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6th Grade Science--Plate Tectonics/Geology Test


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the outermost layer of the earth
(less than 1%)
the layer between the crust and the core
the innermost layer below the mantle
the rigid out layer of the crust
soft layer of rock on which the Lithosphere moves
middle sphere between the Asthenosphere and the Outer Core
Outer Core
liquid rock layer
Inner Core
solid layer of rock
Tectonic Plates
the earth is divided into plates that move on top of the Asthenosphere
Oceanic Crust
newer more dense crust formed in the ocean
Continental Crust
older less dense crust found where the continents are located
one giant super continent before the plates moved apart from one another
Who discovered it and when?
Alfred Wegner-German Scientist
Early 1900's
Proof Of Wegner's Theory
1-The coastlines fit together like puzzle pieces
2-Fossil Evidence-Animal and plant fossilsmatched on different continents
3-Rock Evidence-ROCKS DON'T SWIM!!!
4-Glaciers left marks on mountains as they moved
Continental Drift
a theory by Alfred Wegner that states that continnent drift apaprt from one another (this is only 1/2 true)
Sea-floor spreading
the process where new crust is formed in the Mid-Ocean Ridge(mountain chain underwater)and older crust is pushed away
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Underwater mountains in the Atlantic Ocean
The Theory of Plate Tectonics
The theory of Plate Tectonics is that the plates are divided and move on the surdace of the Earth's Lithosphere
3 Theories as to why the Plates Move
1-Ridge Push-Oceanic Plates slide down into the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere boundary
2-Convection-hot material rises and cools once it becomes more dense and sinks
3-Slab Pull-Oceanic Plates are more dense and sink causing "Slab Pull"
Convergent Boundary
When plates collide
-----> <------
(in result-a strong earthquake)
Divergent Boundary
When plates move apart
<----- ----->
(in result-a weak earthquake)
Transform Boundary
When plates slide
(in result-a stronger earthquake)

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