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Learning and Cogniton test #1


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Change is not the exception to the rule, but the rule itself. When learning we are changing
is a fact something that everyone knows to be true?
Older Sciences
facts have become firmly established (physics and chemistry)
Newer Science
More conflicting claims, dividing lines between old facts and new controversial (psychology)
Slowly developed within a culture and scientific tradition, not universally excepted
Natural Selection
Darwin, Species adapt to changes in their world, selected by the environment, selection allow for sucess in competition to survive
Adaptive changes in species overtime, product of natural selection
Gregor Mendel 1900
attributed natural selection to genetics
Barrett, Dunbar & Lycett summary of darwins
1.All individual species vary both behaviorly and physiologically
2. some of the variation is genetic
3. Amoung individuals of any given species, there is typically competition
Inclusive Fitness
emphasizes that the life of a single indv. or group is important, wants group to survive and reproduce
not to the likellihood that a specific individual will survive but that the genetic material will survive
one that presents some sacrafice to the doer but results in a genetic advantage to the species, helping another at some rist to oneself
highly organized social structure including a distinct caste of sterile female workers
female mates with a male and holds sperm and finds colony.

w/o fert=male
w/ fert=female
Kin selection
selfish altruism, the risk of your own genes is outweighed by the benefit of your genes carried by relatives
abrupt changes in genes, can be caused by exposures to radiation and certain chemicals, perhaps by viral infection
concerned with the nature of human learning
want to know what knowledge is, how to distinguish it, how people acquire, how people use it
study is part of epistemology
Copy Theory
make mental image of something
our mental copies do not correspond to reality
eliminate the copy and have the object
eliminate the actual object
just because we are wrong about one thing does not mean we are wrong about all things
Descartes, body and immaterial soul
Religious Dualism
when soul parts from the body it survives and remebers life on earth
Problem of minds
we know our own mind but cannot see or know anyone else mind, so how do we know it exists?

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