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canadian Social Survey
occurs when a person directly or indirectly by any means causes the death of a human being

homicide is either culpable

or non culpable

deaths caused by criminal negligence suicide and accidental or justifiable homciide are not included in the homicidal survey

first degree murder occurs when
it is planned or deliberate

the victim is a persn employed and acting in the coure of his/her work for the preservation of public peace or

c) the death is caused by a person commiting or attempting to commit serous offences, sexual assult, kidnapping

second degree murder
is all murder that is not first degree
is culpable homicide that is not infanticide

it is generally considered to be a homicide committed in the heat of passion cussed by sudden provocation.

homicide rate by gender
declineing for both male and female
gender of peps and victims
blacks 4:1 whites 2:1
Chris Henriquez
pre homicide

no known history of domestic voilence

chris henqieuz
pre homicide

known history of domestic abbuse
wife had a greater realtionship power
seemed like a loving father


begin strangling wife then hit her repeatedly with a hammer.

Post Homicidde

wrap wife in bedspread ties her hands and feet

bloodstains have some attempt to whipe clean
extremely remorsefull/ suicidal ideation
fleis to oakland wearing bloodstained clothes, caring one of the wives shoes/ pictures of wife crying - asks police is she still alive then confesses in a police interview

abusive father herion adict
rejecting mother jehvas witness
both bros criminal

weapon of choice

knife found at the scene

41% of the time

estrangment as a risk factor
big risk factor for canada and united states
in almost 60% of intimate femicides stabbed bludgeoned beat and strangled lengthy an excessive voilence
reactive abandonment killing
occurs during failed attempt to ward of abandonment

weapon found at location by perpetrator

1) extreme violence - overkill
2) poor or no memory - amnesia
3) little or no attempt to conceal crime
4) desperation flight - frequently toward a home or secure base

suicide ideation and depression after fight

cambell at all Risk Factors for Femicide
tried to assess factors involved in spousal homicide

largest differences for

partner threaten to kill women
partner controlling behaviors
increase in severity of abuse.
partner tried to choke

brodie Waldrat
murdered pregnant girlfreind, fetus died

slept in car waited for victims mother to leave for work
knocked on door, tried to convince victim to give re neg

pre homcide
vagualy remembers hitting victim, did not remember rape
victim had been bound with duct tape, vaguely remembered diong this stop sickening sound
victim had been dragged on to parrents bed rapped

post homicide

changed shirt
took cell phone money
still wearing bloody jeans
flight to CA 600 moles
fell a sleep in motel parking lot.

Mark Fregia
set his wife and 2 children on fire with gasoline near CA

had been in jail came back his wife was daiting a drug dealer r

had been abandoned by his faterh
also abandoned by his mother
double abandonment + grew up in a abusive houshold

diagnosed with


after he burned his wife and kids

ran back to highway stole a car fled to sanfransisco

plan suicide by overdosing on herion

OJ Simpson
nicole brown simposn was leaving
girlfreind of the month was also leaving
he noted a masked dependency huge double standard

brutal numerous slashes to nicole, throat cut, nearly decapitated

Post Homicide
Simpson flies to Chicago on red eye
slow spee cahse faked suicdiddality 10,000 passport and a fake beard mustache

attachment issue

father left home when he was a child was a female impersonator

schore affective neurbiology
emtional structures governing emtion develop during primitive phase of trimister first 18 months is maxial growth spurt for right hemispher.

inability to gover reaction to abadnonment may form for mis atunements at this age.

disorganized attachment
liotti and others have described D disorganized/disoriented) attachment style children frightened/frightening mothers.
abandonment truama 2
interpersonal traumas experinced early at ages also produce profound physiological effects

this occurs because attachment is the most secure defense against trauma

when attachment bond itself is disrupted the ability to modulate arousal is lost.

abandonment ruamua van der kolk
seperation cry and truama responce lists a variety of neurotransmitter changes realted to attachment and seperation during infancy

seperation trauma produces neuribiological alternation decrased serotonin increased adrena activity proeduces catacolamine.

