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Perfect Tenses


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I have returned.
He vuelto.
You have come.
Has venido.
He has covered.
Ha cubierto.
We have discovered.
Hemos descubierto.
They have talked.
Han hablado.
I had walked.
Había andado/cambiado.
You had seen.
Habías visto.
She had done.
Había hecho.
We had eaten.
Habíamos comido.
They had written.
Habían escrito.
I will have improved.
Habré mejorado.
You will have listened.
Habrás escuchado.
It will have fallen.
Habrá caído.
We will have died.
Habremos muerto.
They will have laughed.
Habrán reido.
I would have said.
Habría dicho.
You would have heard.
Habrías oído.
It would have read.
Habría leído.
We would have fried.
Habríamos frito.
They would have broken.
Habrían roto.
I may have brought.
Haya traído.
You may have believed.
Hayas creído.
He may have opened.
Haya abierto.
We may have hoped.
Hayamos espirado.
They may have grown.
Hayan crecido.

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