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What is a rhodora and what color is it?
A rhodora is a purple flower.
Who is the speaker in both "The Rhodora" and "Each and All"?
Ralph Waldo Emerson
In what shape is the body of the poem "The Fish" by Mary Oliver?
It is in the shape of a fish.
Fill in the blank.
"Deems not that great___________/Stops his horse, and lists with delight..."
What school did Elizabeth Bishop attend?
Walnut Hill School
The Fish by Mary Oliver is free verse.

True or False?
In "Each and All" the "yon red-cloaked clown" isn't literally a clown.

True or False?
The rhyme scheme of Each and All is ABAB....

True or False?
Does the following quote show any evidence of cooking?
"Later/I opened his body and seperated/the flesh from the bones/ and ate him."

Yes or No.
What occurs at the end of "The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop?
The narrator lets the fish go.
What is enjambment?
Enjambment is when ideas continue in a poem despite line breaks.
What is the difference between the way the two fishes act in each of "The Fish" poems?
In Elizabeth Bishop's "The Fish", the fish she catches does not struggle and is very vulnerable. In Mary Oliver's "The Fish", the fish flails around in the pail struggling for breath.
In both "Each and All" and "The Rhodora" Beauty is described as
a) a word
b) A power we are all a part of
c) A woman who falls in love with a Beast
b) A power we are all a part of.
Mary Oliver was born in 1935 and since then has passed away.

True or False?
What occurs in line 10 in "The Fish" by Mary Oliver?

"..of rainbows. Later.."
A shift in time.
What happened when the narrator of Mary Oliver's "The Fish" ate the fish she had caught?
They become one in nature.
Which is not a theme of Mary Oliver's "The Fish"?
a)Life's cycle
c) Seclusion
What is The Rhodora about?
It is about a man who finds a flower in the woods
What is the speaker's tone in "Each and All"?

formal or informal?
What is the speaker's tone in "The Rhodora"?
formal or informal?
The first sentence of "The Fish" by Mary Oliver requires one long breath. What other aspect in the poem does this parallel?
It parallels the fishes gasps for breath.
In "The Fish" line 10 shows the positive after the negative. True or False?

"/of rainbows. Later/"
The line "But, in my simple ignorance, suppose/ The self-same Power that brought me there brought you." is a what?
It is a realization.
"Each and All," "The Rhodora," "The Fish" by Mary Oliver, and "The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop all convey the universal theme.

True or False?
What month does "The Rhodora" take place in?
Where does "Each and All" take place?
In the countryside.
Both of Emerson's poems "The Rhodora" and "Each and All" ask a question and both questions are answered throughout the course of the poem.

True or False.
False. Only The Rhodora asks a question and has it answered.
Why are some of the words in Emerson's poems capitalized?
Some of the words in Emerson's poems are capitalized because they are now representing a higher power.
The line "Now the sea/is in me: I am the fish, the fish/glitters in me; we are/ risen, tangled together, certain to fall/back to the sea," is what type of organization?
It is cyclical.
Why is "Each and All" given that title?
It is given that title because the poem discusses the relationship of the individual to the whole.

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