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Gabriel gives Lily a ________
gold coin
Where was Stevenson born?
In what religion was he raised?
What is the term describing the relation of Jeckyl and Hyde? They are ___________
Whom does Hyde murder?
From what town in Ireland did Gretta Conroy come?
What pejorative name does Molly Ivors call Gabriel?
West Briton
How does Mr. Duffy find out about Mrs. Sinco's death?
reads about it
The cleaning lady refers to Gregor Samsa as what kind of bug?
dung beatle
What single possession does Gregor move to protect when they try to empty his room?
picture haning on the wall
The Metamorphosis is about the uncanny relationship between social offices, the scapegoat and the ________.
The boy dreams of administering what sacrament to his mentor?
The boy does not want the old josser to think he is ________-
Joyce derived his concept of the leitmotif from whose operas?
The boy comes to see himself as a "creature driven and derided by ________"
What is the punning name for her sailor boy?
In "Two Gallants," Corley is a police _________
The place names in "Two Gallants" all speak to what historical event or circumstance?
When England invaded Ireland.
What song do Corley and Lenehan listen to outside "the club?"
"Silent, O'Moyle"
At what sort of institution does Maria work in "Clay"?
Protestant laundry
Where, in song, does Maria dream she dwelt?
Marble halls
Name the character from a previous story who is traveling with Molly Ivors to the Aran Isles?
Kathleen Kearney
How many sections is The Metamorphosis divided into
For what specific purpose does Gregor work at his job?
he needs to pay off his parents' debt.
What was Hyde's first crime?
knocking over/running over the girl
During what activity does Jekyll tend to turn uncontrollably into Hyde?
Describe the closing frame of "The Turn of the Screw."
The governess is holding Miles really tight when they see Quint, and then he stops breathing.
When the governess is first confronted with Quint, she had been fantasizing about whom?
the master
Who in "The Turn of the Screw" seems secretly in love with the governess?
What happens to each of the children at the end of the story?
Miles dies in the governess' arms, and Flora gets sick.

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