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Wind is a vector quantity because it takes how many measurments to describe it?
Isobar: a line of constant
on a clear night. the temperature at a surface weather station fell from 25 degrees c to 15 degrees C. Fog began to form when the temperature reached 17 degrees C. Which of the following is not true?
water vapor was visible as the temperature dropped from 17 to 15 degrees C.
a northwest wind blows from the
Regarding the diurnal cycle, clouds
decrease the diurnal cycle
We can generally expect air to______ above areas of surface low pressure and ______above areas of surface high pressure.
Numerical models use equations based on laws of physics that are calculated at
grid points
Pressure gradient does:
causes the wind to blow, is stronger where isobars are closer together, and is stronger where height lines are closer together at 500 mb
Isotherm: a line of constant
Why are upper level winds strongest int the middle latitudes.
uppeer level pressure surface have the steepest slope in middle latitudes.
On the surface map, winds tend to blow
at a slight angle across isobars from high to low pressure
Pressure gradient force can be described as all the following except:
does not cause the winds to turn to the right in the Northern hemisphere.
Height line: a line of constant
On a 500 mb weather map, a station model has "541" written in the upper right portion of the model. What is the pressure.
a surface weather station model
is a shorthand method of communicating weather observations

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