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Intro to Computers


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Local area network-uses local satelite
program that copies itself repeatedly in memory until there is no space left.
Distance Learning
Name two storage mediums
Floppy drive
zip drive
Intellectual Property
Work created by inventore, authors, and artists
types of program virus- act without users knowledge and alters computer programs
What is memory?
temporary holding place for data and instructions.
ex.) volatile (RAM)
non-volatile (ROM)

Emerging technology
ex.) virtual reality, and robots
Computer virus
potentially dangerous computer program that infects your computer negatively and withough you knowing it.
E-commerce is?
A financial business transaction that occurs over an electronic network
How does a floppy store data?
stores data on tracks called grooves broken into sectors broken into clusters
Another name for e-commerce
Health risks to computer users
1.) carpel tunnel
2.) eye strain
3.) ethics
Global positioning system
disk controllers -2 types
communication device:dials uo, sends 2 kinds of signals analog and digital
3 signs of a virus
1.) unusual message or image
2.) available memory id down
3.) program or file is missing
Digital divide
problem of those who have access to the internet and those who don't
Working from home
Computer based training
Norton Utilities
A popular anti-virus software
hardware that has software that restricts access to data and information on a network.
Ways to keep the computer secure and prevent from loss
1.) access control (passwords, id's, badge...)
2.) voice recognition
3.) face recognition
4.) signature
Web based training
Process of converting readable to unreadable to prevent unauthorized access
Name a type of home network
ethernet- requires each computer to have a powerline cable. Hook up through a computer.
Analog signal
continous electrical signal
5 things needed for a communication device
1. sending device
2. communication device
3. channel/path
4. communications device
5. receiving device
unsolicited e-mail messages
Wide area network-uses international satelites
Collection of computers and devices that share the same resources
program put on computer that secretely collects info on user
Cyber crime
online or internet based illegal acts
any info put into the computer about self
Digital Signal
electrical impulses
someone who tries to access computer information illegally
Examples of home networks
1.) Phone line network
2.) PLC- power line cable
3.) Ethernet
4.) Home RF
Time bomb
A computer virus that activates on a certain date/time
Integrated services digital network
ex.) verizon, adelphia
3 tips to prevent a virus
1.) install anti-virus program
2.) check security settings
3.) back up files
Sending device examples
1.) pc
2.) handhelp
3.) cellphone
2 controls to use to ensure your computer hardware's safety
1.) lock door
2.) bolt down computer
Trsnsfer rate
speed in which you can access data
Macro Virus
uses the macro computer language to hide (usually in word or excel)
Power surge
causes system failure due to ireased amount of electricity

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