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Physics 101 - Ch. 19


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back and forth motion of an object.
disturbance that propagates through a medium or space.
what do we need to send information?
back and forth motion of an object is called?
disturbance that propagates through a medium or space is called a...
we send information through these two types of waves.
wave motions and particle motions
1 complete vibration is...
point A to B back to A.
moving from point A to B to point A is...
1 complete vibration.
what two things effect the motion of the pendulum?
acceleration due to gravity and length of the pendulum.
T/F: Mass affects the motion of the pendulum.
False. Mass does NOT affect the motion of the pendulum.
what is the formula for finding the period of a pendulum?
T= Time of Vibration(s)/ # of Vibrations(vib/s)
what is the period of a pendulum?
1 complete vibration.
all waves have these 5 properties...
interference, reflection, refraction, diffraction, dispersion.
the crest is...
the waves highest point.
the trough is...
the waves lowest point.
the distance from one crest to another crest, or one trough to another trough, is called...
frequency is...
the number of vibrations per second.
the number of vibrations per second is...
the formula for finding the speed of the wave is...
V=lambda/T or wavelength divided by the period of the pendulum.
T/F: The period of the pendulum is INVERSE to the frequency.
a single harmonic motion (SHM) is...
continuous external force on an object to keep the motion going.
A continuous external force to keep the motion of the object moving is called...
single harmonic motion (SHM).
removal of an external force is...
damped harmonic motion (DHM).
If the motion of the particles are in the same direction the pressure was forced is called...
longitudinal or compression wave.
motion of the particles move perpendicular to the motion of the force is called...
transverse or sheer waves.
interference happens when...
a wave and another wave coming in the same or opposite direction collide with each other.
interference happening can result in a ___ or ___ interference.
destructive or constructive.
Constructive interference means...
a larger wave is produced if the crest matches the crest of another wave.
destructive interference means...
both waves have been depleted when the crest matches the trough of another wave.
change in frequency due to relative motion between the source and the observer is known as...
the Doppler effect.
radio detecting range used for light waves is known as...
Sound navigation detecting range used for sound waves and good when looking for depth and the location of an object is known as...
what happens to the wavelength when you keep frequency the same and you increase the speed of a wave?
the wavelength increases as well.
how much does a wave travel in 1 period?
1 wavelength.

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