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Ontario Driving Pratice


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How much can you be fined for not wearing your seatbelt.
500.00 max and 2 demerit points.
When do you turn your headlights on?
Half an hour before sunset.
When do you put your headlights off?
1/2 hour after sunrise.
What conditions do you use headlights in?
Night time, fog, snow or rain that keeps you seeing anything less than 150 metres away.
What should you do when your less than 60 metres behind another vehicle at night or poor conditions
Use your lowbeams.
What is a safe distance from other vehicles?
2 second spacing.
Do bicyclists have the right of way?
A train is coming, how far should you be away from the tracks.
At least 5 metres.
How should you make a turn?
1. Signal the direction of the turn.
2. Slow down before entering the turn.
3. Turn the steering wheel after braking.
4. Gradually increase speed during the turn.
5. Complete turn, relax and let the wheel slip to the straight ahead position.

What are the steps of changing lanes?
1. Check for safe space gap.
2. Check blind spot and signal.
3. Check again.
4. Make gradual change.
5. Turn the signal off once you switched lanes.

Should you pass moving snow plows?
No, you should not pass any moving snow plows in any condition.
What must you do when passing vechiles at night?
1. Use your low beams as you approach a vehicle from behind.
2. Switch your highbeams on and off quickly to warn the driver that you are gonna pass.
3. Signal, check mirrors and blind spot and pass.
4. While moving, switch to your high beams.
5. Switch back to the right lane which you can see all of the vehicle in your rearview mirror.

What must you do when a streetcar stops?
Stay at least 2 meters behind the rear doors where passengers get on and off the streetcar.
Can you park on a curve, hill?
If only you have a clear in for at least 125 metres in both directions.
How far away from a fire hydrant can you park?
Three metres
How far away can you park from a bridge?
100 metres.
How far away can you park from a public entrance?
6 metres.
What should you do if parking on a hill facing downhill?
Park, keep your front wheels pointing towards the curb on the right shoulder. This will keep the vehicle from rolling into traffic.
What should you do if parking on a hill facing upward?
Turn the steering wheel to the left so when your car falls down it will it the curb and go offroad instead into traffic.
What should you do if you hear a bell or a siren from an emergency vehicle such as police and etc?
You must get out of its way and stay as possible to the shoulder of the road and keep clear of intersections. Continue driving like normal when the emergency vehicle has passed.
What lights are on a snow removal vehicle such as a snow plow?
What do you when your brakes fail?
1. Try pumping the brake pedal to temporarily hydraulic brake pressure (i have no idea).

2. If this does not work, apply the parking brake gently but firmly while holding the release button. This will probably never happened to you if you drive a modern car.

What do you if your gas pedal sticks?
Lift the pedal by slipping your foot under it. NEVER USE YOUR HANDS WHILE DRIVING!

If this fails, turn on your four-way emergency flashers, shift to neutral and stop as soon as you safely can.

What do you do if your headlights get merked by some random building?
Check the switch immediately to make sure its set on. If it set off, turn it on. If that does not work, use 4 way emergency flashers and stop safely. Call for help if your phone didnt get merked.
What do you do if your wheels go off the pavement?
Grip the steering wheel firmly and take the foot off the gas pedal to slow down. Avoid braking. When your vehicle is under control, steer towards the pavement. Drive like normal after.
Did you know the handbook has one page dedicated to the environment and taking public transit?
Any answer is correct.
Do not stop accept to let passengers in or out of the vehicle.

p.s. the ontario government is bad at grammar.

Do not pass on this road.
The pavement is slippery when wet.
A dear is going to cross the road. Watch out for it and save an animal's life.

What is the round thingy on top of the red?
This is the transit priority signal which tells what direction the transit vehicle and go.

You will probably never see this in Ontario but its in the manual.

Is there a zero alcohol tolerance on a G2?
Can you drive a motorcycle with a G1 or G2?
No. You need an M1 and M2.

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