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Vampire exam II


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Browning's Dracula (1931)
-Bella Lugosi (Hungarian)
-Seward : Mina (daughter)
-Jonathan (Mina's financee)
-Lucy (1st killed)
-Mina (traditional)
What was Lugosi’s touches?
-Accent (broken English)
-Cloak (extension of his power- Mina is enveloped in it)
-Hypnosis (focus on eyes)
-Seduction (both Lucy and Mina fell into his power through seduction of his tales of his far away homeland)
What new elements do we find in Browning's Dracula?
-lack of mobility
-bat:see bat first in window then Drac appears in room, bat drives carriage across Borgo passs
-hypnotic control
-mist is association
Who is Renfield in Browning's Dracula? What happens to him?
-goes to Castle Dracula in Translyvania
-becomes servant to Drac and calls him master
-declared mad when ship is found ("He's mad, crazy look at his eyes)
What is the sanitarium like in Browning's Dracula?
-peaceful, tranquil place
-first time see it, the nurses and patients are shown walking in gardens
-Renfield is always escaping and coming into Seward's living room
-house and sanitarium are like one (connected)
Is Renfield insane in Brownings Dracule? How or how not?
-sane when at castle
-supposedly insane for rest of movie but he knows truth
-mediates bwt house and institution w/ his frequent escapes
How does Renfield "help" in Browning's Dracula
-tries to warn everyone
-tells them to send him away for miss mina's sake b/c he know what will happen to her
-says follow Helsing's advice and send Mina away
-really doesn't want to help in hurting Mina
How does Van Helsing find out about Dracula in Browning's movie?
-notices Drac has no reflection in mirror and when he confronts Drac about this Drac throws the mirror on the ground
-Drac tries to hypnotize Helsing but his will is too strong and he resists
What do Mina, once vamped, and Renfield have in common regarding language in Browning's Drac
-Renfield says the wolves talke to him
-the bat talks to Mina and she responds to it
How does Dracula "fit in" with society in Browning's Dracula? How does he not?
-doesn't: accent, hypnotic power, aristocratic/noble style
-does at opera: has top hat like everyone else and his attire kind of fits in
what role does Lucy play in Browning's Dracula? What does Mina know about Lucy?
-Lucy's killed first
-"woman in white" who abducts children and bites them
-Mina saw Lucy after she died and said an animalistic look like a wolf came over her
-Mina knows Lucy is "woman in white"
-Lucy is never truly killed even though Helsing says he will save her soul
What does Mina admit about herself in Browning's Dracula? How does she later interact with Johnathan?
-say unclean and John shouldn't touch her or kiss her
-later tries to bite him after talking w/ bat and is repulsed by sight of cross
What is the significance of eyes in Browning's Dracula?
-Dracula's hypnotic powers are in his eyes which are shown close up often in the movie
-John says Mina's eyes look strange b4 she tries to bite him
-Renfield's eyes are shown and then the nurese falls down and goes to sleep
What phylatics are used in Browning's Dracula to ward off vampires?
-wolfs bane
What traits are attributed to the vampire in Browning's Dracula
-bound to sun set and sun rise
-needs native soil
-no reflection in mirror
-Mina says she loves the fog and night- it's when she feels alive
What happens to Renfield in the end of Browning's Dracula
-goes to Carfax Abby and is killed
What is the ending in Browning's Dracula?
-Van Helsing stakes Dracula while he is in his coffin (no fight)
-John and Mina leave Carfax while Helsing stays behind
What is Johnathan's attitude towards vampires in Browning's Dracula?
-he is very unbelieving of vampires and what Van Helsing is telling them about vampirism
What similiar movement ties Browning's Dracula to Manua's Nosferatu?
-hunch and lean over victim
-creepy long hand
What is castle Dracula like in Browning's movie? What is Carfax Abby like?
-castle: dirty, spider webs, coffins are in dingy basement
-abby: natural light (spacial depth and contrasts w/ gloom of castle)
"The Horror of Dracula"
-1958, U.K.
-Hammer Studioes: Founded post World War II
-Directed by Terence Fisher
-Entertainment, not “Art”
-Christopher Lee: Dracula
What is the power of the sun in "The Horror of Dracula"
-trapped by sunrise and sunset
-primacy of sun over all prophylactics
-the more modern vampire becomes more material (in body) yet becomes isolated from mortal life (ruled by sun’s cycle)
How is space and time represented in Fischer's "Horror of Dracula?"
-bizarre representation
-Eng. and Transylvania seem next to each other
What does Dracula represent in Fischer's "Horror of Dracula?"
