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Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, Midnight Judges, Quasi War, and Election of 1


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Kentucky and Virginia Resoultions were a reaction to the what?
Alien and Sedition Acts
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions were written by ____________ and ___________
James Madison and Thomas Jefferson
What says that the states make up the federal union?
compact theory of government
If states make up the federal government, states have the ______________.
According to the compact theory of government, a state can _________ a law
Who were the first people to live in the White House?
John and Abigail Adams
John Adams appointed federal judges in order to do what?
Give the Federalist control over one branch of government
Why are they called Midnight Judges?
Because Adams appointed the federal judges in the last part of his presidential term.
Who becomes chief justice of Supreme Court?
John Marshall
What does quasi mean?
What is the XYZ Affair?
Three Frechmen demand money/tribute from three american delgates before peace negotations can begin
What ruins Adams reputation?
When he refuses to declare war on France after the XYZ Affair
What is considered to be the dirtiest election of all time?
The Election of 1800
What two things happen during the Election of 1800/Revolution of 1800?
-we show we can have a peaceful transfer of power
-first time we change political parties
During the Election of 1800/Revolution of 1800 no one gets ______ or _______
The British were impressing our troops. How?
they were kidnapping them off our ships and putting them in the British army
When Thomas Jefferson was in office, what did Britain abolish?
the slave trade
What does the 12th amendment state?
It states that you vote on vice president and president separately
What was the deal between Jefferson and Hamilton?
Hamilton agreed to move the capital from Philadelphia to New York if Jefferson would let him have a National Bank
Who was the most influential person in Washington's cabinet?
Marbury v. Madison established what?
judicial review
What is judicial review?
the right of the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstutional
The importation of _________ stopped in 1808.
Why don't the Federlist want the Louisana Purchase?
Because it gives the power to the Democratic-Republicans
What is manifest destiny?
The belief that it was God's will fpr the U.S. to expand and eventually possess the whole continent
Who were sent to explore the LP?
Lewis and Clark
The U.S. became the only nation they didn't have to pay tribute to the ________________
Barbary Pirates
What does the Embargo Act do?
it closes American ports and closes the U.S. to world trade
The Embargo Act was the start of what?
American industry
What act made Jefferson unpopular?
Embargo Act
Who saved Jefferson's reputation?
Lewis and Clark
Lewis and Clark proved what?
that you can walk from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
The statement "Millions for Defense,Not One Penny for Tribute" is hypocracy. Why?
Because we paid the Barbary Pirates tribute but we didn't want to pay tribute to France in order to negotiate peace during the Quasi War
Jay's Treaty is unpopular because it doesn't stop what?
Alien Acts hurt the DR. Why?
Because most immigrants wanted to be farmers
What part of the U.S. was considered northeast?
New England
Democratic-Republicans were everywhere except?
New England
The Louisana Purchase __________ the size of the U.S.
What country has possession over Lousiana before we buy it from them?

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