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ho chi minh trial
a network of jungle paths. the north vietnamese used the ho chi minh trial to bring weapons abd supplies into south vietnam
Kent states shooting
shocked the nation just 10 day later stated police in jackson mississippi fired at protesters in a dormitory at jackson states college killing two students and woonding nine others
domino theory
this ideas came to be called the domino theory by 1954 the united states was paying much of the cost of france's war effort.
kissinger and nixon devised a plan fulfill the president's campaigh pledge to end the war. part of this plan was called vietnamization which involved turning over the fighting to the south vietnamse
henry kissinger
president richard nixon made foreign affairs his top priority. nixon's foreigh policy adviser was henry kissinger.
Ho chi minh
a world wanderer and man of many names he is best known as ho chi minh. during the 1920's and 1930's ho lived in china and the soviet union white working for vietnamese independence.
students for a democratic society
sds the movement attracted a broad range of people the pacific groups included women stike for peace and thje national committee for a same nuclear policy as well as radical student groups like student for a democratic society
doves and hawks
people who opposed the war and people who supported the war's goals. hawks criticized the way the war was being fought.
he organized a resistance movement called the leage for the independence of vietnam or vietminh
ngo dinh diem
president eisenhower hoped that souhern vietnam at least might be kept non communist. he pinned his hopes on ngo dihn diem
credibility gap
as the gap betwen official government report and media accounts grew wider doubts at home increased
members of this rebel force were called vietcong for vietnamese commonists by their opponents
Tonkin gulf resolution
in response, both house of congress over whelmingly passed the tonkin gulf resolution. this gave the president autority to talk all necessary measure to repel any armed atrack against force the united states
Tet offensive
north vietnam expected the tet offensive to bring down south vietnam's goverment as the people rallied behind their liberator's
war powers act
the action of both presidents johnson and nixon raised a crocial constitution question under what authority can presidents wage an undeclared war in 1973 seeking to prevent another vietnam
general william westmoreland
the commander of u.s force invietnam deacribed the offensive as a vietcong defect in a millitary sense the general had a point

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