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fossiliferous limestone
non-clastic biological, has fossils + gray, through deposition that made shells w/ calcium carbonate
non-clastic chemical, clear and salty, from evaporation
chalk limestone
non-clastic biochemical, comes from gradual accumulation of small calcite plates
lithographic limestone
non-clastic biochemical, flat+clean+tan, formed in shallow stagnant hypersaline and anoxic lagoons over long period of time
conglomerate sandstone
clastic, big chunks, large chunks cemeted together with fast moving water or glacial setting
mica schist
foliate, gold shiny, formed by metamorphism by heat and pressure of a sedimentary rock
nonfoliated, brown/maroon and kinda shiny, sandstone in turned into quartzite w/ high pressure and heating due to tectonic compression
nonfoliated, white/shiny looks kinda like salt, from metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks
mica garnet schist
foliated, has chunks of garnet in it, same conditions as mica schist except in garnet rich environment
anthracite coal
nonfoliated, can write w/ it and glassy, in swamps w/ dead organic matter and layers form and the remains turn into coal
foliated, looks like it would be coal and dull and gray, from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through regional metamorphism
extrusive and basaltic comp., flat black, forms by decompression melting of the mantle
intrusive and basaltic comp., grayer and w/ crystals, when molten magma is trapped below the surface of the earth and cools and turns into crystalline
intrusive and andesitic comp., cow, from partial melting of a mafic rock above a subduction zone
extrusive and granitic comp., light(pink), when lava cools underneath earth's surface
super extrusive and granitic+andesitic+ basaltic comp., glassy, when super-heated highly pressurized rock is ejected from a volcano
intrusive and granitic comp., pink+black+white speckled, when magma cools slowly beneath the Earth's surface
super extrusive and granitic+andesitic+basaltic comp., light/holey, when super-heated highly pressurized rock is ejected from a volcano
extrusive and andesitic comp., darker than gabbro, fractional crystallization or ht magma melting side wall rocks and mixing it together
intrusive and ultramafic comp., duller and dark w/ crystals, comes from earth's mantle as crystals accumulate from magmas formed in a mantle
clastic, pink/stripey, made of sand grain cemented together near coastline or desert
clastic, black and fossily, comes from compaction
coquina limestone
non-clastic biological, has shells, made up of shells cemented together and near high-energy marine areas
foliated, black + pink stipes, crystally, comes from schist or granite when there's intese T or P in Mnts.

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