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English Literature: Enduring Love (McEwan)


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Chap 1 Love
nothing threatened our free and intimate existance
Chap 1 Science
mathematical grace
Chap 1 Time
I'm lingering in the prior moment
Chap 1 Morals
no special dispensation for flesh... only ruthless gravity
Chap 2 Love
radiating power of Jed Parry's love and pitty
Chap 2 Science Keats
why s prescientific age would have needed to invent a soul
Chap 2 Moral
not to offend a true believe
Chap 2 Structure
I was in the world, equiped, capable, connected
Chap 3 Love
why didn't I think like this? We needed love
Chap 3 Science Keats
post-mortem... exorcism of terror
Chap 3 Structure
the rehersal of grief
Chap 3 Moral
my breakfast coffee cup seemed blasphemous
Chap 4 Time
events still ringing in the air above our bed
Chap 4 Science Keats
the world forgot its scorn and marvelled - for a day
Chap 4 Moral
obligations to balm us
Chap 4 Structure
a freshly mutated virus of ill-fortune
Chap 4 Book quote
did the scientific illiterates who ran this place
Chap 5 Love
'I've missed you all day and I love you'... and oh God I loved her
Chap 5 Science Keats
[the theory's] integral power was so great... to beautiful to resist
Chap 5 Time
we tumbled out of our respective days like creatures from a net
Chap 5 Moral
'An Actress! He's living inside a cliche.'
Chap 5 Book
would it have been right then.... to interupt our happyness
Chap 6 Love
the scales tipping, from altruism to self interest
Chap 6 Time
tranquillising thunder [of the traffic]
Chap 6 Structure
we were in a prison cell with a high-bared window
Chap 6 Moral
who was the first person? Not me. Not me.
Chap 6 Book
Don't get angry... you didn't see his face
Chap 7 Love
old emotional subroutines
Chap 7 Science Keats
I straightened my back to make myself taller
Chap 7 Time
something passes between us... pure light?
Chap 7 Moral
we've cone together for a purpose
Chap 7 Book
What amazed me was how easy it was not to say 'Who the fuck are you?'
Chap 8 Love
I recalled mu incoherant feelings... looking for Parry
Chap 8 Science Keats
the way we wear our emotions on our faces is pretty much the same in all cultures
Chap 8 Time
what we were really talking about this time was the absense of babies
Chap 8 Structure
might serve as a starting point
Chap 8 Book
I'm in a relationship
Chap 9 Love
Where is my kiss? Hug me!
Chap 9 Time
discovered her appointment diary was missing
Chap 9 Structure
from the point of view as I later construed it
Chap 9 Moral
when she was 12 her father died of Alzheimers
Chap 10 Love
you love me and you want to destroy me
Chap 10 Time
there was another thing to like a skin... around my anger
Chap 10 Structure
[Joe describes himself as] theatrical
Chap 11 Love
happyness running through me like an electrical current
Chap 11 Science
happyness running through me like an electrical current
Chap 11 Structure
You lay awake in the dark, listening to Clarrisa's breasthing
Chap 11 Book quote
exploration has begun of the ocean floor, but the surface remains undisturbed
Chap 12 Love
We eve made love, briefly, in the morning before work
Chap 12 Science
bound to elict certain appropriate automatic responses
Chap 12 Time
my sense of failure in science
Chap 12 Morals
The general demand on concentration was calming and granted the illusion of purification
Chap 12 Book quote
JED = doppenlganger
ghostly other self
Chap 13 Love
She looked aq long way off... like a lone Arctic Explorer
Chap 13 Time
I knew this kind of North Oxford interior... it was a vanishing type
Chap 13 Structure
like drunk driving... hard to gague
Chap 13 Morals
there was my friend Calrrisa
Chap 13 Book quote
A perfect setting for sorrow
Chap 14 Science
I also know the cautionary tag from my distant laboritory days - seeing is believeing
Chap 14 Time
seeing is believeing
Chap 14 Morals
Wouldn't Rachel and Leo agree, there were times when it was right to lie
Chap 15 Love
Seeing him waiting for me... gave me a jolt to the heart
Chap 15 Science Keats
It is a statement, a message, from you to me, it's a signal
Chap 15 Structure
It is a statement, a message, from you to me, it's a signal
Chap 15 Morals
Being so enitrely wrong was a kind of liberation
Chap 16 Love
How is it posible to love God and love you at the same time? Through faith alone
Chap 16 Science
innocent readers who had their day polluted by them
Chap 16 Time
What were you trying to do to me... Hurt me? Insult me? Test me?
Chap 16 Structure
little cage of reason
Chap 16 Morals
In other words my love - which is God's love - is your fate
Chap 17 Love
we were lying face to face as if nothing were wrong
Chap 17 Structure
we were immobilised
Chap 17 Morals
Please put the weapon in my hand, Jed.
Chao 17 Love
we knew we had lost heart
Chap 18 Love
she kissed me full on hte lips
Chap 18 Time
the real threats, I was begining to see, were else where
Chap 18 Structure
broke of his account... to reflect on solitude... PArry used to borrow a .22 rifle
Chap 18 Morals
power of death leaped from my fingers
Chap 18 Book
his religion was a self made affair
Chap 19 Love
I'm going ot make you fuck me all afternoon
Chap 19 Science
The chemists, you see. Very powerful, rather grand.
Chap 19 Structure
Cliches are rooted in truth: I did not believe my eyes
Chap 19 Time
when I was next aware of her she was back in her chair
Chap 19
like walking into a storm
Chap 20 Love
Yes. I'll wait for you at home
Chap 20 Science
random clustering, a useful way of denying significance
Chap 20 Time
a few hours on and we were in the headline in the evening paper
Chap 20 morals
pulled out a silver blister pack... all the law could suggest was prozac
Chap 20 Structure
I looked at the love trying to extract meaning... from the upper case "L".
Chap 21 Love
a new girlfriend
Chap 21 Science
these people are interlectuals'...'you'll probably hate them... I already did
Chap 21 Time
It is Saturday, Steve... It wasn't his two lsot days
Chap 21 Structure
I'll tell you in four words and nothing more. Someone wants to kill me.
Chap 22 Love
I knew immediately she was frightened
Chap 22 Science
I like this polyamide grip
Chap 22 Time
I had the impression of being passed out for a second
Chap 22 Structure
the roar in my ears, I realised, was the cars engine
Chap 22 Morals
It was a conscioud effort... to keep my anal sphincter tight
Chap 23 Love
our love was the kind that was meant to go on and on
Chap 23 Science
not having faith in... your dedicated research
Chap 23 Time
our love was the kind that was meant to go on and on
Chap 23 Structure
But I don't accept... But your feelings... But what I was also trying
Chap 23 Morals
your ransacking my desk was a terible betrayal
Chap 24 Love
fumbled a squeeze of the hands - better than the hypocritical pecks on the cheek
Chap 24 Science
there was a new lead in the search for Keat's last letters
Chap 24 Time
It was much the same as before
Chap 24 Structure
trees lining the tranquil street made a tunnel of green

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