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Who has the highest suicide rate?
ages 22-44
ages 55-64
over 65
C: People over 65 have the highest suicide rates. People 24-44 have the highest rate of suicide attempts. The greatest increase in suicide rates have been in teenagers.
T-score mean and SD
Mean of 50 and SD of 10
In order to increase the chances that Mary is altruistic, it would help if she has:
Younger siblings.
Comes from a large extended family.
Is inherently wealthy.
Has at least one older sibling.
A: Responsibility for the welfare of others is the most important factor in the development of altruism
An object relations therapist, such as Framo, would be most interested in __________ during the 3rd phase of therapy?
Addressing the marriage's quid pro quo.
Working through multiple transferences.
Interviewing individual members.
B: working though multiple transferences such as those between family members and those involving the therapist.
According to Vygotsky, what has the greatest impact on the development of language?
Social relationships.
Internal cognitive structures.
A: According to Vygotsky, language is originally and primarily social. Piaget (answers B and C) believed that universal internal cognitive structures or schema developed first within the child, and then were influenced by his surroundings.
Kohlberg would agree with all of the following, but:
Moral dev't is an outgrowth of cognitive dev't.
Each stage of dev't represents an organized whole.
Stage 5 and 6 are not reached by most people.
Moral dev't stages have an inherent
D: this is Gilligan's criticism of Kohlberg's theory. She believes that males are more likely to refer to justice and fairness when making decisions, while females are more likely to refer to IP connectedness and care.
The percentage of individuals with Alcohol Dependence who experienced complications from Alcohol Withdrawal is about:
A: 5%
Some studies indicate that the rate of ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity among identical twins with ADHD to be:
D: .80 between identical twins. 57% in offspring of adults with childhood-onset ADHD.
According to Ilgen's (1999) research on organizations, they have _________ their reliance on teams, while the amount of traditional small group research has __________.
According to Ilgen's (1999) research on organizations, they have INCREASED their reliance on teams, while the amount of traditional small group research has DECREASED.
One of the most critical changes has been reengineering work around teams rather than individuals' jobs.
According to Hyman and Snook, violence in our schools is ____________.
overstated in the media. The change of a student being killed is .o6 for every 100,000 students.
Rutter believes that there are six family risk factors that are particularly accurate predictors of child psychopathology. They include all of the following except:
Low SES.
Paternal psychopathology.
Severe marital discord.
Large fami
B: Other risk factors also include maternal psychopathology, parental criminality, and placement of children outside the home.
Tiedman and O'Hara's Decision-Making Career Model is correlated with the developmental stages of
C: Erikson's psychosocial theory of ego development. They felt that career choice continued to change over a lifetime through a process of differentiation and reintegration.
Episodic memory is memory for:
A specific event.
How to do something.
General factual information.
Written material.
A: a specific event. Semantic memory is general factual information.
The most common diagnosis for inpatients in the 18-44 age range is:
D: Schizophrenia
Culturally diverse clients do about as well as Anglo clients, but less favorable outcomes are shown in _____________.
African Americans
All of the following are associated with increased suicide risk in adolescents, except:
IP conflict
Loss of a parent
Exposure to suicidal behavior
C: Loss of a parent
Which of the following is true about studies on rape?
Rape occurs most during the hot weather.
Rape occurs most between strangers.
Many rapists have impaired sexual functioning during rape.
Rape is most often an impulsive act.
__________ therapy in the elderly involves acknowledging and empathizing with the client's feelings whether or not they are reality based.
Validation Therapy
__________ ___________ involves maximizing remaining capabilities and incorporating a variety of techniques that prevent or reverse cognitive impairments.
Reality orientation
The ___________ __________ is the satisfaction center of the brain.
Cingulate gyrus.
The theorist identified with ERG theory is
A: Alderfer reduced Maslow's five needs to three: existence,relatedness, and growth. He also believed that needs don't necessarily progress from lower to higher levels and people can be motivated by more than one need at a time.
___________used the TAT to identify needs that underlie job motivation.
B: McClelland
______________is associated with the two-factor theory of satisfaction?
__________ developed goal-setting theory.
D: Locke
____________ ___________ _____ os a cognitive model of attitude change that predicts that persuasion can occur in one of two ways--through a central and peripheral route.
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Allow, Abramson, and Metalsky have revised the learned helplessness model of depression and de-emphasized the role of:
D: Attributions. They believe that attributions are only important when they contribute to feelings of hopelessness.
One of the highest correlations to smoking cessation outcome is:
Level of dependence.
Duration of smoking.
B: level of dependence.
Apathy and emotional blunting are characteristic of the _______stage of AD.
Depression and anomia with the _______ stage.
Irritability and anger with the ________ stage.
Paranoia and labile mood with the ________ stage.
Apathy and emotional blunting are characteristic of the THIRD stage of AD.
Depression and anomia with the FIRST stage.
Irritability and anger with the FIRST stage.
Paranoia and labile mood with the SECOND stage.
The risk for an identical twin to be diagnosed with schizophrenia is ______% and for a fraternal dizygotic twin is ____%.
46% and 17%.
Client-therapist matching of ethnicity is a good predictor of
Treatment length
Treatment outcome
A: treatment length
Thelevels-of processing model of memory includes three levels--acoustic, phonetic, and semantic. All three levels have been compared to self-referencing, and the findings indicate that:
Semantic is more easily recalled than the others.
