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What part of Air Force TO number 33D7-47-12-8-2 identifies the equipment series?
In the Air Force TO system, what TO index lists all authorized indexes?
Unwanted activation of an aircraft ejection seat can be avoided by:

a) being familiar with the ejection seat
b) gaining knowledge of the aircraft
c) following the aircraft checklist
d) all of the above
D - all of the above
In a computer complex, what type of gate sends a pulse only when it receives a pulse at both terminals?
AND gate
In the computer complex, primary memory that usually cannot be erased is called:
Which of the following is not a purpose of the ILS

a) Provide up / down guidance
b) Provide left / right guidance
c) Provide bearing to a station
d) Indicate distances along the approach
C - Provide bearing to a station
What indicator will illuminate if a BIT test response for the STV subsytem is incorrect?
MALF in amber
When the STV is initially energized, how much time passes before high-voltages are applied to the circuits?
What Air Force TO is not a type of TCTO?

a) Record
b) Interim
c) Urgent action
d) Emergency action
D - Emergency action
Which is not one of the three types of TO improvement reports?

a) Urgent
b) Immediate
c) Routine
d) Emergency
B - Immediate
Which is a condition that results from frequent exposure to small overdoses of noise?

a) Frequent nausea
b) Temporary weight gain
c) Permanent hearing loss
d) Small overdoses have little or no effect
A - Frequent nausea
Which data bus is used to interface the terrain following avionics contol unit to the radar data terminal?
Which AFTO form allows you to record essential inspection and delayed maintenance data?

a) 781 A
b) 781 B
c) 781 K
d) 781 L
C - 781 K
Which data bus is used to interface the terrain following avionics control unit to the radar data terminal?

a) A
b) B
c) T
d) R1
D - R1
The defensive system operator and offensive system operator tracking handles are monitored by the:

a) Radar signal processor
b) Display electronis unit
c) Terrain following avionics control unit
d) General navigation avionics co
When the HSI is operating in the ILS mode, each deviation dot represents:

a) 5.0 degrees
b) 0.5 degrees
c) 1.25 degrees
d) 2.25 degrees
C - 1.25 degrees
The total number of VOR/ILS channels that can be selected by the AN/ARN-147 VOR/ILS control box is:

a) 40
b) 160
c) 200
d) 240
C - 200
What steerable television (STV) camera subassembly component protects the sensor from damage due to overexposure?

a) Shutter
b) Control module
c) Flash protector
d) Image-gating unit
A - Shutter
Which is not one of the four major components of the basic sensor assembly?

a) FLIR control panel
b) Sensor unit
c) Video post processor (VPP)
d) Gimbal
D - Gimbal
A valid urgent report requires that a change, revision, or supplement be published within what time period?

a) 35 days
b) 40 days
c) 45 days
d) 50 days
B - 40 days
US Air Force customers must establish program identification number (CPIN) requirements through:

b) DOD contractors
c) Procuring contract officers
d) Administrative contract officers
Which inspection is designed to detect defects that might have developed during ground operation of the aircraft?

a) Phase
b) Preflight
c) End-of-runway
d) Basic postflight
C - End-of-runway
What level of noise is likely to cause permanent hearing damage, even for a short exposure?

a) 155dBa
b) 160dBa
c) 165dBa
d) 170dBa
B - 160dBa
The movement of the tracking handle crosshair is controlled by the:

a) Crosshair control
b) Real beam map switch
c) Crosshair enable switch
d) High resolution map switch
A - Crosshair control
Parallels between the equator and the north pole carry values of

a) 0 degrees to 90 degrees N
b) 0 degrees to 90 degrees S
c) 0 degrees to 180 degrees N
d) 0 degrees to 180 degrees S
A - 0 degrees to 90 degrees N
What is the marker beacon carrier frequency?

a) 75KHZ
b) 75MHZ
c) 70KHZ
d) 70MHZ
B - 75 MHZ
The MRB is transmitted when the main lobe to the TACAN surface beacon radiation pattern is due

a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West
C - East
The main difference between visible light and infrared energy is

a) The nature of the controlling medium
b) The manner in which infrared energy is processed
c) That visible light can be refracted while infrared energy cannot
A - The nature of the controlling medium
The electronics that provide control of the Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) cryocooler compressor are contained in the

a) Focal plan array
b) Gimbal assemble
c) Signal data converter
d) Video post processor
D - Video post processor
How many general types of ACPINS compendiums are there?

