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Road to WW1 quiz #2


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union between Germany and Austria
land acquired by Germany through the Munich Pact
Policy of Appeasement
policy practiced by Britain and France, basically giving into aggression of Germany
Declaration of Lima
Pan-American union declares united opposition to foreign inttervention and aggression
Ribbentrop Molotov
non aggression pact between Germany and the soviet union
Declaration of Panama
Pan American union establlishes a 300-1000 mile safety zone around the Americas
William Shirer
wrote " The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"
Kurt Von Schuschnigg
Austrian chancellor invited to meet Hitler at his villa in order to come up with an Austrian German alliance
British prime minister who met Hitler in Munich; Hitler told him that he wanted the Sudetenland
represented France in Munich when Hitler told him that he wanted the Sudetenland
Winston Churchill
Chamberlain's political rival for the leadership of GB; eventually becomes prime minister
Henri Petain
would control Vichy (Nazi puppet state)
Charles de Gaulle
French general that fled to England who would control the Free french government
Munich Pact
turned the Sudetenland over to Germany without a shot being fired
the lightning war
the sitting war
Maginot Line
fortification on the border between France and Germany (FRENCH SIDE)
Siegfried Line
fortification on the border between France and Germany (GERMAN SIDE)
Battle of Britain
German plan to invade Britain
Royal Air Force
British air force during the B OF B
part of France that the Allied forces evacuated
Wendell Wilkie
Roosevelt's Republican opponent who supported FDR's policy that we should aid Britain
Hideki Tojo
leader of the Japanese military
Emperor Hirohito
Japan's revered emperor but didn't have control of the military
Axis Tripartite Pact
mutual defense treaty between Japan, Germany, and Italy
Destroyer Deal
legal cover for the US to aid Britain without violating neutrality
Selective Service Act
1 million men drafted although we weren't in the war yet
Election of 1940
Willkie vs. Roosevelt; no difference between candidates so people voted for one they knew best (ROOSEVELT)
Lend Lease
Replaced "cash and carry", president could lend or lease arms and other supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the US"
Atlantic Charter
document FDR and Churchill agreed on that included four freedoms: want, fear, speech, and worship
Battle of the Atlantic
undeclared naval war between US and Germany; patrolled Atlantic and radioed positions of German ships to the British
Isoruko Yamamoto
mastermind behind Pearl Harbor
Takeo Yoshikawa
Japanese spy
Chuichi Nagumo
commander of the fleet that attacked PH
Admiral Husband Kimmel
american admiral in charge at PH
General Walter Short
american general in charge at PH
Frank Knox
secretary of navy at the time

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