-emanation of anger, pride, and sexuality that lie dormant in the women themselves
-breaking away so women aren't traped in males goes to work, women stay at home logic
How is Dracula different from other males in Fischer's "Horror of Dracula?"
-not overbearing
-he gives way to female autoeroticism (visually vampire is removed from pt of contamination)
How does Dracula relate to 1950's America in Fischer's "Horror of Dracuala?"
-vision of social disobedience
-social rebellion is built in but see at end it's shut down
Badham's "Dracula" (1979)
-Langella: Dracula
-Van Helsing : Mina (daugher)
-Seward : Lucy (daughter)
-Romance and style
-Melancholy, tragic Vampire
-Blatant sexuality
Describe how feminism and patriarchy are a part of Badham's "Dracula"?
1.identification by daughter status
2.male rule; females subordinate
1.weak fathers/strong daughters
2.vampirism is a choice
3.Lucy's sexual aggression
Describe some specific scene in Badham's "Dracula" where feminism is seen
-Lucy is needed by father to help in beginning scene when asylum is chaotic
-Lucy takes the iniative to dance w/ Dracula
-the auto scene where Lucy is determine to be Dracula and runs the men off the road
-Lucy dines w/ Dracula on her own
How is the mental institution portrayed in Badham's "Dracula"? What is Renfield like?
-institution is chaotic
-Renfield isn't insane
What role do prophlaytics play in Badham's "Dracula"? Which ones work?
-prophlyatics are downplayed
-cross; garlic
-wafer (concencration not necessary)
What is different about Badham's Dracula from the Draculas in other films?
-can hypnotize and control mind (telepathy)
-save women (Lucy) from rest of men
What is Dracula like in Fischer's "Horror of Dracula?" What prophylactics work?
-yellow teeth
-portrayed as tall on screen (low camera angles)
-prophylatic: sun
Describe Munau's Nosferatu
-foreign accent
-looked semitic
-tall, pale, sickly
-ugly unattractive
-no interaction w/ others (only Hunter)
*all Dracula's interact w/ society
What was castle Dracula like in Badham's "Dracula"? What was Carfax Abby like?
-castle: dirty
-abby: candle light (internal light source), dominance of grey, more inviting for Lucy to choose to come in
Describe penetration in Murnau, Browning, Fischer, and Badham
-Murnau: theatrical reaction
(Hunter shutters and throws
sheet over face)
-Browning: Renfield gets vamped
first (see Drac bend over him
then fades out)
-Fischer: Harkers vamped
-Badham:Johnathan's ambivalence
toward Lucy biting him when in
asylum room with vamped Lucy
Besides Renfield where else could insanity be seen?
-Van Helsing
-if he was not a respected doctor then he would be considered insane for talk of vampires
Coppola's "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (1992)
-film had to be name “Bram
Stoker’s Dracula” because of a
copyright on the simple title
-romance might spoil the horror
-perhaps the closest film
adaptation of the novel,
-captivating cinematography,
special effects. An index of
techniques (wipes, fades,
overlays, etc.)
-castle Dracula is decorated
What is different in Coppola's "..Dracula" from the other movies in regards to the characters?
-Equal attempt at character depth, not just Dracula like in previous films
-example: Van Helsing is a comic relief
What changes were made to the Tepes legend in Coppola's movie?
-play up the crusader aspect
How does Coppola's movie differ from the book?
-Dracula kills Quincy
-in film, individual controls fate: in novel, fate controls the individual. consequences
-the subplot with Mina as the
actual incarnation of Vlad the
Impaler’s wife…
-Dracula is our Vlad Tepes, a
tie the novel does not even
hint at.
How is Oldman as the Dracula in Coppola's movie?
-grotesque at first
-accent, long fingers and fingernails
-glides or floats instead of walking
-growls like a monster
-human (handsome in way) later on and sentimental (cries), still has accent
-persistent mental disorder or derangement.
-unsoundness of mind sufficient in the judgment of a civil court to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship or to warrant commitment to a mental health facility.
General Usage
-extreme foolishness; folly; behavior that frightens moral and ethical code
History of Insanity: Foucault
-middle Ages lepers were locked away as a form of control
-the “ship of fools” in 15th century yet another form of control
-sudden imprisonment of those deemed insane in 17th century France
-then thought of as a malady of the soul
-Freud linking madness with mental illnes = the beginning of the “nature” argument with respect to insanity
What transistion was made through history regarding insanity?
