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1789-1835 - U.S History


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What is meant by the Federal Government
The power of lawmaking is divided between several levels
Name the 3 levels
Name the 3 branches
What are the duties of the Legislative branch?
To make laws
What are the duties of the Executive branch?
To present proposals to the legislative branch
To carry out the law
To enforce the law
What are the duties of the Judicial branch?
To apply the law
To interpret the law
Name the 2 houses of the National Legislative branch.
House of Represenatives
How many members do the 2 houses of the National Legislative branch have?
Represenatives : 435 members

Senate: 100 members (2 for each state)
What are the 2 houses of the National Legislative branch terms of office in years?
Represenatives : 2 years
Senate : 6 years
What office heads the Executive Branch?
President of the US
How long is one term of office in the Executive Branch?
4 years
What limit is there on the terms of the Executive Branch?
2 terms or 10 years
What is the body that advises the president?
The President's Cabinet
Know President WASHINGTONS Cabinet members.
Alexander Hamilton - Secretary of Treasury
Thomas Jefferson - Secretary of State
Knox - Secretary of War
What is the highest court in the nation?
The Supreme Court
How many members does the Supreme Court have?
9 members : 1 chief justice and 8 judges
Describe the 2 part process for replacing a member of the Supreme Court when someone retires.
President appoints a member, but the Senate has to approve the member.
What are the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution called?
The Bill of Rights
What is the Bill of Rights generally about?
They list personal rights and freedoms
What is the process for a BILL to become a LAW?
The bill must be passed by bothe the House of Represenatives and the Senate and be signed bye the President.
Name the 2 steps normally used to amend the U.S. Constitution.
Both Houses of the U.S Congress must pass an Amendment by 2/3 vote in both houses
Then the 38 states must pass the Admendment.
According to the first three words of the U.S. Constitution, who rules America?
We the People.
What states did the U.S. Capitol serve in?
New York for 1 year, then Philadelphia
Why is the US Capitol in Washington DC?
To get the southern states to have a National Bank to assume debts that states had.
Name the first 5 presidents in order
What serious finanical problems did America's new government face?
They owed money to foreign countries, to some american citizens, and some states owed debts from the Revolutionary War
What were the 4 points of Hamilton's financial plan to solve America's problems?
Pay all debts America owes to foreign nations
Pay off debts to American Citizens
Pay off debts which some states had
Establish a National Bank
During Washington's presidency, what was the major difference between the Federalists and the Anti - Federalists?
The federalists wanted a strong central government and the anti federalists wanted strong state governments.
Name the leaders of the Federalists and the Anti Federalists.
George Washington and Hamilton
What issues did they disagree on?
Government (State or center)
Banks (national or state)
buisness or farming
sympathy for creditors or debtors
What are the 4 reasons people moved West?
Good farmland at reasonable prices.
Find jobs in new settlements (blacksmith, carpenters, etc.).
Buy and sell land for money.
Successful restart in life.
Compare the Indian's and the white settler's views on land ownership.
Indians believed you can't own land permanately. The pioneers believed if they own the land, they can do watever they want with it.
How did the pioneer's treat the indians and the land?
They cleared the land, killed the wild game, took the best land, broke many treaties w/ the indians, and forced the Indians to either fight and lose or flee west.
Name 5 ways Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory was important to the US.
The size of US was doubled.
US gained control of the Mississippi River.
Gained many natural resources.
Gained valuable trading port of New Orleans.
A foreign nation was removed from the u.s border.
Who was sent to explore the Louisiana Territory?
Lewis and Clark
Individual who encourages and supports war.
Peacemaking individual (opponent of war).
Name the three reasons some Americans were eager to go to war in 1812.
To gain more land - Florida and Canada.
To stop Indians from attacking.
To stop England from impressing American sailors into the British Navy
What 2 generals became presidents?
William Henry Harrison
Andrew Jackson
What was the general idea behind the Monroe Doctrine?
The America continent were free and independent and should not be considered for colonization by any European power.
The US would consider any attempt by Europe to colonize hostile.
What were the 3 main parts of England's Navigation Acts?
All goods coming to the English Colonies from other countries must first pass through England.
Certain products were to be exported to England or English Colonies only.
All goods going to colonies or coming from colonies were to be carried on English ships w/ English crews.
Why were the American Colonists so shocked when England enforced the Navigation Acts after the French and Indian War?
England had been busy with the civil war and the World War with France, so the colonists had lived without the rules of England for 150 years, but after the wars were over, England demanded them to follow the Acts.
Why was it now in 1765 possible to enforce the Acts at this particular time in history?
England was done with the civil war and the World war with France.
Who wrote "Common Sense?"
Thomas Paine
How many colonists supported the Revolution, England and how many were neutral?
1/3 Revolution
1/3 England
1/3 Neutral
U.S Independence Day?
July 4, 1776
What were the 2 important ideas of the Declaration of Independence?
All people are created Equal and have the rights of Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.
It broke political ties w/ england.
Who was the leader of American Forces?
George Washington
How did the Articles of Confederation Government work?
A confederation that the 13 colonies were loosly working tog ether.
what was the chief weakness of the Articles of Confederation Government?
It didnt have enough power to the central government
What was the key question before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia?
How can enough power be given to the central government and yet not take away state rights.

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