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The deep inguinal ring lies lateral or medial to the inferior epigastric artery?
What is unusual about Chlamydia's cell wall?
Lacks muramic acid
Symptoms of congenital CMV infection?
Hepatosplenomegaly, periventricular brain calcification, petechial hemorrhages, and hydrops
Sensorineural deafness
Induction of hemolytic anemia in G6PD deficient patients are most often caused by which medications? (make a mnemonic)
Sulfonamides, nitrofurantoin, dapsone, primaquine, and quinine
Intranuclear inclusion bodies surrounded by halos..?
CMV - "owl eyes"
What is located about 1/2 inch above the midpoint of the inguinal ligament?
Deep inguinal ring
Toxoplasma gondii is capable of crossing the placenta in which stage of it's lifecycle?
What are important causes of post-gonococcal urethritis?
Chlamydia, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma
Frothy yellow vaginal discharge
Incomplete fusion of the processus vaginalis in males leads to...?
Hydrocele of the spermatic cord
Pleomorphic gram-negative rods in parallel short chains causing painful ulcer on penis?
Haemophilus ducreyi
This space contains the sphincter urethrae muscle and the bulbourethral gland in the male...?
Deep perineal space
Granulomatosis infantiseptica?
Lysteria monocytogenes in pregnancy
Which STD organisms induce endocytosis by epithelial cells?
Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia
The vagina of prepubertal girls and postmenopausal women is colonized by...?
Colonic and skin bacteria, including staph epidermidis
Herpes simplex virus 2 lays dormant in which cells?
Neurons of the sacral ganglia
The filamentous gram-positive rod produces yellow granular deposits (sulfur granules) in the areas of its tissue invasion...?
Actinomyces israelli
Testes determining factor does what?
Causes the indifferent gonad to develop into a testis with Sertoli cells, which secrete MIF, suppressing the paramesonephric ducts, thus preventing the formation of femal internal reproductive organs
Males with hyperprolactinemia have what affect on sexual function?
interference with testosterone production causing a decrease in sperm count
Hydatiform mole progresses to choriocarcinoma at a rate of..?
What is adenomyosis?
Presence of endometrial glands within the myometrkjm of the uterus in addition to their normal location in the endometrium
Most spontaneously aborted fetuses in the first trimester are due to?
chromosomal abnormalities
Ovarian metastasis of a mucin-producing adenocarcinoma?
Krukenberg tumor
Hydatiform moles produce high levels of...?
Which type of breast cancer has the best progrnosis?
Tubular carcinoma
XY male born with feminized external genitalia, testes retained within the abdominal cavity and otherwise normal male internal reproductive tracts...what could cause this?
5 alpha reductase deficiency
How to diagnose chronic abacterial prostatitis?
>10 leukocytes per high-power field
no bacteria are isolated from cultures of prostatic secretions
Flutamide? Mechanism?
Chemo...Antiandrogen, inhibits the actions of androgens in target tissues. Used in prostate cancer
Ovarian tumor - Cystic sac containing thick mucinous fluid within a thin wall...Epithelial lining shows malignant features in the absence of stromal invasion...?
Borderline mucinous tumor
Presence of individual adenocarcinoma cells within the squamous epithelium of the skin near the nipple...?
Paget disease
Uterine tumor - Well demarcated borders and a whorled pattern on cut surface
Classical presentation of a germ cell tumor in a 23 year old man?
Non-painful swelling of the testis
T or F? Condyloma acuminatum contains koilocytes?
Most common cause of acute bacterial prostatitis?
This drug acts by inhibiting 5 alpha reductase to treat BPH
T or F? Maturation of germ cells within the seminiferous tubules occurs in a concentric pattern with the less mature spermatogonia near the tubule center and the mature forms near the basal lamina
FALSE - the opposite
Mature teratoma...aka?
Dermoid cyst
Most common causes of maternal death in preeclampsia?
Cerebral hemorrhage and ARDS
Sclerosing adenosis?