a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6
C - 5
The instruction that governs the current wing organization and operation is Air Force Instruction

a) 39-1
b) 53-3
c) 21-101
d) 21-166
C - 21-101
What are the four basic scheduled inspections common to the four inspection concepts?

a) Preflight, basic postflight, home station check, hourly postflight
b) End-of-runway, thruflight, phase, periodic
c) Preflight, end-of-runway, th
C - Preflight, end-of-runway, thruflight, basic postflight
What is the minimum safe distance for an HF antenna that is radiation?

a) 1 foot
b) 3 feet
c) 5 feet
d) 7 feet
C - 5 feet
What is established by an inertial navigation system

a) Altitude
b) Coordinate system
c) Fram of reference
d) Frame of displacement
C - Frame of reference
The rate at which motion is occurring withought regard to direction is called

a) Speed
b) Motion
c) Velocity
d) Reference
A - Speed
What is the bearing indication during the first seven seconds of the manual self-test of the TACAN system

a) 90 degrees
b) 180 degrees
c) 270 degrees
d) 0 degrees
C - 270 degrees
In TACAN, how often does the surface beacon transmit Bit?

a) Every 5 seconds
b) Every 30 seconds
c) Every 1 minute
d) All the time
B - Every 30 seconds
How long is the RFTLTS, AN/USM-638, average warm-up period

a) 2-5 minutes
b) 3-10 minutes
c) 5-10 minutes
d) 2-10 minutes
B - 3-10 minutes
The power meter displays absolute power in either watts or

a) DB
b) dBm
c) Dbm
d) db
b - dBm
Which of the following tasks is a responsibility of the MOC?

a) Notify appropriate agencies of severe weather warnings
b) Make sure quality assurance guidelines are being followed
c) Review the guidance provided by the LG commander o
A - Notify appropriate agencies of severe weather warnings
What squadron in the LG performs off-equipment maintenance

a) Supply
b) Maintenance
c) Transportation
d) Logistics support
B - Maintenance
What helps to dissipate and lessen the effects of electrostatic discharges?

a) Use of nonconducting packaging materials
b) Using proper insulating materials
c) Dehumidified air
d) Humid air
D - Humid air
Which is not one of the four main parts of an ESD protected area?

a) Grounded work bench
b) A humid work area
c) Personal wrist strap
d) Grounded floormat
B - A humid work area
The global positioning system has a three dimensional position navigation accuracy of

a) 100 meteres
b) 16 meters
c) 1.6 meteres
d) 0.1 meteres
B - 16 meteres
Which of the ARN-151 units requires no power, adjustments, or controls to function?

a) Antenna
b) Receiver
c) Antenna amplifier
d) Antenna controller
A - Antenna
In the TACAN RT adaptor, TO/FROM information is developed by combining magnetic bearing with

a) Course deviation
b) Magnetic heading
c) Relative bearing
d) Relative heading
B - Magnetic heading
TACAN channel data and selected mode information are routed to the receiver transmitter as a

a) 24-bit serial word
b) 32-bit serial word
c) 16-bit ternary word
d) 32-bit ternary word
B - 32-bit serial word
What piece of test equipment uses electromagnetic wave pulses to test cables?

a) Multi-meter
b) Signal generator
c) Frequency counter
d) Time domain reflectometer
D - Time domain reflectometer
A time domain reflectometer (TDR) display that starts in the upper left corner of the screen, drops down at mid screen, and departs in the lower right screen indicates

a) An open
b) A short
c) A frayed cable
d) A crimped cable
B - A short
In small units, who might handle the position of flight line expeditor?
Informational publications that include procedures for implementing AF policies are called

a) Indexes
b) Pamphlets
c) Directories
d) Supplements
B - Pamphlets
An example of an ESDS device is a

a) Diode
c) Transistor
Which action could pose a safety hazard to personnel in an ESD protected area

a) Use of ionizers
b) Wearing of personal clothing
c) Improper use of conductive bags
d) Improper use of conductive tote boxes
A - Use of ionizers
How long does it take a radio frequency wave to travel a radar mile?

