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loose coupling
organization actions are unrelated and don't influence.
self consistently
rationalizes what we want to be reasonable.
communication sequence
before/during/ after exposure.
careful mindfulness
lessens uncertain anxiety.
selective retention
is how two people remember differently.
the two are intimate. one up/down, so does the other.
anxiety uncertainty , management theory
judgmental continuum
latitude of acceptance, rejection, and non-commitment.
is your conversational routine.
implications of perceptions of opinion
fear isolation, minority unpublic opinon , biased
improve maintain your image
understanding gratifications
sought from media gratify to pass time by surveying entertaining arousal
incentivates message processing.
goals of ug perspective
say media uses motive functions
first order perceptions
check facts
face concern
is your priority image
cultivation analysis effects?
tv by clock
mood managed
by predicted media choices based on people's mood and realistic reporting.
is confusion.
is retrospective sensemaking
dissipate dissonance
by thinking good of self.
strong effects with personal meaning
hedonic valence
heds + - message valence
gerbner cultivation
mainstreamed resonance
one time correlation public media
enact action
avoid groupthink
by disagreeing, no leader preference at first, sub groups, outsiders, devils advocate, reconsider final decisions.
distorts anchors/contrast with effects.
high elaboration leaves strong messages
double interacts
act, respond, adjust.
people range things while clarifying persuasive messages.
social judgment
changes mood
other facework
saves face or gives face
selective perception
is in the beholder's eye.
personal responsibility for bad outcomes
like a jury group. limited alt, forward positions never reconsidered, protected leader, no expert opinion, selective info no considered contingency plan.
symptoms of groupthink
selective exposure
people or opinions constant with beliefs
threshold model
we are most effective at comm.. with anxiety/uncertainty at moderate levels.
high context
cultures indirect
public, media, policy
functional group
leads to better decisions.
basic assumptions of ug
purposeful, responsive, felt needs, initiated, able individuals.
adaptive structuration
is a member created group.
group reproduce produce using r & r interaction.
communication competence
unconscious/conscious + competence/incompetence
characteristics of stimuli
excitatory and absorption potential
absorption effects
are semantic and hedonic
semantic affinity
current stimuli
phase model
was on a single path, but coalescence was conflicted by developing integration.
stages of sociocultural evolution
enactment, selection, retention.
minimal justification
justifies action, leading to attitude change.
information systems
uncertainty and equivocality.
implications of judgement continuum
are accept assimilation, non-commitment persuades,reject contrast.
why messages
institutional process (in college we ask why.)
abortion is on a
judgmental continuum.
dynamic models of agenda
changes in media over time relates changes in problem.
is a mutual group interest
4 functions
analyze goal set by identevalternatives
media that follows other media
intermedia agenda
whats your conflict style?
avoid, oblige, compromise, dominate, or integrate? avob comdomin
requisite variety
is more confusing info, the more complex and diverse needed.
problems with spiral social projection
bias, variation, self censor.
persuade two ways
central or peripheral.
spiral of silence
big opinion--> suppressed dominant opinion <---opposite support
cognitive dissonance
drives consistance when opinions or behaviors aren't constant.
on how deeply thoughtout.
judged more assimilar. as assimilation similar
assimiliation effects
spiral of silence
silence spirals minorities out of speaking
start the assessment.
need for orientation
interest but uncertain
your culture influences your response to conflict.
face negotiation
question of reality
drives media public/policy agendas
adaptive structuralism
constantly changes b/c members are aware of their influence.
uses and gratifications vs media effects
media pair perspectives are audience run.
elaboration is likely with
able motivation.
modifies mood intensity
conscious competence
issue obtrusiveness
imacts lives
is capable of image processing.
application competent intercultural facework
knowledge mindfulness and interaction skill.
climate of opinion
trend sets news, all same, all over the place, day after day
rules and resources r & r
are guidelines brought to the table
different perception at low view vs. same perception at high.
is lack of info.
maslows hierarchy needs
basic safety belong esteem self actualization.
social projection
select percept opinion as supportive, willingness to self censor.
media functions
to view world; correlate culture and entertain.
production and reproduction
rules by interaction, reinforcing duality of structure.
message system
what messages?
central strong attitude vs peripheral weak.
save face
contrast effects
judgment as more different. cd contrast different.
low context
cultures are explicit
implications of involving ego are
more backlash reject and less commitment persuasion.
function oriented int. system
promote, disrupt, counteract, interact.
rules appropriated from other groups
post decision dissonance
dissonance reassurance + issue importance delay decision on irreversibility.
low elaboration allows simple decisions
audience activity
is considered variable.
self facework
restores and asserts self
follow blindly
uses and gratifications
use media to meet needs.
the groupthinks
too much cohesiveness is disastrous.

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