ABANDONMENT TRAUAMA 4 vietnam veterans
increasing NE by injecting produces panic attacks and flashbacks in veterans.

hence war induced PTSD appears chronically increase sympathetic nervous system activity.

n adults with histories of prior trauma the current trauam produces self emplifying arousal reactions

in this group aggression is a frequent response to terror or uncontrollable arousal and anxiety.

murder suicide
many spousal homicide perpetrators attempt or carry out suicide

most murder suicide perpetrators have no prior criminal record they are typically whtie adult males

typicaly they were personality disorder depressed and seperated from the victim time of the killing

events stem from ego regresision and chronic object fusion in histories with dependency and abusiveness

homicide and subsequent suicide were commited by impulsive hostility followed by remourse or guilt.

dishinbaition precedes suicide

in abused abandoned children effect is the sensitization of receptors to similar neurotransmitters stimulation Synaptically connected neurons.

these prefered new means for integrating sensation percpetion evaluation processing and memory storage and retreival associted with threat level information.

Baumeister: suicide as a escape from teh self
the self becomes aversive when: current outcomes or circumstances far below stnadandards far below standard produces by unrealsiticly high expecations, recent setback or both.

internal attributions ar emade, so that outcomes blamed to the self and create negative implications about the self.

aversive state of high self awareness developed from painful comparison of self with relevant standards.

produces negative affect

person tries to escape from 3 or 4 by removing painfull meaningfull comparison

cognntitive decronstruction

diminuation of higher meaning
foreshoreted sence of future
aware of self only in concrete ways, movement sensations focus on proximal immediate tasks

past is filled with associations with aversive events
inability to imagine a happy future

consequences of deconstructed state include a reduction of inhibitions

includes violence against self, self mutilation, masochism.

divorce has a strong effect of suicide risk for men

deconstructed thinking and homicide

projective intorjective cyclign.

attribution of cause of aversive self concept to other produces homicidal act instead of suicidal act.

Parricide and Dissociation

frank dalton.

frank dalton was voted the most popular boy in high school in Olympia Washington
lived with mother who wanted him to take her out socially

dalton went into a deep depression at 17 tried to kill himself one night realized it was her or me.

after the event

left for a holiday to California

duttons study spousal homicide MO
more likely to be reactive than planned

usual weapon was found at the scene

immanent/ recent separation often an issue.

MCMI on spousal killers
spousal killers more avoid ant dependent, self defeating

less sadistic, antisocial than non lethal controls

catathymic homicide
intense autonomic arousal and overwhelming anger during violence.

tension builds up in what is called a incubation of which the perpetrator may only be partially concourse.

cathymic crisis
isolation and rumination on the faults of eventual victim precede the voilent act, which is carried out after building tension and the beleif that the target is the cause of intolerable tension

with both reactive and incubation homicides, there is a release from tension with voilent act and a return to baseline normacly

revtich and schlesinger psychopathy of homicide
voilent act

int the incubation teh offender is obsessivly preoccupied with the prospective victim

this is accompanied by depression and frequently loose shizophrenic like thinking.

spousal homicide tips for police
unlikely to be a threat danger to police

more likely to be suicidal

try to get statement as soon as legally feasable

Russell Williams
was coloneil in Canadian Army

intitaly did B and Es stole womens underwear

later escalated to entering womens home while she was there

later escalated his crimes to sexual assault forcible confinement murder.

Linkage Analysis
modus operandi, ritual and signature of a serial sexual crime

1) MO or how to of crime
2) the ritual fantasy based behvoirs for a particualar type of series of sexual offences.
3) signature

Problem with Russem Williams
his MO changed from B and E, and rituals that were undiscoverable by evidence to sexual assault and murder

Linkage analysis assumed the MO wont change

Ken Bianch and Angelo Bueno

Hillside Strangler

bodies of naked girls were found dumped on hillsides, some from passing cars
all the young women had been brutually rapped

both bianchi and Bueno were sexual sadists.

