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History 320 Study Material


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What is the name of the period from 1450-1500?
Great Watershed Period
What development of 1450 spread rapidly in England?
Printing Development
Who established the first printing press in 1474 in England?
William Caxton
When did Columbus find America?
Who did Henry VII finance expeditions for and what did they claim?
Cabots; Newfoundland
What 2 major "contributions" did the Americas give to Europe
Syphillis and Introduction of massive inflation due to silver & gold.
What were the two major European developments during the 15th/16th Centuries?
Development of diplomacy & Balance of power (along with resident diplomacy)
What were the three major themes during the 15th/16th Centuries?
1. Struggle against universal monarchy
2. Renaissance
3. Development of Nation States
What was the main effect of the Renaissance in England?
Who published Utopia in 1515?
Sir Thomas More
Who did Ferdinand, King of Aragon, marry in 1469?
Isabella, Queen of Costille
What did the Islams conquer in 1453?
From 1436, what family was important for the position of Holy Roman Emperor?
Habsburgs (archduke of)
Which Holy Roman Emperor adopted the motto "merry, happy Austria"?
Who gained control of Spain and the Holy Roman Empire after his father, Philip the Fair, died?
Charles V
Who invaded Northern Italy in 1494?
Charles VII (King of France)
What main battles areas were created due to the struggle between the French, Italians, and Austrians?
Northern Italy, Southern Germany, and the Netherlands
What did the change from the medieval world to the modern world create?
Idealogical Struggles
In the first and last years of Henry VIIs reign, how many parliaments were held?
5 in the first years, 2 in the last 12 years
What change did Parliament make in 1489?
The House of Commons must provide approval of actions.
Provide a breakdown of the number of members in Parliament.
49 Ecclestiastical and 40-50 Lay Lord in the the House of Lords; 298 members in the House of Commons: 74 Knights of Shire, 228 Representatives of the Burroughs.
What did the success of Henry VII depend on?
Royal finances and the ability to curb the power of the aristocracy.
What was Henry VIIs policy?
Policy of Reconciliaton
Where was Henry VII exiled for 14 years that made him more cosmopolitan?
Who did Henry VII pledge to marry if he would become King of England?
Elizabeth of York (would combine the Lancaster and York houses-->Tudor Rose)
Who were the three pretenders to the Crown?
Edward Earl of Warwick, Lambert Simnel, and Perkin Warbeck
Who was under lock and key in the Tower of London during Richard III and Henry VIIs reign?
Edward Earl of Warwick
Who was the son of a shoemaker and was taken by clergymen to pretend to be the Earl of Warwick?
Lambert Simnel
Who was defeated by Henry VII at the Battle of Stoke and was then put to work in the royal kitchen?
Lambert Simnel
Who was a clothing merchant that caught the attention of Irish Yorkists and was persuaded to impersonate Richard (Edward IVs son)
Perkin Warbeck
Which pretender was sponsored by Charles VIII of France? (until the French & English made peace)
Perkin Warbeck
Who sponsored Warbeck and gave him ships for the invasion of England?
Who was supported by James IV of Scotland and practiced border raids (to no avail)?
Perkin Warbeck
What was the name of the political pamphlet printed after Warbeck was captured and imprisoned in the Tower?
"Confession of Perkin Warbeck"

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