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Name That Measurement


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Which standards of measurement are NOT Capacity?
meters & grams
A surf board, a classroom a football field. The standard of measurement is___________and can be measured in___________and _____________.
Length, meters, yards
A classroom, surfboard,football field are thing you can measure using_______and__________ ?
Meters, Yards
A bike, bowling ball baseball bat, piano, tennis shoe, TV.The standard unit of measurement is_________ and are things that can be measured using _________ using ____________.
Weight, kilograms, pounds
What standard and unit of measurement would you use to measure,
perfume in a bottle_______,_______,_______
surf board________,_______,________
piece of chalk_______,_______,_______
an elephant_______,_______,_________
Capicity Milliters, Ounces
Length, meters, yards
Length, inches, milimeters
Weight, ton, metric ton
Baseball cap. penny safety pin, dollar bill, golf tee,
leaf. Thing you can _________, using_________ and__________.
Weigh, Grams, Ounces
The distance of a field trip can be measured using_______&________.
miles, kilometers
Can you go swimming when the temperature is 20 degrees celcius?
Yes, it is room temperature
Medicine in a medicine dropper can be measured using__________ and_________.
Mililiters, ounces
Soda in a bottle can be measured using________&______.
liters, quarts
Water in an aquarium can be measured using________&__________.
gallons, liters
You can measure the liquid in a glass using what unit of measurement?
cups, milliliters
The distance between two cities, a field trip, a vacation. The standard of measurement is___________ and are things that can be measured using __________and ______________.
Length, kilometers, miles
What kind of day would it be if the temperature is 35 C. ?
A pencil, a school desk, a book the standard of measurement is _________ and can be measured using __________and___________.
Length, decimeters, inches
What happens when it is:
0 C.________?
100 C.________?
An elephant,and a car, can be measured _________&_________.
tons, metric tons
Perfume in a bottle,soup in a bowl, a teaspoon of vanilla, a cup of coffee, soup in a bowl, a small glass of milk. The standard of measurement is_____________ and are thins that can be measured using___________and___________.
Capicity, Milliters, Ounces
Push pin tack, your foot, paper clip,an eraser, width of a fingernail. The standard of measurement is __________, and are thins that can be measured using, ___________ and ___________.
Length, centimeters, inches
212 F
32 F
Meters, Inches
Yards, Feet
Kilometers, Miles
Decimeters, Centimeters
Which units of measurement measure Length ?
liters, kilometers,
milliliters, miles,
feet, decimeters
kilometers, miles, feet,decimeters, centimeters
Gasoline in a car can be measured using ________&________.
gallons, liters
A surfboard can be measured using_______&________.
meters, yards
The weight of a tack can be measured using_______and_________.
ounces, grams
Liters, Quarts
Gallons, Cups
Pints, Milliliters
A classroom, surfboard, football field, are things you can measure the __________of using _________ and ___________.
Length, Meters, Yards
Which of thes things would you NOT do if it is 80 degrees F. ?
a. swim in a pool
b. put the heat on on
c. go to the beach
d. snow ski
e. a & c
f. b & d
b and d
Which units of measurement do NOT measure Weight (Mass)?
ounces, miligrams
pounds, grams
ounces, tons
liters, meters
liters & meters
Water bottle, bathtub soda, swimming pool aquarium, The standard unit of measurement is_________and are things that can be measured using __________and ___________.
Capicity, Liters, Gallons

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