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Unit 14 and 15 book, bio156


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The control of gene expression is more complex in multicellular eukaryotes than in prokaryotes because..
in a multicellular eukaryote, different cells are specialized for different functions
Your bone cells, muscle cells, and skin cells look different because.....
different genes are active in each kind of cell
Which of the following methods of gene regulation do eukaryotes and prokaryotes appear to have in common?
activator and repressor proteins, which attach to DNA.
A eukaryotic gene was inserted into the DNA of a bacterium. The bacterium then transcribed this gene into mRNA and translated the mRNA into protein. The protein produced was useless; it contained many more amino acids than the protein made by the eukaryo
The mRNA was not spliced as it is in eukaryotes.
A homeotic gene does which of the following?
It regulates the expression of groups of other genes during development.
All your cells contain proto-oncogenes, which can change into cancer causing genes. Why do cells possess such potential time bombs?
Proto-oncogenes are necessary for normal control of cell division.
Which of the following is a valid difference between embryonic stem cells and the stem cells found in adult tissues?
In nature, only embryonic stem cells give rise to all the different types of cells in the organism.
Which of the following would be considered a transgenic organism?
a rat with rabbit hemoglobin genes
A microiologicst found that some bacteria infected by phages had developed the ability to make a particular amino acid that they could not make before. This ability was probably a result of
When a typical restrictioin enzyme cuts a DNA moleucle, the cuts are uneven, so that the DNA frangments have single-stranded ends. These ends are useful in recombinant DNA work because
the frangments will bond to other fragments with complementary ends.
DNA fingerrints used as evidence in a murder trial look something like supermarket bar codes. The pattern of bars in a DNA fingerprints shows...
the presence of various-sized fragments from chopped up DNA.
A biologist isolated a gene from a human cell, attached it to a plasmid, and inserted te plasmid into a bacterium. The bacterium made a new protein, but it was nothing like the protein normally produced in a human cell. Why?
The gene contained introns
A paleontologist has recovered a bit or organic material from the 200 year old preserved skin of an extince dodo. She would like to compare DNA from the sample with SNA from living birds. Which of the following would be moret useful for increasing the am
polymerase chain reaction.
How may genes are there in a human sperm cell?

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