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U.S. History (Ch. 17)


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Preparing for war. Roosevilet prepared for war in 1940,by uping the defense budget as well as pass the Selective Service Act
Selective Service Act
Draft, Any man must register for the military (ages 18-40). 2/3 of of draft was man in the war.
War Industries Bond
They regulated the war. Making sure people got paid the right amount.
Fiancing the war
1. War Bonds. 2. Taxes, were raised. income taxes were paid if you made more than 2,000 but was lowered to 1,600. Income taxes were now taken out of your wrok pay and paid of employees
Womans Role during the War
1. Non-combat jobs in military. 2. Woman went and worked in the workplace. Factory jobs, and found woman did a better job then man. 3. Woman recieved 60% of man's wages.
Minorites Role during the War
1. They recieved better jobs. The executive order 8802 helped, not siregate jobs through out the military.
Stategy Germany-Pacific
Roosevelt, Stalin, & Churchill meet and decieded to fight Germany first. Germany had better technology.
Manhatten Project
This was a topic secert project, it was the development of the Atomic Bomb. It was held in Tenn.
A. Phillip Randolp
He founded the brother of the sleeping car. He also threatned to have 100,000 africian americans march in Washington D.C., for the rights of Africian Americans during the war.
It controled products, making sure everybody gets their fair share. They rationed products such as food; coffee, meat, as well as gas in fear of the tires, and clothing etc.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
He was the supreme commander during the war in Europe.
Douglas McArthur
Supreme commander in the Pacific.
Turning point of the war.hte first battle the Soviets lost. The soviets went on the offensive after their victory.
North Africia
General Rommel lead them. Another turning point, when the Allies got control over this land.
Italian Compaign
Italian surrendered, Germans rush in take control. Most U.S. deaths happened here.
D-Day Invasion
June 6,1944. To liberate France. Landed at the beaches of Normandy, largest amphibious landing.
Battle of the Budlge
Was Germany's last offense
Nuremberg Trails
Presucting Nazi's (political leaders, government officials etc. ) put on trial for the war crimes durning
Battle of Coral Sea
Japanese advance on Australia.
Battle of Midway
Turning point of the war. U.S. destoryed 4 Japanese aircraft carriers.
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Largest navel Battle in U.S. History. This is where Japanese introduced Kamikazee
New uses for steel
With new methods of making steel they could build:
*railroad tracks
Credit Mobilier
A construction company that was created to steal money for the shareholders
Involving or engaging in the deliberate crashing of a bomb-filled airplane into the military target. Suscide pilots, usually crashed into military targets.
Guadal Canal
First time the U.S. fights the Japanese with human contact. We learned that Japanese fight to the death.
What are the factors that contributed to the industrial boom in the 1900's?
A wealth of natural resources
government support for businesses
a growing urban population
Iwo Jima
20,000 Japanese died. Most mairnes died here 6,000. U.S. used it as a base, that lead to planes making it to Japan to fight.
The Great Strike of 1877
workers for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad went on strike because their pay got cut again
Collective Bargaining
A way to win workers rights
General McArthur "I shall return"
U.S. wanted to be close enough to bomb Japan. Most Japanese died here, 110,000 deaths. (both military and citizens)
Interim Committee
Gave Truman decisions on what to do with the Atomic bomb. (4 choices) 1. Invasion, 1/2 million casaulties. 2. Continue Conventional fighting. 3. Back off unconditional surrender (let Japanese alter terms). 4. Demostration (show was atomic bomb can do. Truman decieded to use Atomic bomb, to save American lives.
Yalta Conferance
Post World War, Churchill, Stalin & Roosevelt meet. (4 decisions) 1. Soviet go to war with Japan. 2.Join United Nations. 3. Free election in Poland 4.Spilt Germany 4 ways.
U.S. Migration
Moved to rural decreased. Africian Americans moved from the south to north or west.
founded by James Farmer. Congress Of Racial Equality
Zoot Suit Riots
Riots in L.A., Mexicain Americans vs Sailers. It stopped by cancelled shore leaves, had to stay on the ships.
Japanese Americans on the west coast (California, Washington etc.)went to move/live to interment camps.
Koramaku VS U.S.
Went to Supreme Court, about how Japanese Americans had to live in Interment Camps. Supreme Court decieded it was a Military Acceptance.
400 million, was lost with Japanese Americans moved into Interment camps. In 1990 $20,000 was awarded to Japanese Americans that were in the camps.

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