A type of proliferative fibrocystic disease that is often seen with other variants of fibrocystic disease. Proliferation of small ducts, distorts glands and lobules into a whorled pattern. Increased risk for breast cancer
Type of endometrium bearing long, narrow, coiled glands lined by a single layer of columnar epithelium showing regular, uniform, small nuclei and clear apical vesicles
Secretory endometrium
Tumor with endodermal sinuses that resemble primitive glomeruli..?
Yolk sac tumor
Differentiation of the male external genitals is dependent on...?
Dihydrotestosterone (via action of 5 alpha reductase on testosterone)
Key differences between seminomas in men and dysgerminomas in women?
1. Seminomas are most common in the fourth decade, dysgerminomas in the third decade
2. Seminomas are relatively common, while dysgerminomas are rare
These agents induce the formation of surfactant lipids in the prevention of RDS in preterm babies..
Pseudomyxoma peritonei is a potential complication of this tumor?
Mucinous cystadenoma
T or F? Elevation of LDH is common in seminomas.
Koilocytotic atypia is commonly observed with infection with...?
Most cases of male pseudohermaphrodites are due to...?
Testicular feminization syndrome
Most common variant of breast adenocarcinomoa?
Invasive ductal carcinoma
Which phase accounts for most of variability in the length of the menstrual cycle?
Follicular phase
T or F? Basal body temperature falls precipitously a few days prior to menstruation
Intraductal papillomas - describe the favorable pathology?
Presence of fibrovascular core, and both epithelial and myoepithelial cells in thepaipllary fronds
Alpha fetoprotein is a good marker for which cancers?
Non-seminomatous germ cell tumors of the testes, endodermal sinus (yolk sac) ovarian tumors, hepatocellular carcinomas
Malignant mixed mullerian tumor?
Tumor with 2 components (stromal and epithelial (endometrial glands)
Maternal blood levels of .... are dependent on a viable fetus?
This tumor, in combination with ascites and hydrothorax, is referred to as Meigs' syndrome
Serous paipllary cystadenocarcinomas of the ovaries express which marker?
Three stages of spermatogenesis?
Spermatocytogenesis, meiosis, and spermiogenesis
What are two types of ovarian tumors that can produce large amounts of steroid hormones?
Sertoli-Leydic cell tumors (testosterone), and granulosa cell tumors (estrogen)
36 y/o man with painless enlargement of right testis. Biopsy - Round nests of cells with conspicuous nucleoli and clear cytoplasm, nests are separated by delicate fibrous septa containing numerous lymphocytes...
Causative organism of lymphogranuloma venereum?
Bright reddish-pink, acellular ring around the ovum...?
Zona pellucida
Forms of penile carcinoma in situ?
Bowen's disease, Bowenoid papulosis, and erythroplasia of Queyrat
Describe the lesions of Bowenoid paulosis?
Multiple reddish-brown pauplar lesions
Most cases of dysfunctional uterine bleeding are due to...?
Anovulatory cycles
Histology of inflammatory breast cancer?
Dermal lymphatic invasion by cancer cells... can cause orange peel appearance
The characteristic nuclear and cytoplasmic changes shown by squamous epithelial cells infected by HPV
Name the mutations of the following syndromes: LiFraumeni, Cowden, and ataxia-telangiectasia
LiFraumeni - p53
Cowden - gene of chromosome 10
Ataxia-telangiectasia - ATM gene
Gynecomastia, golden-brown testicular tumor, large uniform cells with indistinct cell borders, and rod-shaped crystals
Leydig cell tumor (crystals of Reinke)
Struma ovarii?
Monodermal teratomas can develop an appearance of mature thyroid tissue
T or F? Ductal carcinoma in situ can produce Paget disease?
The first set of lymph nodes to which lymph from the testes drain...?
Para-aortic nodes, near where the testicular artery arises
First event in preeclampsia is thought to be...?
Placental ischemia

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