Madman went from an accepted part of the social order to being someone who was confined and locked away
What were some ways in which people tried to treat the insane
-Phillippe Pinel and Samuel Tuke
-Tuke’s York country retreat: intimidating patient so they act normally
-Aversion therapy: freezing showers, etc. until the pattern of judgment/punishment is internalized by the patient
How was insanity seen to change from the late 19th century/early 20th century to now
-increase in number of people deemed insane
-start of the 20th century there were only a dozen recognized mental illnesses
-by 1952 there were 192 and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder today lists 374
Where does insanity resonate in Stoker’s novel and the films it has influenced?
Dr. Seward’s sanitorium
-home a symbol of power, yet insanity is located within
How is insanity and vampirism linked?
-nature of a vampire is predatory, anti-social, and parasitic on others
-classic “narcissistic personality disorder”
-the narcissistic mother underlies numerous folktales of vampires preying on children
What is the classic narcissistic personality disorder
“it is as if they feel they have the right to control and possess others and to exploit them without guilt feelings—and behind the surface, which very often is charming and engaging, one senses coldness and ruthlessness” (Otto Kernberg)
What may cause "narcissitc wounds?"
-inadequate nurturing environment
-symptoms resulting from such emotional disturbances are: depression, depletion, and reports of a draining of energy
What is mirror-hunger? How is it related to vampirism and the idea of insanity?
-thirsting for self objects whose confirming responses nourish the famished self
-drives vampire in search for someone to fulfill his longings
-disappointment leads to isolation, which intensifies the experience of emptiness/longing, and to another expedition to find “new blood”
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-Sunnydale, CA: The Hellmouth
-female empowerment,female heroes,lipstick feminism
-demons as psychological issues writ large
What is Buffy in this series?
-dhampire: someone who fights vampires
-from gypsy folklore: a vampire’s wifre, subjected to her late husband’s carnal and sanguinary desire, could give birth to a vampire
What relationship is made bewteen sexuality and vampirism?
-can't have children normally but are capable of sex
-occupy a middle ground:take sensual pleasure from sucking blood and sex
What two feminist approaches to Buuffy does Zoe-Jane Playden describe in “What You Are, What’s to Come
-Buffy is an objectified function and serves ends (patriarchy’s) that are not her own (restores status quo); sexploitation
-Buffy deconstructs accepted notions, offers an emancipatory reading
What view does Playden hold on Buffy?
-female empowerment: empowered slayer whose power is outside the patriarchy
-independence of council (they need her)
-inclusion not exclusion of group (horizontial participation)
-casting as stereotype was strategic move
What is Plato's take on knowledge?
-knowledge is power (authoritative rule)
-those w/ special knowledge of forums should rule
How do superhereos come about according to Playden?
-either born or made (superiority arises from physical being)
-slayer is both (born but simultaneously learn to slay)
How does Buffy come to obtain knowledge in Playdens' article?
-through education
-Buffy,unlike other superheroes who consult and take guidance from the male head of society, shuns her Council
society vs.
What is the difference between education and training in the Playden's articel?
-training:transmission of skills from authority to passive recipient; subjugation
-education:transformation through conversation; act of empowerment
What is the religious symbolism in Buffy that Playden argues?
-buff's a woman-Christy whoe dies and is resurrected (which happens in show)
-follows Gnostic tradistion not state endorsed notion of redemption
What is the Gnostic tradition? what is it's take on divinity?
-divinity is not transcendent but immanent
-self-knowledge is knowledge of God; the self and the divine are identical
How is the Gnositc tradition present in Buffy? (ie what shows that divinity is immanent)
-redemption in Buffy is always possible and available here on earth
-Buffy must deal with demons and vampires in the here-and-now as part of her inward journey
-Sunnydale as the site of Hellmouth: spiritual pain and loss are perpetually present, just as is spiritual grace is perpetually accessible
How do the other characters in the show follow a similiar journey to understand the hidden self in order for spiritual growth?
-willow: witch and lesbian
-Gile: was "ripper" and member of dark cult
How does citizen ship differ between Plato and Buffy according to Playden?
-Platonic democracy is authority driven (citizens subject to absolute authority)
-Buffy shows citizens as active political agents (participant model)
How is the "scoobies" management different from the management seen in vampirism?
-scoobies have participant management
-vampirism embodies patriarchial, hierarchical structure (vampires 'sire' other vampires in linguistic association of rape, insemination, and kingship
What does surveillance have to do with authority?
-Foucault points out that its by watching the worker, the mad, or the imprisioned that authority maintains power over them
-you can only police what can see
How does Buffy contrasted to Kendra and Faith (other two slayers)?
-Kendra's trained; self-abasement to authority
-Faith sells herself to evil to find acceptance from fatherly Mayor
-Buffy has tested & negotiated relationship w/ Giles
What challenges does Willow provide to the series?