Psychopathy a breif description
human predators who coldy callously and ruthlessly use charm deceit and manipulation threats intimidation and voilence to dominante and control others to satisfy thier own need and desires

unguided by dicates of conscience

no loyality to any person, group, code organization or philosophy

complete lack of emphaty

not psychotic or intellectualy dull

psychopathy summary information
type of PD

general pop 1%
Offender pop 10-30%

two sets

impulsive/affective symptoms
behvoiral (lifestyle symptoms)

PCLR factor 1 interpersonal effective
glibness/superficial chamr
grandious sense of self worth
pathological lying
conning manipulative
lack of remorse or guilt
shallow affect

PCL-R lyfstyle
need for stimulation
parasitic lifestyle
poor behvoiral controls
early behvoiral problems
lack of realistic long term plans
juvenile delinquency
revocation and conditional release.

Jeffrey Dahmer
murder 17 boys many picked up at gay bars

murders invovled rape, torture necrophillia and cannibalism

was beaten to death in prison

ed gein
house was drapped with human skin, used it to make furunitucre

diagnosed as criminaly insane.

Serial Killers object split
serial killers who kill prostitutes probably have disturbed object relations, prior to Oedipal period.

object split between normal self and ragefull split off self deep rage about proejcted sexual transgressionb y women

extreme madonna whore

ridge way
iq tested low, he could recall each detial finding killing and disposing of human beings
no evidence found at suburban house, even though he killed many there

ridgeway admitted to that he was sorely temped to kill hsi mother

bothers friends co workers always shocked.

Ridgeways Carefull Crime Planning
careful about corpses, he made elaborate plans to dispose of bodies
along rivers

battery acid clipping their nails.

How do they Catch Him ridgeway
found he had been acused of choking a prostitute near sea tac airport

witness followed ridgeways truck to his house, after realizing it was the truck he last saw his girlfreind was in

ridgeway was absence from work every time a prostitue was dissapeared.

new better DNA tests finally put him awayy

Ridgeway and remourse
queries about torment he inflicted on his victims of their families seemed to puzzle him.

in five months of interviews he displayed no empathy for his victims and expressed no genuisne remourse he killed because he wanted to.

ridgeway and his momma
he had been sexually attracked to his mother and that he fantasized about killing her becuaes of waht he had been thinking abou ther.

in his early teens he wet teh bed, his mother washed his genticals (embarrassing and arousing)

sexual attraction to his mother

shame - rage

rage focused on the cause of his attraction - generalized to other women.

unconsosly killing his mother, over and over again.

doesnt explain the whole story, body reserach indiciates suggest that a central aspect of thier personalites is a callous and unemtional disregard for the rights and feelings of other people.

the perfect storm for psychopathy
the formation of a serial killer requires confluences of formces

1) some inheirited tendenicies toward psycopathy
2) shaped by family abuse

combination of rage and lack of inhibition of sexual and aagressive impuslises.

psychopathic indifference to victims suffering

sexual urges that become attached to predation seeking and murder.

miller predatory agression
most serial killers are predators, plans stalks and kills ie organized killers

there are also disorganized killers who tend to be psychotic and generally are caught more quickly

organized killers characterized by
sexual sadism - sexual arousal generated by the helplessness and pain of others

characterising by prior seuxal fatnasies involving control of or torture of the victim

these fantasies operate like a catathymic crisis increase intensity and generate inner termiol of the prepetrator basis for compulsion.

neurobiology studies and predatory agression
brain scans of voilent criminals show frontal lobe dysfunction

accensive subcortical activity in predatory murders.

opponent process theory
most people experience a initial visceral aversion A, followed by a restorative process. b
over time A process diminishes and the b process predominates.
normal responces to murder
in most societies the majority of people have socialized (alpha processes to inra species killing.

ie. browing chronicsl police batalin in germany ordered to commit mass slaughters, post people couldent do it. ]


1) basic training in the military designed to overcome this revuslion against killing

change extreme cruely to japanes army could be traced back to basic training on live prisoners.

social control theory
looks at serial killers as disconnected in term of attachment, commitment involvement and shared beliefs to broader social culture.
the macdonald traid
animal cruelty

bed wetting

fire setting

the problem
low frequency events draw the most attention and the least ability to explain

inevitably causal factors are listen that occur for troubled non lethal groups.

