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grade 8 science quiz 4.2


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Theory of Plate Tectonics
describes continental movement but also proproses a possible explanation of why and how continents move
Tektonikos means what
study of the formation of features in the earth's crust
What are 2 types of crust
oceanic and continental
solid relatively rigid outer shell of the earth
layer of plastic rock
what is the breakdown of the number of lithophere plates
7 major, 13 minor
3 types of plate boundaries
divergent, convergent, and transform fault
divergent boundary
it occrs when 2 plates move away from each other
rift or rift valley
narrow valley formed as plates separate in teh center of a mid-ocean ridge
african and arabian
2 plates that formed the red sea
convergent boundary
direct collision of one plate with another plate
subduction zone
region a long a plate boundary, where one plate is forced under another plate
himalaya mountains were formed by this type of boundary
island arc
chain of volcanic islands
where the san andreas' fault is located
the transfer of heat through the movement of heated fluid material
convection currents
cycle of warm water risin and and cool water sinking
is the visible evidence of convection in a pot of boiling water
heat from the earth's core and mantle causes some material in the asthenosphere to become _______ and therefore _______
hotter; less dense
ocean floor
evidence for the existence of convection currents in teh asthenosphere comes from recent studies of what
how many terranes form alska to the baja
the terranes from alska to baja california increase the continent by what %
pieces of land, with its own geologic history
3 identifying characteristics of a terrane
rocks and fossils, major faults at boundaries, and magnetic properties
coral atolls
ocean islands of coral
skeletons of sea organisms
what minteral is permanette made of
as hot magma ____ and _______, it carries the lithosphereic plates
rises and cools
mountains that contain rocks and fossils that once lived in the ocean, must had gotten there by terranes scraped off the ______
ocean floor

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