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Film Test On wednesday 11/10/04


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The ratings are determined by...?

All have had a... " "?
A ten-member, full-time Rating Board, located in California.

"Shared a parenthood experience."
Who is born at the start of the film?

What does Amelie find hidden inside her wall?

A tin Box.
What was the object that Amelie's father puts near her mothers ashes?

What was the object that Amelie takes from her fathers yard?

The gnome.
What is it that Amelie finds lying in the street?

Photo Scrapbook.
What is it that is placed under the old painter's doormat?

A tape. She tapes shows of the outside for Dufayel, in which a horse is racing a team of bicyclists, in which a man with one wooden leg tap-dances joyfully.
What is so unusal about Amelie's fathers gnome?

The gnome traveled to Moscow, New York, and Cambodia. One day the gnome was back in its place.
What happens when Amelie's love interest comes to the cafe?
Nino. He can't find Amelie, and then leaves with Gina to talk about Amelie.
What job does the man with the red shoes have?
He's a photo booth fixer-upper.
Who is the person that gives Amelie some good advice?

The glass man.
At the end we see Amelie and her lover _____________________________________?
Riding on Nino's motorcycle, where they are both laughing and in love.
Where did Amelie take place?

Paris, France.
The images are often bizaare, shocking, and aim to communicate with the subconscious.
Forced to use nonprofessional actors, black and white grainy film, shooting on location and post dubbing techniques.
Neorealism gets its start where?
"White popular phone" genre was popular in?
Who directed Bicycle Thief?
Vittorio De Sica.
What movie abandoned Production Code?
The Miracle.
Hollywood Moguls put who in charge?
Will Hays.
Ratings: G?
General Audience-all ages admitted.
Ratings: PG?
Parental Guidance.
Ratings: PG-13?
Parents strongly cautioned-some material may be inappropiate for children under 13.
Ratings: R?
Restricted-under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.
The graduate was nominated for Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Screen Play, Cinematography.
Academy Awards.
Who is David O' Selznick father in law?
Louie B Mayer.
Who wrote the novel Gone with the Wind.
Margarette Mitchell.
Who was the first director on GWTW?
George Cukor.
What studio did David O' Selznick team up with to make GWTW?
Who played Rhett Butler in Gone with the wind?
Clark Gable.
Who first introduced Vivian Leigh to David O' Selznick?
Miran Selznick.
Who was brought in the replace the first director?
Victor Flemming.
What film was the replacement director taken off in order to direct GWTW?
Wizard of Oz.
What was the drug that David O' Selznick took during the making of GWTW?
Benzadrine (pills)
She (Vivien Leigh) work about ___% of the 125 (shooting) days of GWTW?
Who was the director that walked off the production of GWTW only to return two weeks later?
Victor Flemming.
The exhausted company (GWTW) was still recovering from the tragic news of the death of ________________ in tractor accident on his farm.
Sydney Howard.
__________ (Theater) was very excited that they had been chosen to be the place that GWTW was to be seen (premiered) for the first time.
What was the total cost of GWTW?
$3 Million Dollars.
What did Will Hays censorship Board have to do with GWTW?
Take out scenes.
GWTW received how many Academy Awards?
In today's dollars, how much money has GWTW (grossed) taken in (tickets sales) at the box office?
$2 Billion Dollars.
Fill in the following sentence that appears in the opening prolouge. "_____________________ Gone with the Wind."
A Civilization.
What was the name of the man that Scarlett wanted to marry but couldn't have?
Ashley Wilkes.
Who was Scarlette's first husband?
Charles Hamiliton.
How did scarlett's first husband die?
War & Measles.
What did Rhett Butler pay $150.00 for at the auction?
Mrs. Charles Hamiliton (Scarlet)
For 3 days that people of Atlanta waited for news of a battle of Pennsylvania that help determine the outcome of the war. What was the name of that battle?
Battle of Gettysburg.
Who was the General that swept through Atlanta?
Besides the North, along with the defeat of the South came another Invader, the _____________________.
Carpet bagger.
What was Scarlette's 2nd husband name?
Frank Kennedy.
At age 6, Orson Welles showed talent in _________, ____________, ____________, ___________, and __________.
Poetry, Painting, acting, magic, and piano.
How much did it cost for Citizen Kane?
Charles Foster Kane's dying word was?

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