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Collection 3 Englsh II


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Pedestrian author background- who is the author
ray bradbury
Pedestrian author background-
what does he call himself
that special freak-the man with the child inside who remembers all
Pedestrian author background-
when did he begin writing?
age 7
Pedestrian author background-
what does he see himself as?
magic realist and as a disciple of Edgar Allan Poe
Pedestrian author background-
Who is Mary Bradbury?
His ancestor who was tried as a witch in the 17th century
Pedestrian author background-
what was he in love with as a child?
monsters, skeletons, circuses, carnivals, dinosaurs, mars
what details reveal he setting and create an atmosphere for the story?
cold, dead, silent
why do the police say writing is "no Profession"?
no one reads anymore
creativity is not recognized or appreciated
what words in this passage suggest deadness?
like the dead
gray lights
what facts do we learn about Mr. Mead?
writer, walks alone, not married, his hous was the only one brightly lit.
Why does Mr.Mead agree that one might say writing is not a profession?
He hasn't written in a long time.
why is there no one in the police car?
cars automatically control
Which example from the story supports the idea that tv is deadening to the people watching?
That's all they do.
they never go outside
the light from the tv doesn't touch the people
What behaviors does the police car consider to be regressive?
walking at night, didn't have tv, seeking fresh air, wasn't married
what is bradbury's viewpoint on technology?
dims feelings of life and people
what is the author's purpose for writing this story?
supports the opinion that people become mindless due to technology
how does the description of the setting change in the story?
Where have you gone... author-
who is the writer?
tim o'brien
Where have you gone... author-
what made him a writer?
vietnam war
Where have you gone... -
why does the other soldier speak so harshly to Paul Berlin?
b/c he knows his survival depends partly on Berlin
Where have you gone...
in the beginning, what do you predict the theme of this story will be?
fear and how people deal with it
Where have you gone...
what is Paul anxious abou as he feels the wet grass?
his father's stern eyes
Where have you gone...
why do you think the soldier's name and what he looks like are not important to Paul?
Because he is afraid of initmacy b/c he might be killed.
Where have you gone...
What senses does each image evoke and what images does the writer use in the scene?
sight, taste, touch.
ex. giggling, drinking coke, poof when foot is still in boot.
Where have you gone...
why do the soldiers sing?
to releive stress
Where have you gone...
what is the principal conflict?
Paul vs. fear
Where have you gone...
what tricks does Paul use to avoid being afraid?
sings, counts, licks dew
Where have you gone...
when does Paul say he will stop being afraid?
when he reaches the sea
Where have you gone...
What would Paul omit when talking to his dad about his experience?
how he had been afraid
Where have you gone...
if the story had been set in WWI in stead of Vietnam, what element would be missing?
aluminum cans
Where have you gone...
What elements of the author's style connect with the story to the war
the slang, casual ref. to certaing items, soldiers
Where have you gone...
What is the story's theme?
fear is enemy
Where have you gone...
Describe Paul's character?
young, impressionable, afraid
The bet author background-
who was author?
Anton Chekov
Where have you gone...
where was he from?
The Bet-
What innocent discussion between the banker and the lawyer leads to the bet? How does the banker, lawyer, and the guests at the party feel about the subject?
banker- agree with death
lawyer & guests- agree with life
The Bet-
What did the bet entail?
solitary confinement for lawyer for 15 years against sum of $2 million from banker
The Bet-
In what point of view is this story told?
3rd person
The Bet-
What characteristics make these two men make this bizarre bet>
They're excitable and strong willed
The Bet-
What happens to the banker during the 15 years?
accumilates large debts
The Bet-
What does the lawyer do over the years? Look at his activities over the years. What did the study, etc. at each year or section of years?
1st-lonely depressed piano, no wine tobacco
2nd- no piano, classic books
5th piano, wine, did nothing
6th-studied languages, philosphy,history
10th read nothing but gospel
14th & 15th-natural science, shakespeare,chemistry,medicine, theology
The Bet-
How desperate does the banker become by the end of 15 years and why?
He thinks about killing lawyer b/c can't afford $2 million
What does the banker find on the table next to the lawyer? What opinion does the lawyer have of life, health, and freedom?
A note giving up $2 million
He feels they are all worthless since death puts an end to it all
Where does the story's ultimate irony come from?
unexpected bet
the banker lost morality
lawyer lost positvie outlook of life
What are the conflicts in the story?
Person vs. Person (banker vs. lawyer)

death vs. life
lawyer vs. value of life
The Bet-
What is the tone of this story
The Bet-
How is the majority of the story told?
The Bet-
Why does the banker lock up the prisoner's letter in a fireproof safe?
To keep evidence
The Bet-

What comment might the lawyer have made concerning the death penalty before his imprisonment?
Living in isolations is better than death
How does the lawyer appear to the banker when the banker enters the lodge?
appears dead
The Bet-
How does the lawyer cope with his isolation?
reading & trying to escape
The Bet-
How does the banker respong initially to the lawyer's letter?
Why does the lawyer leave before his set time?
rejects bankers values
The Bet-
What is the theme of this story?
human interaction is essential need
The Bet-
What action in the story illustrates this theme?
lawyer rejects freedom, health, wisdom
What is the ambiguous theme of the story?
No one, clearly wins or loses

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