Harold Shipman
overcontrolled serial killer

ship man was a doctor who slipped lethal engiections with observing the moment when life left the body

serial killing was not sexualized

was more basically about life and death control over victims.

serial killer skills
B and E skills
Gun skills - hunting
rendering - hunters
ability to travel
contact with prostitues.

typology of rampage school shooters
traumatized - broken abusive homes
parental substance abuse
Jeffrey Weise

psychotic - schizophrenic spectrum disorders (CHO)

Psychopathic - narcissism
Eric Harris

Marc Lepine
killed 14 women at L Ecole Polytechnique

he was severely physically abused by his father but never received any form of psychological treatment for his deep wounds.

marcs father was jealous abusive to wife and Marc contemptuous of women

three failures

fired from school
rejected from armed forces
was fired from job

Kimveer gill
shot people at Dawson college in Montreal
described as a longer angry aleinted into goth culture
played a video game that was re enactment of columbine killing

borken language, disorderd though, voilent immages

his enemy groupo

sick of hearing about jocks and preps making life hard for goths


constant repetition of
1) rage at being an outsider
2) hated target group: jocks and preps
3) describes his mood as psychotic dead dark black warelike
4) symbolic intgroup goths.
other valued groups

the people of germany and austria.

Julio Gonzalez
fit of jealsy, he killed 87 partiers becuase his lady was dancing with somone else
Martin Bryant
28 year old wanna be surfer with a history of mental problems went on a rampage through the historical town of port arther

whent through town gunning down peeps

12 hour siege

obssesed with beastility, voilent videos, teddy bears.
favourate video was childs play 2

attempted to kill himself

the spree killers at high school in columbine

vewied in term of gothc ulture, heaviy metal music problems with weapon availability

Charles Robbert
shot numerous children in an Amish school

no prior signs of criminality
confessed sexual assaulting children to his wife, he was never arrested

then started shooting in a school shot children in head at close range

was planning a long siege in which he was planning to sexually assault the vicitms

angry at god for premature death of his infant daughter

Virginia Tech Massacre
was a school shooting comprising two seperate attacks about two hours appart

sueng hui cho killed 32 people and wounded many more before commiting suicide

cho had been diagnosed with and treated for a sever anxeity disroder beginning in middle school

when in college he was acused as stalking two female students

when for a mental heath assesments

the virgnia tech review panel, a state apponted body assigned to review the incident, confomired early critism of virginia tech adminsitrators for failing to take swift and effective actions that could of curtailed the scope of the incident teh report also covered gun laws pointed out gaps in mental health care as well as misinterpretation. so of privacy laws.

he went to voluntary mental health assessment they recommended a psych evaluation

report flat affect/ depressed mood/ densies suicidal ideation does not acknowledge symptoms of a though disorder.

could not force into therapy , a person has to be in imminent dnager of harming themselves or others or is unable to care for themselves

hence cannot force people into therapy

Mass murders in general (risk factors)
voilence is hugely disproportionate to a perceived slight


1) school level: low acheivement, isolation, antisoical peers, or loner
2) family troubled, rejection abuse

#) individual - impulsive, history of aggression or discipline problems suicidal threats

4) per violence state downward depression cycle- rumination on mistreatment by target group.

NGRI law vs psychology paradigms
psychologies emphasis on innovation and counterinuitative thinking vs laws conservative stance

psychologies emperical vs laws authortiarain

psychologies experimental methodology verses laws adversarial processes

psycologies descriptive veres laws prescriptive discourse.

psychologies nomothetic verses laws ideographic focus.

not criminal responsible by reaspon of mental defect
vince LI
decapitated mclean on a bus to Winnipeg
familie beleived he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. refused to go se a doctors
he said he was always being watched
he took unexplained bus trips to varous locales
long rambling talks unexplained absences fromw ork

stanley yaren gave evidence that li was diagnosed as schizophrenic and suffering from a major psychotic episode tormented by auditory hallucinations
god told him that mclean was a force of evil

vince lee and review board
she he should be kept indefinately at the salkirk mental heath center

the review board considred three possible options, immediatly release, grant him a conditional discharge or keep him secured in a mental health facility.

major risk factor include

mental disorder and psychotic symptoms he expeirnces when his mental state decompenstates

his lack of insight into his illness and need for treatment

his history of poor judgment and dangerous behvoir.

publics mis perception of the NGRI defence
the public tends to overestimate the frequency with which the insanity defence is invoked

the public guesses 33 percent of felnoies used insanity derfences

and they successed more than 1/3 the time

insanity defence used in 1% of all cases and it sucessed in 25% of cases.

cognitive prong and behvoiral prong
defect results in the incapacity to know or appreciate the criminality wrongfulness of the conduct.

the incapacity to conform to conduct requirements of law.

