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speech 3


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boomerang effect
Bill's conversation with christians about ****
body, voice, message
three elements to intergrated communication
oral punctuation marks
comprehensive listening
phase in which we focus on, understand, and interpret spoken messages
ad hominem fallacy
appeals to credibility by attacking the person instead of the problem
extemporaneous speaking
prepared and practiced but not written out and memorized
red herring fallacy
occurs when persuaders try to draw attention away from the real issues in a dispute
physical noise
closing windows and doors because you can't hear
empathetic listening
suspend judgement, allow speakers to be heard, see things from their point of view
critical listening
analysis and evaluation of the message
ommited qualifiers
when persuader claims too much, confusing probability with certainty
keyword outline
outline for presenting your speech
not nonverbal concern in public speaking
figurative language
how is persuasive different from informative
emotional appeals are less appropriate
if verbals and non verbals conflict, the audience will believe the
emotional or personal meaning that certain words can evoke in listeners
non sequitur fallacy
occurs when the principle and the observation discussed don't really relate to each other, conclusion doesn't follow from the relationship, or evidence is irrelevant
constructive listening
life-changing, applies to ones life
ethical speaking
why use doublespeak
to confuse and mislead the audience, negative connotation
dictionary meaning of a word
what should speakers do to get an uncommited audience encouraged
provide the needed information
discriminative listening
phase of listening in which we detect sounds of spoken communication
great expectation fallacy
mistaken idea that major change can be accomplished by a single persuasive effect- ONE STEP AT A TIME
most abstract
most effective for brief presentation
appreciative listening
enjoy the beauty of the message
what trap do you fall into when you're using a manuscript
reading and poor eye contact
slippery slope fallacies
assumes that once something happens it will establish in irreversible trend leading to disaster
formal meeting
all are types of a persuasive speech except

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