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Mass Communication Exam 2


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Conflict oriented
National and metro dailies; monitor institutions and problems
Harry Potter
2/3 of all American children have read one; 200 mil sold worldwide
"Poison" Ivy Lee
good image=selling more products; John Rockefeller was one of his clients & helped with the coal mine strike
everybody's doing it
Snob appeal approach
This Mercedes will make you classy
Consensus oriented
Small, daily papers; promote social and economic harmony in the community
Women in ads
sexy or excited about cleaning
Joseph Pulitzer
Turned St. Louis Post into The Post-Dispatch; bought the New York World
Elem~high school, college, vocational and college textbooks
Pseudo events
any circumstance created to obtain coverage in the media
Film and books
Studios tend to pick film ideas based off of books rather than original screenplays
Children and ads
"consumer trainees" and very vulnerable to commercialism; influence spending of their parents
Religious books
scriptures, The Bible, etc.
Irritation approach
are staying in your head through an annoying ad
Agency Structure
CRLB; Creativity, research, liaison, buying
a derogatory term that journalists use to refer to a public relations agent
Yellow Journalism
A newspaper style or era that peaked in the 1890's, it emphasized high-interest stories, sensational crime news, large headlines, and serious reports that exposed corruption, particularly in business and government
Hidden fear appeal
Play on your fear of something—like sweating too much
Adolph Ochs
Bought New York Times
Trade books
general audiences; fiction, biographies, cook books, hobbies, children's books
Mass market paperbacks
Found in grocery stores, romance novels
Joint Operating Agreement (JOA)
When newspapers are permitted competing newspapers to operate separate editorial divisions while merging business & production
Books and Democracy
books have survived the challenge of visual and digital culture; for democracy to work we need to read because they help us understand ideas and customs
Product placement
when companies pay to have their products put in video games, TV shows, movies and athletic venues
University Press
scholarly books for little profit
Mega Agencies
Merged companies & have advertising, PR, TV & radio production; McCann Erickson: MasterCard, Priceless
New York Times
Informational news, downplayed entertainment; contrast to yellow/penny press; price was lowered to 1 cent
Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
reports carried free by radio and TV stations that promote government programs, educational projects, etc.
Newspapers as a mass medium
play biggest role out of all mass media in sustaining democracy
Men in ads
either very manly or clueless
P.T. Barnum
Used extreme tactics to seduce press coverage of his clients; fraudulent claims and techniques
Consumer driven society
Ads make you want things; stimulate demand, encourage economic growth and promote technological advance
Early Advertising
3000 BC when shop owners hung signs to let people know what their store was; grew around the Industrial Revolution; space brokers
made books from wood & bamboo
Professional/Reference books
targets various occupational groups: law, medicine, business; encyclopedias, dictionaries
New York World
Plain writing, maps and illustrations, women's pages, no influence from politicians
Plain folks pitch
everyday, normal people use it!
New York Journal
Appealed to immigrants, used large headlines, fabrications
Press Releases
an announcement that gives new information about an individual, a company, or an organization pitches a story to the news media
Market Research
predict buying habits, test products, demographics, focus groups VALS (Values and Lifestyles Survey)
The Oprah Effect
When a book becomes a hit because Oprah mentioned it
Penny Press
Newspapers that, because of technological innovations in printing, were able to drop their price to one cent, therefore making papers affordable to working and middle classes and enabled newspapers to become a genuine mass medium
Edward Bernays
nephew of Sigmund Freud; first applied sock & psych to PR; Lucky Strikes campaign; wife worked with him
Buffalo Bill (William Cody)
used publicity agents to promote his show, claimed international fame
Monks from the Christian Clergy made illuminated manuscripts; very detailed and beautiful; scribes
made papyrus from reeds
William Randolph Hearst
Created the New York Journal
Partisan Press
An early document style of American journalism distinguished by opinion newspapers, which generally argued one political point of view
Declining circulation
Young readership is going down as the Internet grows, blogs, videos, social networking sites, etc.
Public Relations
the entire range of efforts by an individual, agency, or organization attempting to reach or persuade audiences
Boutique Agencies
Personal agencies; target campaign: Milla Hook
Video news release (VNR)
the visual counterpart to a press release; pitches a story idea by mimicking a broadcast news report

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