiable person or organization that is always legally responsible for the legality and accuracy of advertising and for PAYING for the advertising after it has been run.
What are legal madia outlets?
radio, TV, magazine, Internet, newspaper, outdoor,etc.
What is a communications medium?
It is "in the middle". Its the communications go-between of a company's ads and its consumers. It is a type of communications channel or vehicle that delivers advertising.
Give some examples of communication mediums.
radio, tv, magazine, transit bench, newspaper, internet banner.
What does the media vehicle do?
delivers communications
Why is research a necessity to advertising?
Because ads must be the right message, about the right product, sent to the right people, at the right time, by the right media.
What portion of companies generates revenue?
the marketing portion
What is a short definition of marketing?
Marketing facilitates the exchange process.
What is the marketing departments chores?
To develop a product that an identified group of people need and/or want, proce it correctly, find an appropriate distribution channel, and devise a plan for promoting the product.
What are the physical elements of marketing?
(the five p's)
Promotion(all communication elements)
What does packaging do that makes it so important?
It protects the product, attracts attention to the product, strongly influences buying decisions, and delivers volumes of useful information about the product.
What are virtually ALL products created?
To serve the needs or wants of a specific, definable, describable target market.
What happens as a result of market research?
Companies discover what consumers want and then make what their prospective customers want.
True or False.
Its what you want to sell, not what the consumer wants.
It's Not what you want to sell, but what the customer wants.
What is the difference between a market audience and a market target audience?
A market audience is ALL people who may use a specific product and a market target audience is the defined, specific group of people your communications messages or intended to impact.
What does the term product represent?
goods, services, and ideas
What are the types of marketing communications?
advertising, sales promotins, PR, personal sales, and collateral materials.
Every advertisement has these 3 elements. What are they?
What is clutter?
Too many advertisements.
So many that it interupts the show or so many that its disruptive.
What is noise?
Anything that interrupts communications. Can be in commercial itself (ex: commercial so wild or so hot that you don't actually get the verbal message.
What is the difference between noise and clutter?
They are closely related but noise desrupts advertising itself, clutter so many advertising its disruptive.

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