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Poli Sci exam 1 2


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example of dual citizenship where state takes over private citizen's business
Barron v. Baltimore
example of cooperative federalism, making a national bank (necessary and proper clause)
McCulloch v. Maryland
Example of interstate commerce
NLRB v. Jones & Laughlin Steel
example of denationalization with public employees performing abortions
Webster v. Reproductive Health
Incorporation of 14th amendment, having to do with abortion
Planned parenthood v. Casey
Free expression case with 7th day adventast refusing to work on saturdays
Sherbert v. Vernan
Case showing neutrality test with native americans and peyote
Employment Division v. Smith
Case showing the "lemon test" with funding for secular subjects in private schools
Lemon v. Kurtzman
case establishing the "separate but equal" doctrine
Plessy v. Ferguson
case overturning plessy v. Ferguson in conjunction with the 14th amendment
Brown v. Board of Education
Author writing about "american creed" and how history has no feudalism or traditions
author who wrote about classical republicanism and serving the community
author who wrote about "ascriptive heirarchy" racial minorities...
Following bush article about religion in politics (liberal)
Author who said faith belongs in politics and explained the 'religious right'
Author who wrote that factions are a threat to liberty and wanted a large representative republic
Author who wrote about constitution's malleability and simplicity
Author who wrote about the modern dual sovereignty and rehnquist
Author who wrote against government regulation on free speech
Author who establishes that its possible to enhance national security without sacrificing liberty
In opposition to Pearlstein author who wrote about PATRIOT act and the intelligence wall
Author who wrote about political parties declining in "collective responsibility"
Author who wondered if the U.S. is developing toward a parliament
Author who discussed the Red-Blue divide and polarization
Author in opposition ot Marlantes about Red-Blue divide not being a big deal
government can't deprive a person of their liberty by this italian clause
habeas corpus
each state must respect other states acts by this clause
full faith and credit clause
states must guarantee privileges to visitors to their state by this clause
privileges and immunities clause
Group who supported the ratification of the constitution (including Madison) with STRONG national government
Group who opposed ratification of constitution with WEAK federal government
the two layer system of federalism
the marble cake system of federalism
cooperative federalism
a consolidation of categorical grants
Revenue sharing and block grants
obligations imposed on the government to guarantee equal citizenship
Civil Rights
the ability of the court to exclude evidence from a case as result of the 14th amendment
exclusionary clause
direct segregation or violation of civil rights
de jure
indirect segregation or violation of civil rights
de facto
compesatory action to overcome consequences of past discrimination
affirmative action
an individual voter's psychological ties to one party or another
party identity
identifies a problem as a political issue and proposes a solution
policy entrepeneurs

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