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DR. ED. Ch. 3


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Whose responsibility is it to see that all front seat passengers ages 6 to 16 wear their seat belts?
The driver
If you are on a 2 lane road, when are you not allowed to pass?
on a hill
on a curve
when you can't see oncoming traffic
within 100 ft. of an intersection
within a 100 ft. of a railroad
in a school zone
If you are on a road where there is an obstruction closing the right lane, can you drive to the left of the center line?
yes, if you yield to oncoming traffic.
What should you do when a police or emergency vehicle are using their sirens and flashing lights?
Pull to the side of the road and stop
In most cases, who has the right of way, the vehicle or the pedestrian?
the pedestrian
When passing a vehicle, when is it safe to return to the right hand lane?
When you can see the car you passed in the rearview mirror
After passing, you must return to your lane before you get within what distance of oncoming traffic?
200 feet
When you are on a 2 lane road, can you pass a car on the right if you use the shoulder?
What does a solid yellow line on your side of the road mean?
Do Not Pass
What lane should slow moving vehicles use?
the right lane (unless they are turning left or passing)
Is it OK to weave from lane to lane if you are trying to move faster than the flow of traffic?
In the city, how far before making a turn should you put you turn signal on?
100 feet
In the country, how far before making a turn should you put you turn signal on?
200 ft
Is it legal to use hand and arm signals to make a turn?
From where should you make a turn?
From the proper turning lane
Are U-turns legal in some instances in Illinois?
If you need to park your car along the roadway, what should you do?
Put on the hazard lights
What should you do if you come upon a school bus that has its lights flashing?
What are the penalties for passing a school bus?
Driving privileges suspended for 3 months
At what distance are you required to stop at a railroad crossing when a train is coming?
15 to 50 feet
If you are parking up hill, which direction do you turn your wheels?
away from the curb
If you are parking down hill, which direction do you turn your wheels?
Into the curb
When parallel parking, how close should your wheels be next to the curb?
12 inches
What vehicles can park in a handicapped parking space?
vehicles with handicap plates or a placard
How far away from a fire hydrant can you park your car?
It must be at least 15 ft away from it
When can you open a car door on the traffic side of you vehicle?
When it is safe to do so without interfering with traffic
What is the maximum distance a radio should be heard from a vehicle?
75 ft.
Can you park your car within 30 ft of a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic signal?
How much could you get fined for not wearing a seat belt?
$75 plus court costs
What are you required to do when moving out of an alley?
stop and yield the right of way
Whose orders must you obey?
police officer,
adult school crossing guard
Safety belts must be worn by all driver's and front seat passengers if they are what age?
6 years old and over.
Who might not be required to wear a safety belt?
Back seat passengers over 18
Who must be in a child safety device seat?
Children under the age of 4
A child may be secured in either a safety seat or a seat belt if he is between what ages?
4 and 5
Should everyone in the car wear a safety belt?
What is the maximum speed you can drive on Illinois interstates where posted?
65 MPH
What is the maximum speed you can drive on most Illinois highways (not posted interstates)?
55 MPH
What conditions do you need to consider when deciding the speed it is safest to drive?
road and weather
What is the speed limit on Illinois city streets when there is no limit posted?
30 MPH
What is the speed limit in a posted school zone on school days?
20 MPH
What does the word yield mean?
To give the right of way to another driver or pedestrian
In Illinois, can a driver make a right turn on a red light after making a complete stop and yielding?
Where should you stop your car at an intersection?
at the stop line
or before the crosswalk
or where approaching traffic can be seen
Before proceeding at an intersection, to whom must you yield?
to all vehicles and pedestrians
Can you make a left turn on a red light from a one way onto another one way if you stop first and yield to all traffic?
Who is the first driver to proceed from a 4 way stop intersection?
The first driver to stop should go first (or yield to the right)
If you are in an intersection waiting to turn left, and the light turns red, what should you do.
Finish the turn when it is safe to do so.
What do you do when you approach a yield sign?
Slow down
What do you do when you approach a merge traffic sign?
increase or decrease speed

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