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Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment


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The experiment is at the heart of this way of reaching the truth about the nature of our universe.
Scientific Method
Name the 5 steps of the Scientific Method.
State the Problem, Gather information & Form a Hypothesis,Experiment,Observe and record data, State a Conclusion.
The idea that the Earth was fixed in space & the Sun and planets revolved around it is called?
Geocentric Theory
The theory that the SUN is the center of the solar system is called?
Heliocentric Theory
The Polish astronomer who first stated heliocentric theory was?
Ptolemy's theory stated that what was the CENTER of the known universe?
the Earth
This Tycho Brahe assistant proved Copernican theory, and proved that planets move in an eliptical orbit.
Galileo felt that Copernicus was right because he studied the planets, Sun & Moon with this.
the telescope
What major institution objected to the theories of Galileo, calling them heresy?
the Catholic Church
Name two things that happened to Galileo, "the father of experimental science," as a result of the Inquisition.
he was charged with heresy and his book were banned by the Church until 1992!
What was the first planetary object that Galileo saw with his telescope?
the Moon
Name the famous British "father of physics" who was born on the day Galileo died.
What other important scientific idea did Galileo discover and prove before he died?
That gravity makes all objects fall at the same rate of speed.
What was Issac Newton's most important discovery?
Newton's idea that we can predict the pattern for all objects in the universe is called?
Scientific law
What did Versalius study?
What did William Harvey discover through his research in anatomy?
How the heart pumps-circulatory system.
Explain how both the models for change in the Renaissance & Reformation were different from the Scientific Revolution.
The models for the Renaissance & Reformation were the past...the Scientific Revolution the future.
He wrote "Discourse & Method." I think therefore I am!
Rene Descartes
Queen Elizabeth's favorite scientist..he said "the truth isn't known until investigation."
Francis Bacon

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