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Gr. 6 Conquest of Latin Am. Ch.5 Quizz


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Did the Europeans know of America before Columbus found it?
No, other than a few Vikings
In the 15th century, how did the Italian trading cities acquire their wealth?
Through trade with the Middle East and Asia.
Name three of the Italian trading cities of the 15th century....
Genoa, Florence, Venice, Milan
Give the 2 most important reasons for the rivalry between European countries in the 15th century....
Religion and Nationalism
Why were goods from Asia so expensive when sold in Europe?
Because of the long, dangerous trade routes and the many steps in the trade process
What geographical mistake did Columbus make when planning his first trip across the Atlantic?
He thought the world was much smaller than it really is.
How many trips did Columbus make to the New World?
Which European first visited Brazil?
Pedro Cabral
Define circumnavigate...
To find your way around something
Which explorer led the expedition that circumnavigated the earth?
Ferdinand Magellan
How many years did it take for the Spaniards to circumnavigate the earth in the early 1500's?
Three years
What was the Royal Fifth?
The part of the wealth in the New World that was given to the Spanish Monarch.
Who was the Aztec princess who helped the Spanish defeat her own people?
Dona Marina
Which Spanish Conquistador took over Mexico?
Hernando Cortes
Who did the Aztec mistake Cortes for?
Which Indians became allies of Cortes after he defeated them?
Name the Aztec captital city
Which disease killed off many Aztecs even before they were attacked by the Spanish?
What did Pizarro hope to accomplish by going to Peru?
He hoped to get very rich
How did Pizarro thank Atahualpa for giving the Spaniard gold and silver?
Pizarro had him killed.
Who led Spaniards in an attack against Pizarro?
De Almagro
Name the legendary city of gold....
El Dorado
What city is now built where Tenochtitlan once stood?
Mexico City
What city did Pedro Mendoza found?
Buenos Aires
What does the city name Buenos Aires mean in English?
Good Air
Name the center of Spanish colonization in the Southeastern part of South America......
Why is it misleading to say that Columbus discovered America?
Study this for your essay question.
What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
Explain this for your essay.

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