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Positions and Procedures Quiz 2


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What is an AAS and what does it consist of?
Acute abdomen series
1)supine AP
2)upright AP
3)PA chest
In what three situations is gonadal shielding required?
1)If the gonads lie within 2in of the primary x-ray.

2)If the clinical objectives of the exam will not be compromised.

3)If the patient has a reasonable reproductive potential.
What position is preferred for most intial exams of the abdomen?
What should be centered to the midline of the grid device?
midsagittal plane
For the supine position, what should the IR be centered to?
iliac crests
For the upright position, where should the IR be centered?
2 inches above the level of hte iliac crests or high enough to include the diphragm
Where should the CR be for the supine position and horizontal?
Perpendicular to the IR at the level of the iliac crests
Where should the CR be for the upright position?
2 inches above the level of the iliac crests to include the diaphragm
What should be aligned on the patient?
the vertebral column
What should be clearly demonstrated for the abdomen?
Area from the pubic symphysis to the upper abdomen

Diaphragm without motion

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