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Prealgebra Review


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Numbers used most often in everday life; complete. Ex. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ...
Whole Numbers
Numbers that are incomplete, or part of a number. Ex. 1/3, 5/4, ...
A ___ is fraction in which the numerator is smaller then the denominator. These are less then one.
Proper fraction
When the denominator is less than the numerator, it is called a ___. Has a value greater then one.
Improper fraction
An improper fraction can also be written as a ___.
Mixed number
The answer to a multiplication problem.
Numbers that when multiplied together result in a product.
A ___ number has only two factors (itself and 1).
Prime number
A whole number greater than one that is not prime.
Composite number
A number written using factors that are all prime numbers.
Prime factored form
A fraction is in ___ when the numerator and denominator have no factors in common (other than 1).
Lowest terms
Two fractions are ___ of each other if their product is 1.
The result of the division of two fractions.
The result of adding two numbers.
The result of subtracting two numbers.

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