B: Self-referencing (e.g., where was I? Have I done this before?) results in significantly more recall than semantic referencing.
In terms of worldview, Sue and Sue propose that minority groups are increasingly more likely to exhibit a ________ locus of control and a ________ locus of responsibility.
Internal locus of control and external locus of responsibility.
A placater who adopts a passive role is likely to exhibit a ________ locus of control and a ________ locus of responsibility.
external, external
A white middle class client is likely to exhibit a ________ locus of control and a ________ locus of responsibility and is characteristic of Westernized approach to counseling.
internal, internal
A marginalized individual who has been oppressed by the dominant group is likely to exhibit a ________ locus of control and a ________ locus of responsibility.
External locus of control and internal locus of responsibility
Loss of sensation due to brain injury is likely to involve the _____________ cortex, which is located on the ________ gyrus in the _________ lobe.
Somatosensory, postcentral, parietal
The _________ fissure separates the temporal lobe from the frontal and parietal lobes. The _________ sulcus divides the frontal and parietal lobes.
lateral, central
Type ___ schizophrenia is thought to be more likely due to neurotransmitter abnormalities, and Type ___ to structural brain abnormalities.
Type 1: NT abnormalities, includes sx of delusions, HAs, inappropriate affect, disorganized thinking.
Type 2: structural brain abnormalities
The most effective intervention for cigarette smoking includes the use of nicotine replacement therapy, skills training, and
Social support.
Stimulus control.
Self-help manuals.
Relaxation training.
A: social support
Cocaine affects level of _____, a neurotransmitter.
A _______ is a person who is uncomfortable with his/her own gender and wishes to live as a member of the opposite sex and includes a wish to get rid of one's own primary and secondary sex characteristics and acquire those of the opposite sex.
A ______ is a heterosexual male who is sexually aroused by cross-dressing but does not identify himself as a female.
_______ refers to the degree to which performance leads to certain desired outcomes. _______refers to the importance of outcomes that follow from performance. _________refers to the belief that effort will pay off in performance.
Instrumentality, valence, expectancy
What is the probability that a person with a schizophrenia brother would also have schizophrenia?
C: 10%
A high achiever would most likely to attribute failures to factors that are:
internal vs. external
stable vs. unstable
controllable vs. uncontrollable
internal, unstable, and controllable
High achievers tend to attribute failure to unstable factors, such as effort.
When dealing with ______ ______, psychologists should help a client determine whether a problem stems from racism or bias in others so that a client does not inappropriately personalize problems.
Healthy paranoia
_________-________ is necessary to determine how much of the original variability in a validity coefficient is due to error.
Delirium may occur with intoxification with all of the following substances but:
C: caffeine
TO determine whether or not the doctrine of comparable worth is lived up to in an organization, one would rely on:
the perceptions of employees
job description
job evaluation
task analysis
C: job evaluation, which is used to determine the worth or value of jobs in an organization
Job commitment has the highest correlation with:
job satisfaction
absenteeism and turnover
quality of work
B: abstenteeism and turnover, as does job satisfaction
__________refers to the alliance of two family members against a third. For example, every time the mother says something, the father and daughter argue with whatever she says. The father and daughter's behavior illustrates this term.
________refers to a situation in which another family member is brought into a conflict that actually exists only between two members, such as when two parents constantly try to get their child to take their side in conflict the parents are having with e
________ refers to the inability to separate intellectual from emotional functioning, or an inability to separate one's own thoughts and feelings from those of other family members.
fusion, a term used by Bowen
_______ is a technique described by Minuchin that involves adopting the family's affective style in order to establish a working relationship, gain greater understanding of the family structure, and gain more leverage in bringing about family change.
Individuals who recall memories under hypnosis, compared to non-hypnotized individuals, have ____ confidence in their memories and are _____ likely to recall events accurately.
more, less
An out-of-body experience is an example of:
a hallucination
a delusion
B: dissociation (depersonalization would have been a better answer)
The differential diagnosis between Schizoid Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder is based on:
degree of isolation.
odd behaviors
fear of rejection
In Herzberg's two-factor theory, need satisfiers can be separated into two types: _________ and _________
Hygeine (money, security) and motivators (responsibility, power, self-esteem)
According to psychoanalytic perspective, which of the following defense mechanisms underlies obsessive-compulsive personality traits?
reaction formation
D: reaction formation because in reaction formation one expressed the opposite of unacceptable sexual and aggressive impulses in the form of over-control.
The term group polarization refers to the tendency of groups to make decisions that are:
more risky or more conservative than those that might be made by individual members
Decribe a multiple baseline design.
A treatment is sequentially applied across setting, behavior, or subjects, in a single-dubject design. E.g., the treatment might be applied at school then at home in afternoon, then at home in the evening for a child.
Which of the following is one of the first signs of AIDS-related dementia?
loss of abstract thinking functions
mild memory loss for recent events
B: mild memory loss for recent events.
Which of the following is a criterion-referenced score?
stanine score
percentile rank
pass-fail score
Pass-fail score because it is interpreted in terms of an external criterion . The others are norm-referenced scores.
What is an advantage of using MANOVA over multiple one-way ANOVAs?
The use of MANOVA can reduce experiment-wise error rate because the fewer statistical tests one completes, the less likely it is that a Type 1 error will occur.

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