a) 3.1 microseconds
b) 6.2 microseconds
c) 9.3 microseconds
d) 12.4 microseconds
D - 12.4 microseconds
Which component of a basic radar set triggers the transmitter?

a) Receiver
b) Synchronizer
c) Antenna
d) Power supply
B - Synchronizer
Which of the following time intervals reflect the IFF interrogation pulse width?

a) 0.5 microseconds wide in all modes
b) 0.8 microseconds wide in all modes
c) 0.8 microseconds wide in all modes 1, 2, 3/a; 0.5 microseconds wide in mo
D- 0.8 microseconds wide in all modes 1, 2, 3/a, or C; 0.5 microseconds wide in mode 4
Other than identification, what IFF information can help an Air Traffic Controller pinpoint an aircraft's location?

a) Altitude
b) Direction
c) Distance
d) Drift
A - Altitude
You would not use the UPM-145 radar test set to test receiver/transmitter

a) Power
b) Frequency
c) Receiver bandwidth
d) Transmitter bandwidth
D - Transmitter bandwidth
What is the color of the TS-3977 lobbing indicator on the IFF test set?

a) Red
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) White
C - Yellow
What is the primary source of information for equipment configuration status at base, command, and depot levels?

a) MCS
b) MDC
The base computer translates equipment ID numbers into all of the following categories except

a) Work unit codes
b) Repair action codes
c) Owning work center
d) Standard reporting designator
B - Repair action codes
In 1553 word structure, all 1553 words are

a) 15 bits long
b) 20 bits long
c) 25 bits long
d) 30 bits long
B - 20 bits long
What is used to convert fiber optic light transmissions back to electrical signals?

a) Detector
b) Receiver
c) Photo diode
d) Light emitting diode
C - Photo diode
Which is not a component of the basic radar set?

a) Electrical control amplifier (ECA)
b) Antenna
c) Indicator
d) Power supply
A - Electrical control amplifier (ECA)
Which component is used to couple radio frequency energy between the waveguide and test equipment?

a) Feedhorn
b) Duplexer
c) Dummy load
d) Directional coupler
D - Directional coupler
At what rate will the IFF antennas switch with the IFF ANTENNA SWITCH in the BOTH position?

a) 38 times per second
b) 39 times per second
c) 38 times per minute
d) 39 times per minute
C - 38 times per minute
What is the IFF transponder transmit frequency?

a) 1030 MHz
b) 1045 MHz
c) 1075 MHz
d) 1090 MHz
A - 1030 MHz
On the VOR/ILS/MB test set, after the red light illuminates, how long should the battery be recharged?

a) 6 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 36 hours
D - 36 hours
The flight line test set measures the tracking aiblity of the TACAN range circuits up to a maximum of

a) 102 nmi
b) 126 nmi
c) 132 nmi
d) 146 nmi
What form provides a means of controlling items flowing to and from intermediate maintenance shops?

a) AF form 2005
b) AF form 349
c) AF form 350
d) AF form 110
C - AF form 350
When work has started on an Urgent action TCTO, how is this indicated on the equipment inspection forms?

a) A red X is entered on the appropriate form
b) A red / is entered on the appropriate form
c) A red - is entered on the appropr
A - Red X
Proper care of a electric soldering iron involves

a) Cooling the iron by dipping it in water
b) Jerking the iron to remove excess solder
c) Tapping an iron on a table to remove excess solder
d) Keeping an iron in a proper holder
D - Keeping the iron in a proper holder when you are not using it
What is not one of the basic parts of a fiber optic cable

a) Shielding
b) Buffer
c) Cladding
d) Silicone coating
A - shielding
SrA Adam R. Tappy is the coolest person ever for making these extremely useful flash cards

a) True
b) True
c) All of the above
C - All of the above
Which radar application is used primarily as an aid to navigation?

a) Search radar
b) Ground mapping
c) Terrain avoidance
d) Terrain following
A - Search radar
In a FM signal, what determines the rate at which deviation takes place?

