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Block 4 PSYCH Exam -- Impaired Physician


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How does prevalence of physician sub. abuse compare to gen. pop.?
SAME as rate in general population

Estimates are at about 14%
How does prevalence of physician depression compare to gen. pop.?
HIGHER than in general population
(particularly among women)
How do physician suicide rates compare to gen. pop.?
HIGHER than both general population AND other professionals
(particularly in women)
% of Americans that drink alcohol
Over 70%
Physician recovery rates from substance abuse/dependence
(compared to gen. pop.)
Recovery rate much higher in physicians

75 - 95% from alcoholism
(lower for cocaine and opiate addiction)
What are the 3 main risk factors for relapse into substance abuse?
Family history
Comorbid psychiatric illness
Opioid use

NOTE: risk of subsequent relapse is increased after first relapse
Bad things that physicians have higher rates of than gen. pop.
(4 listed in lecture slides)
CV disease

Remember, rate of substance abuse is SAME as that in gen. pop.
Some symptoms of mild burnout
Frequent loss of temper
Lack of enthusiasm
Feelings of futility
Working harder but accomplishing less
Some symptoms of moderate burnout (5)
Mild depression
Somatic complaints
Frequent conflicts
Indifference to people
Social isolation
Some symptoms of severe burnout (3)
Clinical depression
Lack of professional effectiveness
Emotional breakdown

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