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Biology, Chapter 7.2


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Stephen Fyler 7.2

an atom or group of atoms with a postive or netgative electrical charge
Stephen Fyler 7.2

plasma membrane
the flexible boundary between the cell and its environment, which allows a steady supply of nutrients to come into the cell no matter what the external conditions are
Stephen Fyler 7.2

selective permeability
a process in which a membrane allows some molecules to pass through while keeping others out
Stephen Fyler 7.2

lipids with an attached phosphate group; it has a glycerol backbone, two fatty acid chains, and a phosphate group
Stephen Fyler 7.2

fluid mosaic model
the model of the plasma membrane where molecules are free to move sideways within a lipid bilayer
Stephen Fyler 7.2

transport protein
move needed substances or waste materials through the plasma membrane
Stephen Fyler 7.3

a protein that speeds up the rate of a chemcial reaction
Stephen Fyler 7.3

cell wall
a fairly rigid structure located outside the plasma membrane that provides additional support and protection
Stephen Fyler 7.3

strands of the genetic material, DNA; contains the master set of directions for making proteins
Stephen Fyler 7.3

makes ribosomes and is within the nucleus is a prominent organelle
Stephen Fyler 7.3

the sites where the cell produces proteins according to the directions of the DNA
Stephen Fyler 7.3

the clear, gelatinous fluid inside a cell
Stephen Fyler 7.3

endoplasmic reticulum
the site of cellular chemical reactions; an organelle in a eukaryotic cell
Stephen Fyler 7.3

Golgi apparatus
a flattened stack of tubular membranes that modifies the proteins
Stephen Fyler 7.3

membrane-bound compartments in cells for temporary storage of materials
Stephen Fyler 7.3

organelles that contain digestive enzymes
Stephen Fyler 7.3

cell organelles that capture light energy and convert it to chemical energy
Stephen Fyler 7.3

plant organelles used for storage
Stephen Fyler 7.3

a green pigment that traps light energy and gives leaves and stems their green color
Stephen Fyler 7.3

membrane-bound organelles in plant and animal cells that transform energy for the cell
Stephen Fyler 7.3

the support structure of a cell within the cytoplasm
Stephen Fyler 7.3

thin, hollow cylinders made of protein
Stephen Fyler 7.3

smaller, solid protein fibers
Stephen Fyler 7.3

short, numerous projections that look like hairs; their motion is similar to that of oars in a rowboat
longer projections that move with a whip-like motion

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