a) Amplitude of the modulation signal
b) Frequency of the modulating signal
c) Phase of the modulating signal
d) Slope of the modulating signal
A - Amplitude of the modulation signal
How do TCAS symbols generated by TCAS represent increasing levels of urgency or threat?

a) Change color and size
b) Change size and shape
c) Change shape and color
d) Change shape and position
C - Change shape and color
Of the following intruder data, which one would specifically prohibit the TCAS from issuing resolution advisories?

a) Range
b) Bearing
c) Altitude
d) Closure rate
C - Altitude
The microwave landing system (MLS) test set provides

a) Go/no-go functions of cockpit controls
b) Go/no-go verification of installed MLS receivers
c) Comprehensive system checks of MLS components
d) Comprehensive system checks o
B - Go/no-go verification of installed MLS receivers
In what two ways are aircrat wiring diagrams indexed?

a) Alphabetic and numeric
b) Cross-reference and numeric
c) Alphanumeric and alphabetic
d) Cross-reference and alphanumeric
A - Alphabetic and numeric
How often are CAMS reports produced and sent to higher headquarters?

a) Whenever requested
b) At scheduled intervals
c) At the end of each duty day
d) Whenever the form entry count reached 500
B - At scheduled intervals
What CAMS screen displays a maintenance snapshot inquiry?

a) 054
b) 122
c) 347
d) 380
B - 122
As a flight line technician, you can repair up to

a) 20% of the inner shield circumference of an EMP hardened cable
b) 20% of the outer shield circumference of an EMP hardened cable
c) 25% of the inner shield circumference of an EMP
D - 25% of the outer shield circumference of an EMP hardened cable
The fractional and integral portions of binary numbers are separated by the

a) Radix
b) Exponent
c) Binary point
d) Decimal point
C - Binary point
Which AM transmitter section modulates the audio signal from the modulator with the carrier wave from the RF unit?

a) Buffer
b) Master oscillator
c) Final amplifier
d) Frequency multiplier
C - Final amplifier
What controls the bandwidth when you're using a given modulating signal frequency?

a) Amplitude of the modulating signal
b) Frequency of the modulating signal
c) Phase of the modulating signal
d) Slope of the modulating signal
A - Amplitude of the modulating signal
Why does the KY-58 processor require a batter?

a) To hold the code
b) To hold the presets
c) To hold the code and presets
d) It does not need a battery
A - To hold the code
What is the digital teletype capability of a SIOP terminal?

a) 65 bps
b) 70 bps
c) 75 bps
d) None of the above
C - 75 bps
The space segment of the AFSATCOM system is composed of several satellites equipped with

a) Encoders
b) Receivers
c) Transmitters
d) Transponders
D - Transponders
During ASC-19 receive operation, the RF signal is converted by the UHF receiver transmitter to a

a) 40 MHz FSK IF signal
b) 55 MHz FSK IF signal
c) 70 MHz FSK IF signal
d) 90 MHz FSK IF signal
C - 70 MHz FSK IF signal
One of the basic principles of supply discipline is to

a) Use supplies to fulfill any purpose
b) Know all equipment items on hand
c) Stock excess property until needed
d) Effectively safeguard and preserve property
D - Effectively safeguard and preserve property
How often does bench stock support physically check each bench stock?

a) Every day
b) Once a week
c) Every two weeks
d) Once a month
B - Once a week
Add 11010(2) to 11101(2)

a) 10111
b) 110111
c) 100111
d) 101011
B - 110111
Convert FA8(16) to binary

a) 110110101001
b) 111111011010
c) 101011111000
d) 111110101000
d) 111110101000
Which radio receiver characterstic is a major limiting factor of receiver sensitivity to very low-signal inputs?

a) Detection
b) Selection
c) Fidelity
d) Noise
D - Noise
What type of radio frequency transmissionw wire has principal disadvantages of high-radiation losses and noise pickup due to the lack of shielding?

a) Shielded pair
b) Air coacial line
c) Parallel two-wire
d) Flexible coaxial li
C - Parallel two-wire? (unk)
What is the maximum number of cryptographic keys that can be transferred by the KyK-13 device?

