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US Coast Guard


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Mission of the US Coast Guard
To protect the public, the environment, and US economic interests-in the Nation's ports and waterways, along the coast, on international waters, or in any maritime region as required to support national security.
Who established the Revenue Cutter Service
Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton
When was the Revenue Cutter Service established?
August, 1789
What were the missions given to the Revenue Cutter Service?
collect tariffs, prevent and stop piracy, assist mariners in distress
Name the US wars in which the Revenue Cutter Service participated.
Quasi-War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War
What year was the Coast Guard formed?
What two services were combined to form the Coast Guard?
Life Saving Service, Revenue Cutter Service
What were the traditional missions of the Coast Guard?
1.Promote safe and efficient maritime transportation.
2.Promote the collection of national revenues.
3.Promote measures to enhance national security.
4.Promote preservation of life and property at sea.
What responsibilities were placed under the Coast Guard after its establishment?
maritime safety, navigation, maritime law enforcement
How many U-boats did the Coast Guard sink in WWII?
cutters killed 11
aircraft sank 1
When the Coast Guard create the Eastern, Western, and Pacific Area Commands?
April 1946
What Operation did the Coast Guard participate in in Vietnam?
Operation Market Time
When can the Coast Guard be transferred to the Department of the Navy?
in time of war
What was the role of the CG in the Gulf War?
Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachments (LEDETS) assisted the US Navy in enforcing the UN embargo and in seizing Iraqi oilrigs, and in ensuring port security of Coalition ports.
What Department controls the Coast Guard?
Department of Homeland Security
Commandant of the Coast Guard
ADM Thomas H. Collins
Vice Commandant of the Coast Guard
ADM Thomas J. Barrett
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
Master Chief Quartermaster Franklin A Welch
1st District
Boston, MA
5th District
Portsmouth, VA (area HQ)
7th District
Miami, FL
8th District
New Orleans, LA
9th District
Cleveland, OH
11th District
Long Beach, CA (area HQ)
13th District
Seattle, WA
14th District
Honolulu, HI
17th District
Juneau, AK
What are the five strategic goals of the Coast Guard?
Maritime Safety
Maritime Mobility
Maritime Security
National Defense
Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Safety
Recreational Boater Safety
International Ice Patrol
Marine Safety
Search and Rescue

Maritime Mobility
maintaining and building aids to navigation:
Bridge Admininstration
Icebreaking services
Vessel Traffic

Maritime Security
Law enforcement role that gives them their unique police powers:
General Maritime Law Enforcement
Law/treaty enforcement
Living Marine Resource
Alien Migrant Interdiction
Drug Interdiction
National Defense
parallels USN duties:
Homeland Security
Port and Waterways Security, here and overseas
Protection of Natural Resources
marine pollution education and prevention (especially oil):
-3 CG strike teams for oil spills (East, West, Gulf)
-assist govt in maritime and environmental science
What does the Coast Guard Auxiliary do?
Contributes to the non-law enforcement role of the Coast Guard by performing vessel safety checks and safety patrols
Where is the CG academy?
Thames River in New London, Connecticut
What is the Academy cutter called?
USCG Barque Eagle
Where is OCS?
New London, Connecticut
How long is OCS?
17 weeks
Where is boot camp?
Cape May, New Jersey
What operation does the CG's homeland security role fall under?
Operation Noble Eagle
What is Operation Noble Eagle?
protection of ports
unchallenged flow of commerce
protection of the marine transportation system from terrorism
What are the 4 main reasons the US has to be involved in Colombia?
ensure the country's economic stability
prevent regional destabilization
eliminate a haven for terrorists
stem the flow of illegal narcotics to the US

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