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BMR Assign. 4


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The number one drug problem in the US is the abuse of what substances?
Alcohol is classified as what type of drug?
Which characteristics or symptoms identifies a person suffering from alcoholism
Physical dependence
Psychological dependence
What is the purpose of the Navy's policy regarding alcoholism as outlined in the OPNAVINST on alcohol and drug abuse, prevention and control.
To acknowledge the Navy's responsability for counseling and to aid alcoholics in recovery
When would the promotion propects of a recovered alcoholic be affected?
For which reasons does alcohol quickly affect the central nervous system?
It is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream
What indicator is used by most states to determine whether or not a person is intoxicated?
Blood-alcohol level
In the chronic stages of alcoholism, tolerance decreases markedly until the victim may become drunk on relatively small amounts of alcohol
In which way does alcohol when taken in combination with other drugs affect the body?
The other drug is metabolized slower than the alcohol and remains active for longer periods.
Which long-term effects can be expected by a person who is a heavy drinker for a prolonged period of time?
Lowered resistance to infectious diseases
Damage to the major organs of the body
Deterioration of memory judgement
How does the Navy define "alcoholism"
Depending on alcohol Psychologically and/or Physiologically
What statement describes an alcoholic?
A person who depends on alcohol to help him/her function in everyday life.
What statement is true concerning the dignosing of alcoholism
It is often slow to be recognized
What treatment technique does the Navy use in returning an alcoholic to a useful and productive life
One that matches the needs of the person to the appropiate therapy
Which social stigmas is usually attached to an alcoholic?
Alcoholism is a moral weakness rather than an illness
Alcohol abuse prevention is the responsability of which person?
The individual
Which actions can commands take to help eliminate practices and customs that encourage personnel to drink?
Emphasize moderation
Provide educational programs
Ensure adequate quantities of nonalcoholic beverages.
What is the maximum time a person may be assigned to a Level II counseling program?
4 weeks
Navy personnel who have a drinking problem can receive which types of care from a Navy hospital?
Primary Rehabilitation
Who is responsible to the CO for carrying out the policies of the Navy Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program (NADAP)
The Navy operates how many alcohol rehabilitation centers
The authority which is granted to all officers and petty officers to fulfill their duties and responsabilities is known as what type of authority?
The authority that an individual may hold by virtue of assignment to a specific billet within an organizational unit of the Navy is known as what type of authority?
General responsabilities and duties of all officers and petty officers within the Navy.
Article 1020
Charges all persons to promptly execute the lawful orders of their senior.
Article 1020
The right to exercise authority over all subordinates personnel
Article 1020
Which actions may be taken to correct military deficiencies in junior personnel
Withhold privileges
Assign extra military instruction
Which action to correct a military or professional deficiency can be awarded only through NJP
Extend normal working hours
The temporary withholding of privileges is an effective tool in correcting a minor infraction of a military regulation. Which priveleges CANNOT be withheld as part of this nonpunitive measure?
Normal liberty
Which persons has the final authority to withhold a privilege?
Division Chief Petty Officer
Work Center Supervisor
Commanding Officer
For which reason would it NOT be appropiate for a supervisor to extend an individual's normal working hours?
To perform work as punishment for substandard performance of duty.
In which publication will you find the description of the duties, responsabilities, and authority of a division officer
Standard Organization and Regulations of the US Navy
What is duty?
An action or task required by one's position that is expected or required by moral or legal obligation.
Duties fall into which categories?
Military and Administrative
The watch, quarter, and station bill contains what assignments?
Messing assignments
Liberty boat assignments
Collision station assignments
Who should approve changes to the division's watch, quarter, and station bill?
Executive officer
Billet numbers on the watch, quarter, and station bill consists of either four numerals or a letter and three numerals. What do the last two numerals indicate?
Section seniority
Responsability for ensuring division members are aware of their watch, quarter, and station bill assignments is delegated to which person?
Division Officer
The watch, quarter, and station bill should be updated at approximately what minimum frequency?
Which management tools should be used by the division officer to maintain a current watch, quarter, and station bill?
Division Notebook
Which explanation is a purpose of the general emergency bill?
To organize the crew to handle the effects of a major emergency.
Which officers is responsible for the administration of the CBR defense bill?
Damage Control Assistant
Based on the emergency destruction plan, you would destroy classified material for which reasons?
If the material was subject to capture by an enemy
During the emergency destruction of classified material, what material would be destroy first?
Top Secret special access material
PQS does not apply to what system?
Nuclear propulsion system
Each PQS is divided into which of the following subdivisions?
Watchstations/Maintenance actions
Serves as a self-study aid for the trainee
100 series
Tests the trainee's readiness to perform a designated task
300 series
Breaks the subject equipment into smaller more easily understood sections
200 series
Addresses specific or unique safety precautions
200 series
PQS should be considered as a separate program with its own distinct managerial system
Sign-off authority for final PQS qualification may be delegated to what minimum level of authority?
Department head
Recommends interim qualifications of watch standers
Department head
Designates in writing those individuals authorized to act as qualifiers
Department head
Acts as overall training supervisor
Executive officer
Responsible for ordering all departmental PQS material
PQS coordinator
Responsible for maintaning PQS software
PQS coordinator
Recommends final qualification to the CO
Department head
The enlisted service record contains both official and unofficial papers
The actual service record is contained on which side of the enlisted record?

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