-nomadism: crossing of social and moral boundaries is frequently underlined
-Wiccan (witch) identification is political on
What are the two ways in which Playden read Buffy (simple and complex one)?
-simple allegory: her inner conflicts (result from her growing up in a patriarchal society) expressed as demons/vampires that she must slay
-complex symbol: she has both knowledge and being, and thus embodies the challenge to Western male capitalism
How does Buffy's slaying challenge Western male capitalism
night-time slayings stands for women’s unacknowledged labour of reproduction, which provides a central feminist criticism of Marxist analysis
Nikolay Gogol’ (1809-1853)
-religious in unconventional ways
-strong sense of sin and belief in the devil
-religious institution isn't popular
How are women portrayed in Gogol's work?
-beutiful "blank spots"
-tempting witches or sexless old hags
-incarnation of demonic force
-18th century women either good or bad
What is the role of religion in Gogol's "Viy?"
-suggest decline
-comince seminarian (Khoma Brut)
~drinks, dance, doesn't uphold
-moving towards corrupt religion
How is women and sexuality incorporated in Gogol's "Viy?"
-shapeshifters: ugly to beautiful when he ride on her indicating women are beautiful when subservient (how should be)
-overall negative image
Who/what is Viy? His function? Link with vampirism?
-viy is a monster that the corpes brought
-he's covered with earth and has long eyelids
-when his eyelids are lifted he sees Khoma and tells the others where he is
-he orders creatures underneath him to kill the prey
What is significant about the church in Gogol's "Viy?"
-site of evil
-all the monsters rise up out of the earth in the church
-shows decline of church tying in w/ the beginning theme
Why does Khoma Brut die at the end of "Viy?"
-looks Viy in the eyes and all the creatures pounce on him
-shows his fear
Catherine L. Moore, “Shambleau" (1933)
-not folklore b/c race w/ an origin
-science fiction and vampirism
-Greek mythology: Medusa myth, Gorgon sisters, Perseus
How is "Shambleau" like a western?
-Northwest and Yarol have a cowboy theme (outlaws)
-N.W. stands up to mob to save girl (chivarly)
-dresses like cowboy (leather)
-barren landscape
How is Shambleau like a traditional female vampire? Different?
-different in that she prefers psychic energy vs. blood
-no light/dark boundaries yet -most people find her “kind” repellant
-elicits a sexual response from Smith
Describe the theme of binary opposition in "Shambleau"
-night/day she has no preference (all the same to her)
-language (her true language is pyshic)
What does shambleau do to Northwest Smith?
-crawdles his soul (wrong but she can trangress the boundary)
-can impart different times to him
What oxoymorons are used in "Shambleau?"
-terrible pleasure
-unnatural delight
-odor sickening and sweet
What role does globalism have in "Shambleau?"
-cultural fear
-the shambleau have no boundaries, their territory is everywhere
How the time period in which "Shambleau" is written relevant?
-1933 Great Depression
-feeling of insignificance consumed most people
-huge increase in unemployment
Desribe the sexualization of Lucy in Coppola's movie?
-talks w/ Mina about sexual issues (esp Mina and John)
-has sexual dreams
-wears more revealing dresses
-wears red lingerie when bitten by wolf and sounds like orgasiming
How is vampirism a choice in Badhams' "Dracula?"
-Mina unbuttoms her nightgown to let Drac bite her
-Lucy wants to be vamped
-her being vamped is more like a love scene where they show kissing not penetration and only her sucking his blood
What is the master/servant relationship between Renfield and Drac like in Badhams?
-Drac askes Renfield to have patience and understanding for him in return for a long fruitful life
-more typical servant relationship in sense b/c Renfield should open doors for guests etc.
How is the asylum in Badham's? Is Renfield insane?
-chaotic, patients hit each other
-Renfield isn't insane (asks for help and wants to be taken away from Drac)
Describe the opening in Badham's opening?
-disorder (voilent storm, asylum chaotic)
-mystery and suspense b/c dont see Drac untill dinner in "human" form
Describe Langella as Dracula
-lyrical, romantic figure
-"sensitive" American feminist male (let Lucy chase him, cooks dinner for her, they "merge" instead of him penetrating)
-morph into bat, wolf, and mist and can crawl up walls
What is the asylum like in Coppola's?
-dirty, hear screams, employees wear cages on head to protect self
-as ship sails and storm occurs, asylum is espcially chaotic
What is the relationship between Renfield and Drac in Coppola's movie?
-had bussiness aboard and came bakc "insane" (find nutrition in bugs)
-Renfield calls Drac his master and himself his slave
-says he workships him and is willing to do his work
In Coppola's move can vampire move around during the day?
-yes but their powers are weakened

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