Mens rea
mens rea (guilty mind is)

the ability to intend to act
the inability to appreciate that it is wrong
foresee its consequences

called fault element in Australian law.

Mc Naughten
shot and killed a men whom he blebied to the the tory prime minister of england

defence established taht he had a elaborate delusional system of bleeifs.

as a result of the trail the mcnaughten standard or rule was developed by teh bristish house of lords.

mental defect (Mcnaughten standard)
at the time of commiting the act, the party accused was laboring under such a defecit for reason from disease of the mind as not to know the nature and quality of the act he was diong or if he did know it not know it was wrong.
Durham VS US
an accused is not criminaly responsible if his unlawfull act was product of a mental diseae or deficit.

McDonald vs. US
DC court of appearls mental disease is any abnormal condidtion of the mind which substainly impiars mental or emtional processes and substainlly imparos behvoiral contorls

condition must substainlly impiar behavoiral control ( must directly releveant tothe act on trail. -- tightens the expers scope of testimony

psychologicla requirements for NGRI
1) demonstration of existence of a mental defect.
2) linking of defect to criminal act
3) proof defect was operative at time of act
4) proof defect cause incapacity to appreciate wrongfulness of ones actions.

American Legal Institute

must have been present at the time of commision of the act

the defect results in a incapcity to appreciate the criminality of conduct

"lack of substantial capcity" reflects that mental defecit is not 100 percent but is reduced to the point of the defendant appreciating thier actions were wrong

hence not so all or none.


or a incapcity to confomr to the rewquirements of law.

criminal code of canada
derives closely from mcnaughten

it is an almost exclusively cognative standard

does not consider impulse control.

policeman at the elbow test
would act have occured if the defendant knew a policeman was beside him at the time of the act.
tried to assassinate president ronald reagan
many blamed the impusle control prong of the insanity definition

reform: psych expert now limited to clinal evaluation of defendants mental state but cannot say whether defendant is legally sane o rnot.

Canada Us difference in NGRI
In US psych expert cannot speak to link of mental defect with criminal act.

cannot answer ultimate question was the defenant insane

the ultimate question reserived for the trier of the fact

not so in canada experts can make these conclusions.

classic delsuonal defence
4 year old child is taken by his parent to see peter pan

upon retiring later that night he throws his 8 month old sister out the window killing her

he believed she would be able to fly.

William McCotter
grabbed a 2x4 from a nearby pick up truck and killed mr heasman and ms anderson

described as

robotic like
eye witness had described dissociative behvoir

relationship with ms A
sexual in nature
engaged in 10 sexual encouters with men was asshamed

significance of ms cotter

it was the only long standing realtionship of Mr cotter life
it provided him from possible scape from distressing homosexual encounters

delusional stalking, "dont two years mean anything to you"

when the no speak to order was over

he whent to find out "were the relationship was giong"

Mr mcotter did not blithely inquire about the futre of hsi realtionship with ms anderson once his no contact order had expired.

social contact


mcCotter prior

social contact and delusional beleifs

he would of been described as a loner

amoungs statments he made

1) he can control people and make them do anything he wants

2) that he will someday rule the earth and that people from mars will come out.

Mc Cotter and MMPI
domestrated a peak on paranoia scale of MMPI 2 and peaks on content scales measureing obsessivenss and bizaree thinking

he was described in the MMPI interpretative report of closely matching paranoid protoypes cores

peaks on avodiant PD and passive agressiv ePD Dependant PD

also scored high on paranoid personality and schizotypal personality scale

also presnted

GAD and paranoid delusonal disorder

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