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Henry VII - Foreign Policy Quotes for AS history


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Succesful overall
Rogers - "could be well pleased"
S. B. Chrimes "extreme weakness" -> "substantial strength". "Friendly even if wary terms", "respect"
Not succesful overall
Roger Lockyer "collapse of Henry's diplomatic house of cards"
Lockyer "showed a distinct lack of finesse"
"something of a triumph"

Alexander "paradoxically, it was his oft-derided invasion of France that caused him to attain a position of complete solvency"
League of a Cambrai WASN'T a disaster
"no vital interests of his were threatened by the League"

"advantage of turning Europe's attention away from England at a time when Henry VII was nearing the end of his life"
League of a Cambrai WAS a disaster
Lockyer "isolated"
Medina Del Campo was good
Chrimes "considerable triumph"
Medina Del Campo was bad
"dissapointing" (Brittany)
Truce of Ayton was good
Rogers "great coup"
Truce of Ayton was bad
MacDougall "hardly a resounding success"
Ireland - successful
Lockyer "pacified"
Ireland - not succesful
G R Elton "Henry despaired of the success" in Poyning's law
FP was important
J D Mackie "mainspring of his government"
FP wasn't important
Wernham "subordinated always to the overriding domestic purposes"
Final thoughts
Wernham "defensive reactions"

Vergil "more inclined to peace than war

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