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Odysseus Book Fact Test


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In the Begining of the poem, the poet calls on the _____ for inpiration
the muse
homer opens his poem __ _____ ___, giving the necessary exposition in later portions of the epic. what does it translate to
in medias res: In the middle of things
What is the epic convention about the setting of an epic
the setting is vast in scope, covering great nations, world, universe.
Greece, the heavens/olympus, the underworlds
who is the hero, and what is a hero in epics (3 things)
the hero is a figure of
a. imposing statue
b. national or international importance
c. of great historical of legendary significance
How does it recount the deeds of heros?
In objectity
How does the poet begin
by stating the theme: Odysseus and his journey home
how do the main characters talk?
long and formal extended speaches
what is an epithet
repeated phrases, praticularly with repect to characters. The phrase that helps describe a character is called that.
The action is frequently what
a. important to the life of a nations history or race
what is a stock phrase
the poet makes requent uses of repeated phrases not especiall associated with any particula character. They most often describe important ideas of past events.
Agisthos and agamenon to odysseus is what?
parallel episode. The poet frequently uses parallel episodes which are juxtaposed for puposes of comparison and emphasis.
the action consists of (2)
a. deads of great valor
b. or super human strenth
who intrests themselves in te action and intervene form time to time? (4)
a. supernatural forces
b. gods
c. anges
d. demons
Poet makes frequent use of what?
the epic similie- very long
I nearly destroy the greeks trojan horse plan by imitatin the voices of the hidden warriors wives
I'm the old seer who "reads" the flight of the eagles and warns the suitors to leave. what is his 5 part prediciton?
a.19 years
b.many blows weathered
c.all crew lost
d.unknown to anyone
e.he will come
in the beginning of the poem, i am described as a "boy" even thoguht i'm around 20 years old
I am so impressed with odysseus that i offer him my beautiful daughter's hand in marriage
i was murdered by my own son when he came to get revenge for his father's death
I am telemakhos's nurse. He leaves and i am sworn not to tell penelope. I find odysseus in disguise by washing him and finding his scar, and i have to convince penelope it is him
I, the red haired king of sparta tell telemakhos that his father is detained by kalypso.
when my gift of the bag of winds doesn't get odysseus home, i assume his voyage has been cursed and force him to leave
I disguise myself as a beggar and thus entered troy
i give odysseus my clothes so that he can meet my parents. My father offers my hand in marrige for him, and i am the first person he meets as he re-enters society
I'm the sun god who "squeals" on Ares and Aphordite. I also get furious when odysseus's crew eat my sacrid cows
He tells Odysseus what to do and gives him the molu root to defeat Kirke, he also saves him from Kalypso
I don't let odysseus go for fear of the gods. I am not hospitable, and odysseus injures and trick me
I argue with hermes telling him that the gods are always jealous when immortal women hook up with mortal men. Odysseus stays with me for 7 years
Odysseus vistits me first, yet i don't have news of odysseus. I speak of what happened just after troy, and talk of Agamenon. I tell him to seek Menalaos
God of the waters and seas. Ruins odysseus's ship while going to skeria.
I was killed by Orestes after i stole Agamemnon's wife, and then killed Agamemnon.
Killed by Agisthos on his homecomming day. urges odysseus not to trust penelope.
killed agisthos after 7 years of exile and he killed Klytaminestra.
Very rude. Blames penelope on why they are there. He is the leader of the suitors and the first to die
He is rude and insults halitherses. He begs for mercy and forgiveness, but when it isn't granted he fights and dies
he is the only decent suitor and odysseus thought he would let him leave, but athena made him stay. Telemakhos killed him with a spear
Nestors son, accompanies Telemakhos in a charriot to sparta. He is a very good speaker and speaks up for telemakhos
she protects odsyseus when poseidon is trying to kill him by giving him her vail, but she needs it back once he reaches the shore.
the queen of Skeria. Odysseus came to her and prayed for mercy and help. Her father- Rexinor, died and she married her uncle- Alkinoos
King of skeria. direct decendant to posiedon
a. Alkinoos's tall son who challenges odysseus
b. very rude and "empty noodle", but he later apologizes and gives him a broadsword.`
a. Laodamas
b. seareach
very vcalioent. Caucious at kirke's but is the ringleader on the crew.
the youngest of the crew who wasn't the best at all. He fell asleep on kirke's roof and was drunk and fell off. he asks for a proper burial while in underworld
blind seer who lives in the underworld. He is helpful and tells odysseus that he must do the "whinnowing fan" thing , and they can't eat odysseus's cattle,
Odysseus's mother who he meets in the underworld. She says how penelope pines for him and laertes has isolated himself. also says she died of a broken heart
The women who are irrestable and sing on their island as a trap to lour people in. Odyssues is the only one ever to hear, the rest have wax or die
6 headed monster that eats 1 person for each head. lives on high mt. top.
a whirlpool who sucks down the water and spits it up. Never return, odysseus hangs over a branch and waits for his raft.
One of odysseus's swineherds. Very loyal to odysseus and helps him fight in the end
Odysseus's dog who after waiting 20 years dies happily just after he sees odysseus
He is aboard telemakhos's ship and is a seer. He informs penelope that odysseus is present and will kill the suitors.
The a. crier/herald and the b. ministrel. loyal to odysseus. a. was the one who told penelope odysseus was gone and was like a father to odysseus.
a. Medon
b. Phemios
the cowherd who is loyal and helps odysseus
the goatherd i8s is disloyal and betrays odysseus by getting weapons for the suitors. He is tourtured to death
the goddess of love who betrayed her husband
the god of war who had an affair with Aphordite
the cripple god who caught his wife with another man and plants a trap and catches them in the act. Then he calls all the other gods to watch and laugh
Odysseus's wife who tests people and who at first was weak. She even tests odysseus

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