a) 6
b) 10
c) 13
d) 18
A - 6
How is the CYZ-10 data transfer device classified?

a) By the DTD software load
b) By data entry on the DTD keypad
c) By installing the crypto ignition key
d) Through the hose/application section
C - By installing the crypto ignition key
The ELT is designed to survive an impact of up to

a) 50g's
b) 100g's
c) 150g's
d) 175g's
B - 100g's
How will CALL operation effect the interphone audio level?

a) It will be 2db louder
b) It will be 4db louder
c) It will be 6db louder
d) It will be 8db louder
C - It will be 6db louder
After a loss of property is discovered, when is a report of survey normally initiated?

a) 5 days
b) 10 days
c) 15 days
d) 30 days
D - 30 days
What type of property responsibility is applicable when a sergeant takes possession of a box that fell off an Air Force supply truck?

a) Custodial
b) Command
c) Supervisory
d) Administrative
A - Custodial
Subtract 34(8) from 63(8)

a) 26(8)
b) 27(8)
c) 36(8)
d) 37(8)
B - 27(8)
Add ADA5 to 10AF

a) AE54
b) AF54
c) BE54
d) BF54
C - BE54
The radio frequency transmission line whose chief advantage is its ability to minimize radiation losses and noise pickup from other lines is the

a) Shielded-pair
b) Two-wire ribbon
c) Parallel two-wire
d) Flexible coaxial line
A - Shielded pair
Which is not a mode of transmission and reception of the ARC-190 system?

a) CW
b) AM
c) USB voice
d) USB data
B - AM
The interphone operation used for emergency of high-proprity communications between crew members is the

a) Call-function
b) Hot-mic function
c) Monitor function
d) Interphone function
A - Call-function
How many lines are displayed on the CYZ-10 LCD displayed?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4
B - 2
The major difference between the U92A/U and the U94A/U jack is the

a) U92A/U jack has a PTT button
b) U94A/U jack has a PTT button
c) U94A/U is located on the pilot's throttle grip
d) U92A/U requires an additional wire for the t
B - U94A/U jack has a PTT button
To what pins of the U92A/U are the MIKE high(red) and MIKE low(green) amplifier wires connected?

a) 1 and 2, respectively
b) 2 and 4, respectively
c) 3 and 1, respectively
d) 3 and 4, respectively
C - 3 and 1, respectively
Material deficiency reporting procedures are found in Air Force TO

a) 00-20D-54
b) 00-34D-55
c) 00-35D-54
d) 00-55D-35
C - 00-35D-54
What type of deficiency report requires submission by message within 3 workdays after the discovery of the deficiency?

a) CAT 1
b) CAT 2
c) Material
d) Software
B - CAT 2
Have Quick radios resist jamming by

a) Frequency-hopping
b) Retransmission
c) Encryption
d) Phase shifting
A - Frequency-hopping
An advantage of the remote Have Quick 2 configuration of the panel mount configuration in an aircraft is that it

a) Is more convenient for maintenance
b) Can be used with a remote channel indicator
c) Reduces cost by using existing a
C - Reduces cost by using existing aircraft wiring
Which logic gate function produces a logic high output only if both inputs are logic highs?

a) OR
b) AND
c) NOR
d) Exclusive OR
In a Boolean equation, what operation does the symbol + represent?

a) Logical OR
b) Logical AND
c) Exclusive OR
d) Logical NAND
C - Exlucsive OR
What is not one of the three motor assemblies of the VTR?

a) Pinch roller
b) Drum assembly
c) Tape spool drives
d) Capstan drive assembly
A - Pinch roller
What component in a video tape recorder pulls the tape through the unit during the record and playback modes?

a) Supply reel
b) Servo circuit
c) Take-up real
d) Capstan
D - Capstan
Within the AVTR, drum overload or drum jam causes the loss of the PG-2 signal. The absence of the signal triggers

a) The drum phasing circuit
b) The drum muting circuit
c) An error signal to the drum servo circuit
d) A pulse sig
B - The drum muting circuit
In the AVTR unit, where is the event mark signal recorded?

a) On both audio channels
b) On one of the audio channels
c) On the same track as the audio signal
d) On the same track as the servo control signal
B - On one of the audio channels

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